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The 5 Best Electric Heaters for Your RV: Making you Feel Comfortable


If you own an RV, then you may have already known that during the winter season, being in or driving such vehicle can be very uncomfortable. Note that RV most likely has little insulation while also being prone to causing the cold, chilly air to leak inside. Due to that, the vehicle will most likely be uncomfortable with the drop of temperature. In this case, it would be great to invest in the best electric heater for an RV.

The best RV heater is the perfect solution for you to warm up your vehicle in case you are on a trip during the cold, winter season. It is also a big help if you are planning to camp at high elevations or travel through cold states.

A good electric heater is capable of supplying consistent heat in a controlled environment. A high-quality one also comes with durable and energy-efficient components, making them last a really long time.

If you are still on the stage of shopping for the best electric heating for your RV, then here are five products that you should first check out:

Best Electric Heaters For an RV

Which one will you choose?

1. Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater

The first product I wish to recommend is the Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater. I find its portability impressive as well as its compact and efficient design valuable. The versatility of this device is also unquestionable. It is versatile enough that you have the option of using it as a tabletop or putting it on the floor, such as under a desk.

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It has manual controls but I can assure you that those are not hard to operate. You will also love its self-regulating ceramic element and its ability to perform its function or operate quietly.

Another nice feature I enjoy in this unit is the adjustable thermostat. One can easily control it as it is adjustable, thereby giving users the opportunity to personalize it to meet their specific comfort needs. It is a safe ceramic heater, too, because aside from being ETL listed, it has automatic overheat protection.

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It also heats up effectively and quickly. It boasts of a 1,500-watt rating, making it one of those heaters capable of delivering excellent heat output. The fact that it is small is also beneficial as it means that you can fit it in a limited space, such as in your RV. It is known to be easy to move and lightweight, too.

One possible downside is that it doesn’t have an auto-shutdown feature. The controls are not also advanced. It has manual controls but takes note these are already straightforward and easy to use.


  • Compact, lightweight and efficient design
  • Versatile heater
  • Self-regulating ceramic element
  • Works quietly
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat


  • No auto-shutdown feature
  • Controls not advanced

Yes, there are drawbacks present in this RV heater but I can still say that it is highly efficient and portable while being capable of supplying excellent heat output, making it really a good investment.

2. Mr. Heater MH18B Portable RV Propane Heaters

What I specifically like about the Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Big Buddy Propane Heater is that it brings the heating process to a higher level by providing high heating power with just a single push of a button. That’s possible without sacrificing the portability of the heater.

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It also has a maximized heating efficiency by combining radiant heat with air heated with convection. I also noticed how it performs really well when used during cold climates and conditions. It can heat up a 400 sq. ft. area.

Plus, it has a 20-lb. tank, which can operate for up to two weeks without requiring refills when connected to the device. I love the highly sensitive anti-bump safety feature integrated into the device, too. It is because it works by automatically turn it off in case someone knocks into it or hits it accidentally.

Such is a good thing as it prevents the risk of the heater overheating or malfunctioning due to the incident. It also features a thick wire cage. The grille is capable of protecting the interiors from outside elements while also preventing you from burning yourself accidentally due to the heating element.

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Furthermore, there is an easy-to-carry handle, which you can use in moving and storing the device with ease. The blower fan built into it also works efficiently, promoting the efficient circulation of air to the entire area.

You will most likely notice some flaws, though. One of these is that the heater’s medium setting does not seem to burn cleanly. It also delivers an output air, which smells like propane.


  • Provides a high heating power in just one push of a button
  • Highly portable
  • Maximum heating efficiency provided
  • Prevents overheating or malfunctioning, thanks to the anti-bump safety feature
  • Easy to move and store
  • Efficient built-in blower fan


  • Medium setting of the heater does not seem to burn cleanly
  • Output air provided smells like propane

Overall, this portable heater is an efficient heating system, which is not only lightweight but is also safe to use and thoughtfully designed.

3. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater

There is also the Lasko 751320 that I really think is worthwhile to check out. Just like the first product mentioned in this article, Lasko 751320 is also equipped with automatic overheat protection, making it safe, as well as a self-regulating ceramic element, making it convenient to use.

