The 5 Best RV Vacuums 2018: Keeping your RV Clean All the Time


Being an RV owner might cause you to notice that almost every week, sand and dirt tend to get accumulated on your entire vehicle. One problem is that you may find it impossible to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet within your RV without something to help you out.

One of the devices that you can invest in to solve that problem is the RV vacuum. So what are the best RV vacuum options today? Read on as I present to you five products in the RV vacuum category as well as a short buying guide to help you decide soundly.

Comparison of RV Vacuums




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Dyson V6 Trigger - Best of the Best



Shark Rocket HV292 - Best Bang for the Buck



Dyson DC59 Motorhead - Editor's Choice





Best RV Vacuums 2018

1. BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL 20-volt MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum

One product I’ll instantly recommend to those looking for a high-quality RV vacuum is the BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL 20-volt MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum. It is a handheld vacuum cleaner, which comes with a uniquely made nozzle, making it really useful in cleaning up the interiors of your RV.

The nozzle is unique as it tends to rotate while still retaining its suction, preventing you from losing time since you do not need to stop to reposition it. It is also good to use in case you want to point hard-to-reach spots. I like the 3-stage filter integrated into the vacuum as it works efficiently in preventing the unit from clogging.

It also aids in keeping the air inside your RV clean and free from any allergens. It also comes with a head, which, I think, is one of its best features. It is because it is capable of twisting in various directions, so reaching under tables or above your head is possible.

It also makes use of a rechargeable battery. Expect it to run for around seventeen minutes, which is more than enough if you want to handle small messes. You can recharge the battery in less than six minutes, too. Furthermore, it is equipped with a translucent dirt cup, which lets you see the amount of dirt already collected.

One downside of this RV vacuum, though, is that it does not feature a pet hair tool, so it can’t handle pet hair. It also tends to operate noisily.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Uniquely made nozzle, which rotates while still retaining suction
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ideal for use on hard-to-reach spots
  • thumbs-o-up

    Features a 3-stage filter, thereby preventing clogs

  • thumbs-o-up

    Equipped with a head that can twist in various directions

  • thumbs-o-up


  • thumbs-o-down

    Does not have a pet hair feature

  • thumbs-o-down

    Noisy operation

Despite the downsides, this vacuum cleaner from BLACK+DECKER is still a great buy as it comes with an impressive suction power, a rotating head, which promotes ease in reaching difficult spots, and a rechargeable battery.

2. Dyson V6 Trigger – Cordless - Best of the Best

I can also say that the V6 Trigger Cordless Vacuum from Dyson works well for RVs. It is a lightweight, cyclonic and cordless vacuum cleaner. The fact that it is lightweight makes it portable, therefore, it’s ideal for RV owners and users. It also comes with useful attachments that lock securely in place.

You can switch in between the attachments in just a single touch of a button, which, I think, makes it really convenient to use. It is well-designed and comes with user-friendly controls. It is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. It makes use of a trigger-style handle, which you will find really comfortable to hold.

It features a long and thin main nozzle, which can effectively handle the majority of cleaning jobs. In addition, it sports a combination accessory tool designed for brushes and crevices. It has a quick-release button, which you can use to empty the bin with ease.

If you are dealing with harder and tougher jobs, then rest assured that you also have the option of increasing the suction power. Furthermore, it boasts of its 20-minute battery life while still being light and portable enough that you can use it singlehandedly.

One problem I noticed, though, is its small dust capacity. It also has a lower vacuuming power when compared to the others.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Lightweight and portable, therefore, it’s ideal for RVs
  • thumbs-o-up
    Features useful attachments that you can use in one touch of a button
  • thumbs-o-up

    Well-designed and user-friendly controls

  • thumbs-o-up
    Features a quick-release button for easy emptying of the bin
  • thumbs-o-up

    Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery

  • thumbs-o-up

    Can deal with harder and tougher cleaning tasks just by increasing its suction power

  • thumbs-o-down

    Small dust capacity

  • thumbs-o-down

    Lower vacuuming power than the others

Still, it is a great choice for a vacuum cleaner as it is known for delivering an impressive cleaning performance while being in a small, lightweight, portable, cordless, and easy to manage body.

