Finding the best RV grill is essential for any RV owner or camping enthusiast. It is because grilling will always form a vital part of all camping trips involving your recreational vehicle. In fact, many consider it as the thrill linked to the great outdoors.

With the help of a grill, you and your family will enjoy grilled food whether what you want is roasted chicken or barbecue. It is also a good way to bond with the people you are with on the trip while you are outdoors. Note that tailgating, hiking, and camping won’t be complete if you do not hold a decent barbecue party.

In this case, you have to familiarize yourself with six of the best grills for RV today so you can decide which one fits your needs best.

Best RV Grill Choices

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Best RV Grill Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the best grill for RV camping, there are certain factors you need to remember. Base your final decision on these factors and you will surely be satisfied with your final choice:


Learn about the different grill types and their individual pros and cons. With that info, you can decide which one can benefit you the most. One of the options you have is the best charcoal grill for RV, which is considered the preferred option of many.

It is because many choose charcoal as the medium for grilling and making barbecues in RVs. One of the main reasons why the charcoal grill is popular today is because you can readily find charcoal in supermarkets. It has a drawback, though, which is due to the fact that it needs a thorough cleaning process.

Other options

You can also choose the propane gas grill. It is an ideal grill for RVs as it combines the best qualities offered by a charcoal grill with its ease of cleaning. It performs excellently well consistently while also having features and options not present in a charcoal grill.

Just like charcoal, propane has its share of downsides, too. One of which is the fact that it comes with a tank that’s quite hard to carry. Refilling it is not also that convenient.

It would be best for you to do a thorough comparison of the different types so you will have an idea of which one is the most favorable option for your specific case.

Construction Material

It is also crucial for you to spend time studying the materials used in constructing the grill. You have to do that as the primary material used in creating the grill has a major impact on the final output when you are grilling or cooking using it.

Your options for the grill material usually include aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and ceramic. Many prefer to buy an RV grill made of stainless steel because of the ease involved in cleaning it up. In addition, the material is rust-resistant.

The quality of the construction is also one of the things you have to check thoroughly. Since you will be using it for camping and other outdoor adventures, there is a great chance that you are looking for one that’s not only portable but is also made of lightweight materials.

While being lightweight is important, make sure that this does not mean that the material is already flimsy as far as construction is concerned. Note that you will use it for cooking and grilling, causing it to be exposed to flammable liquids.

That said, look for a grill with quality construction while still being lightweight and portable. The more stable your choice is, the better.

Temperature control

If you are planning to buy a portable grill, then there is a great possibility that it comes with a single temperature control only because of its size. That’s already a good thing provided the control is also easy to use.

However, if you are looking for a grill with dual burners, then choose one, which comes with dual temperature controls. With that, you have a hundred percent assurance that it can accommodate the two various temperature zones when you are cooking.


Another vital component of the RV grill is the burner so it is also one factor you have to carefully dissect. If you are planning to buy a gas grill, then make sure that you look for a burner made of brass or stainless steel. Avoid aluminum as it tends to burn out. Cast iron, on the other hand, has a higher risk of rusting.

Go for those made of stainless steel, particularly those with a 304 grade or an 18-8 rating. Such is known for being capable of resisting corrosion. Make sure that you look for a grill, which features a metal deflector in between the burners and grate.

Such a feature is essential in producing even heat and reducing hot spots found on the grate, thereby reducing the risk of your burner dripping grease. Also, choose a grill with multiple burners as much as possible. It is because the more burners the grill has, the easier it will be for you to control the grill’s heat output.


Check all the features of the RV grill you are planning to buy. Keep in mind that each grill and model comes with its unique selling point. That said, compare at least three products and check their individual features. Take note of all the features and determine which one contains those that you really need.


It is important to check the grates of the burner, too. You can go for those units with grates plated with either nickel or chrome. In most cases, they are equipped with a wire core. However, take note that because these materials are lightweight, they are not that effective in holding heat.

The materials are also prone to rust and chips. You can also choose grates made of cast iron as they work excellently when it comes to conducting and holding heat. The material is prone to rust, though, but you can make it rust-resistant by treating it with oil.

Probably, your best option is the stainless grate. It works impressively while also being easy to clean. It is also a portable unit, which makes it ideal for RV owners.

Final Words About the Best RV Grill

By finding the best RV grill, you can bring your outdoor adventure to an even higher level. Conduct a thorough comparison of your options, though. Your goal is to look for a grill, which is of top-notch quality and great functionality designed to make your barbecue parties and RV camping experience more unforgettable.

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