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With its 1,500-watt heating power, I can safely say that it is an efficient heater, which can supply excellent heat output. It is easy to operate, too, while also coming fully assembled so it is ready to use. It is equipped with an easy to understand control panel, as well.

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One more thing that can surely make you feel convenient when using the heater is the remote control that you can use to control its settings from high to low. You can also enjoy the added benefit provided by a thermostat control by setting the device on auto. It heats up space quite fast while also evenly distributing the heat.

I am also fond of the widespread oscillation of this device as it promotes a wider room coverage. It also boasts of its 7-hour timer, as well as its electronic and programmable thermostat. Furthermore, it operates quietly, which is a big plus. The cool-touch exterior of this unit also promotes further safety.

One problem, though, is that the cavity found at the back is not that well-designed, so you might have problems getting a good grip. I also hoped that the temperature control built-in is in smaller increments.


  • Safe and convenient to use – thanks to its automatic overheat protection and self-regulating ceramic element
  • Easy to operate
  • Control panel is easy to understand
  • Features a thermostat control
  • Promotes a wide room coverage – thanks to its widespread oscillation


  • Not that well-designed cavity at the back, causing problems when gripping it
  • Temperature control supposed to be in smaller increments

Overall, Lasko 751320 is a nice option for your RV heating needs due to its versatility and reliable performance.

4. DeLonghi EW7707CM 1500W ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator

In my opinion, the DeLonghi EW7707CM 1500W ComforTemp Oil-Filled Radiator is also a reliable product to buy. One thing I like the most about this heater is its ability to efficiently and effectively heat up your space using its portable oil-filled radiator.

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It provides a 1,500-watt heating power, making it ideal for medium to large spaces, particularly your RV, that require constant heat during the cold, winter season. It operates quietly, as well, so rest assured that it won’t disturb you once you finally set it up in your recreational vehicle.

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I like the permanently sealed oil reservoir of this device, too, as I noticed that it does not require any refilling. It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat as well as three settings for heat, making it possible for you to customize it to meet your specific heating needs.

Furthermore, there is a ComforTemp button integrated into this unit. Such is helpful in cutting down your energy cost as it aids in the automatic maintenance of optimal temperature in a room. With its patented smart-snap heels, you also have an assurance that you can snap it perfectly in place without the need for an assembly.

Safety features also form part of this heater, including the anti-freeze setting and the thermal cutoff feature. However, note that when it is dim, you may have a difficult time seeing the thermostat.


  • Can efficiently and effectively heat up space via the portable oil-filled radiator
  • Ideal for medium and large spaces as well as RVs
  • Operates quietly
  • No refilling required
  • Features an adjustable thermostat
  • Equipped with a few safety features


  • A bit difficult to see the unit’s thermostat when it is too dim

Despite that issue, this product is still a great performer as far as excellently heating a specific space is concerned. And this is the best of best space heater for RV and known to be the safest space heater for RV.

5. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

The last but definitely not the least heater that I will recommend for use in RVs is the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater. It is a well-constructed heating solution, which can supply up to 1,500-watt power designed to make you feel comfortable. It is lightweight, too, as it only weighs around six pounds.

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It is portable while taking the least space, making it really compatible with different recreational vehicles. I love the digital display integrated into this device. It is equipped with top-access, push-button controls featuring a digital display, which guarantees an easy read.

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You can also easily manage it as it comes with settings for both high and low speed. I am happy that this unit has a quiet operation, too. In addition, it oscillates silently, allowing the heat to stay in motion, which can help promote even and efficient heating of your space.

I find it energy-efficient, too. It is economical as it only uses minimal power so rest assured that it won’t cause your bill to go up. This specific heater from Lasko is also guaranteed to be safe. It has an automatic shutoff feature, for instance, designed to prevent overheating.

It also has ETL-listed heat shutoff features. It boasts of its 8-hour timer, too. One downside is that it does not come with a handle, which is supposed to be helpful in lifting it from one space or room to another.