3. Shark Rocket HV292 Corded Hand Vacuum - Best Bang for the Buck

I also suggest checking out the Shark Rocket HV292 Corded Hand Vacuum. It is a bag-less, corded, and handheld vacuum cleaner with plenty of valuable and helpful attachments. With its many features and attachments, expect it to be helpful in cleaning up various debris and dirt, including pet hair.

It is also versatile enough that it can handle cleaning tasks on various surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and upholstery. This corded hand vacuum cleaner is equipped with a TruePet motorized brush. It works by removing pet hair, and deeply embedded and loose dirt and debris.

Another nice feature of this device is the extended reach and flexible hose. With that, it is possible for you to connect cleaning attachments easily while also promoting ease of cleaning hard-to-reach and awkward spots and areas. It has a dirt bin, which is transparent and easy to empty, too.

Also, you have an assurance that the suction won’t get lost even if the dirt bin is already full. Another nice feature that I find so impressive is the washable mechanical air filter. Furthermore, it boasts of its 15-feet XL power cord, which promotes a better capability in terms of reach.

I noticed that its charge does not last as long as the other vacuum cleaners in the market today, which is its downside.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with plenty of valuable and helpful attachments
  • thumbs-o-up
    Versatile that it can handle various surfaces that require cleaning
  • thumbs-o-up

    Equipped with a TruePet motorized brush that can handle pet hair

  • thumbs-o-up

    Features a flexible hose with an extended reach

  • thumbs-o-up

    Excellently performing washable mechanical air filter

  • thumbs-o-down

    Battery charge does not last as long when compared to others

Despite that downside, Shark Rocket HV292 can still leave a good impression as it is known for handling all types of cleaning tasks, no matter how tough, with the help of its valuable features and attachments while still being offered at an affordable price.

4. Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum - Editor's Choice

There is also the Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum, which is known for its impressive performance in the industry. It is around 48 inches long with its full extensions while still weighing below five pounds. With that, I can guarantee that it is a lightweight and an easy-to-manage device.

A digital motor V6 from Dyson is what powers this vacuum cleaner. It gives it a 350-watt power. Inside the box are various attachments and tools that you can use to handle all crevices and cracks. It is equipped with a direct drive motor that you can find inside its brush bar.

Putting the motor of the vacuum cleaner in the brush bar allows it to provide a better balance while also distributing the weight well. Such also lets the device deliver more power than expected. It has a modular design, which I really like. The full length of the unit comes with three vital elements – the bin, brush bar, and extension tube.

I like the versatility of this device, too, as it gives the chance to use it either as a stick vacuum or as a handheld vacuum. It features a filter, which you can easily clean. In addition, emptying the bin is effortless. It has a great suction power, which really makes it effective in cleaning up all parts of your RV.

This vacuum cleaner is a bit expensive, though. Also, it produces noise when in operation, especially if you turn on its max button.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Lightweight while still being long enough to reach various spots and areas
  • thumbs-o-up
    Comes with several attachments and tools that you can use for cleaning
  • thumbs-o-up

    Provides better balance and effective weight distribution

  • thumbs-o-up
    Features a modular design
  • thumbs-o-up

    Highly versatile in the sense that you can use it as a handheld vacuum or stick vacuum

  • thumbs-o-up

    Impressive suction power

  • thumbs-o-down

    Quite expensive

  • thumbs-o-down

    Produces noise

Overall, this vacuum cleaner from Dyson is powerful enough that it can pick up dirt and clean up various surfaces effectively. It also boasts of its elegant yet simple design while also having plenty of useful accessories and attachments.

5. Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Another vacuum cleaner from Dyson that I’d like to recommend is its Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum. I specifically like this vacuum cleaner as I noticed its effectiveness in clearing different messes from various surfaces with just a few passes. It can clean hard flooring and carpets.

One impressive thing that this device can do is that it adjusts automatically based on the type of floor you are vacuuming. It is also capable of creating a seal in between your floor and the cleaning head, thereby promoting superior suction. That’s possible with the built-in self-adjustable cleaner head of the device.

It makes use of 1,400-watt power to operate its strong motor. It is also equipped with a .55-gallon bin, which you can empty hygienically without requiring too much effort. You can do that with just one push of a button. It is easy to assemble, too.