  • Well-constructed while being capable of providing a comfortable heat
  • Lightweight and portable unit
  • Equipped with a digital display, which is easy to read
  • Easy to manage – thanks to its settings designed for both high and low speed
  • Operates and oscillates quietly
  • Energy-efficient


  • Does not come with a handle

To conclude, I can say that you won’t regret buying this unit because of the ease of controlling and operating it, its portability, and excellent heating performance.

Electric Heater for RV Buyer’s Guide

Keep in mind that aside from the five products above, you will also encounter plenty of other options with each one having its own strengths and weaknesses. Make the selection process even easier regardless of how numerous your options are by keeping in mind these factors:


You need to find an electric heater for RVs with a high level of efficiency. It should be noted, though, that the more power required in operating your chosen heater, the harder it will be for you to find a sufficient source of power without the risk of killing the batter.

The result is a higher chance of getting stuck on a chilling night without a heater that can help keep you warm. There are even some RV parks that forbid customers from making use of their electric heaters. Others charge an extra fee as a means of compensating for the electricity the heater will use.

For that reason, it is important to find an electric heater with the highest heat output while only consuming the least energy. Check the level of efficiency of a specific product prior to buying. You can gather details about the efficiency of a heater by checking its spec sheet.

Safety features

Checking all the safety features installed in the unit you are planning to buy is also a must. Keep in mind that being unable to monitor it properly might turn it into a fire hazard immediately. That said, you need to think about your safety before you purchase an electric heater for an RV.

To reduce your risk, look for an electric heater with plenty of safety features. You can find one loaded with cool-to-the-touch surfaces as well as other advanced safety features that guarantee better and safer operation. You can also find a heater, which comes with an inside switch.

Such a switch shuts off power automatically in case the heater is tipped over. Another safety feature you have to look for is the overheat function. It usually comes in the form of a switch, which can turn into a sensor that will convert the heater automatically in case its components reach an unsafe temperature.

Spec sheet

Spend time assessing the spec sheet of the best electric RV heater, too. Ensure that your chosen heater has a spec sheet, which refers to a printed summary of all the features it has, such as its efficiency, which often comes in the form of BTU, and the electricity rating.

BTU or British Thermal Unit can be defined as a unit of measurement representing the level of energy required to heat one pound of water sitting at 39 by 1 degree Fahrenheit. You can find this info on the spec sheet of your chosen heater. Make sure that the sheet also contains all info about its other features so you’ll know if it indeed suits you.


Some electric heaters operate more quietly when compared to the others. If possible, look for an RV electric heater, which does not produce disturbing and uncomfortable noise. In most cases, you can determine whether a heater works with too much noise by checking whether it comes with a fan or not.

A lot of electric heaters have a built-in fan and rely on it to reach their efficiency level. It is possible by distributing the generated heat actively. While it is a huge help in increasing the amount of space your chosen heater can heat up, the presence of a fan can also cause the unit to become uncomfortably and distractingly noisy.

If you are not fond of the sound of another engine that seems to be running in the background, then look for a quiet heater. While it tends to cover a smaller space or is slightly more expensive because it uses more sophisticated technology, it is still beneficial. It does not produce too much bothersome noise.

Voltage, current, and overall wattage consumed

When searching for a good electric heater for RV, it is also crucial to check vital factors, like the voltage, overall wattage, and current that your chosen heater will most likely consume. Check if it is compatible with your RV, too.

Such are vital factors because they can help in figuring out the efficiency when applying its wattage. They also help in determining the heat it can produce, the amount of space it can cover, and the standard safety features it utilizes.

Final Words: Best Electric Heater for an RV

In your search for the best electric heater for an RV, note that your goal is to find one which perfectly fits the space you have in your vehicle. What you have to do is to calculate your RV space accurately.

Compare all your options and find out which one can deliver your desired power while consuming the least energy. Apart from that, you also need to consider other vital factors in your decision: cost, safety, and noise.

By considering all those, you will surely have the chance of picking an electric heater for your RV, which works based on what you initially expected.

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