Furthermore, it has an instant release wand, which promotes ease in reaching all parts that require cleaning. It has an attractive design while being constructed from high-quality materials. It also comes with two carry handles, too, making it easy for you to move it around.

There is also a tool storage, which provides more than enough space for multiple attachments, including the crevice tool and brushes. 

Expect the noise level to be high, though, which is one of its flaws. Also, take note that the suction is not adjustable.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Can clear different messes from various surfaces with just a few passes
  • thumbs-o-up
    Can handle the process of cleaning hard flooring and carpets
  • thumbs-o-up

    Promotes a superior suction ability

  • thumbs-o-up

    Easy to empty and assemble

  • thumbs-o-up

    Attractive design and high-quality construction

  • thumbs-o-down

    A bit noisy

  • thumbs-o-down

    Built-in suction is not adjustable

Still, I can say that it delivers a great cleaning experience because of its numerous valuable features, including its powerful suction.

What can you Expect from a Good RV Vacuum Cleaner?

the best rv vacuum

With a reliable vacuum cleaner, you get the chance to take a hold of an electronic device designed to help you clean your entire RV and remove all dirt through sucking. It is a big help in cleaning up your RV after each use.

If you are still unsure how it works, then know that its major components, the exhaust port, intake port, fan, electric motor, and the porous bag, can help. Right after plugging the device, expect the electric current to start operating its motor.

Because the motor is connected to the fan, which often comes with angled blades, the air will then flow to the exhaust port. Also, expect the decrease in the density of particles behind the fan as well as an increase in front of it.

Such opposite pressure creates suction within the RV central vacuum reviews. This results in the intake letting air push to the cleaner. There is also friction that causes the debris and dirt to get suctioned by it, trapping them in a porous bag. The result is freeing your RV from dirt and debris.

By investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner for RVs, it would be easy for you to regulate dust while also creating a healthy environment without allergens that often arise due to outdoor activities and during the summer season.

Aside from all that, expect it to be a big help in maintaining the excellent condition of your RV’s carpet while also ensuring that its resale value stays high. Such things make it really worthwhile to start checking out the many RV vacuum cleaners available today and pick one which can benefit you the most.

RV Vacuum Buyer's Guide


Now the question is what should you choose among the many RV vacuum cleaners introduced to you? Here are some top factors and criteria that will definitely help you make the right decision:


Remember that there are different kinds of vacuum cleaners designed for RVs today.  You will most likely be introduced to wet and dry vacuum cleaners that are considered to be great options in case you need a device to remove wet wastes, like in your bathroom and sinks.

One advantage of this type of vacuum is that it carries two buckets with it designed to separate the dry and the wet waste. Expect it to be ideal for use in heavy-duty cleaning. It is also usually equipped with a blower designed to dry areas easily.

However, if your RV does not have too many wet wastes and spillages, then note that the typical heavy-duty vacuum cleaner equipped with a blower is already a good option. Another choice that you have is the handheld vacuum, which is popular because it is compact while also being easy to store.

You will find it useful in reaching those places that are usually very difficult to reach, like underneath couches, cushions, corners, and shelves. You can choose high-powered handheld vacuum cleaners but be aware that they are heavier when compared to the typical ones.

One advantage of the handheld vacuum cleaner is that it is usually rechargeable. With that, you have the option of recharging it prior to leaving for your trip. You can then use it when required.

You can also go for the steam vacuum cleaner for RVs. It makes use of steam, giving it the power and ability to deodorize and disinfect. It is an ideal option if you are looking for a device that can clean mildew and molds and unclog drains.

Another reason for choosing the steam vacuum cleaner is that it is capable of removing pet odors and stains from your RV’s carpets and upholstery. Therefore, if you plan to bring a pet on your trip often, then you will find the steam vacuum cleaner useful for you.


Aside from the type, it is also crucial to check the power of the best vacuum cleaner for RV. Check the suction power thoroughly. Despite the fact that all vacuum cleaners are designed to clean debris and dirt fast, it would still be best to look for a device, which has more than enough power to remove dirt in the entire area within minutes.

It would be best to look for a powerful vacuum, which can also reach those difficult-to-reach spots, like the vehicle’s interiors. It should be able to perform its function quickly and efficiently. It should also come with additional accessories, like the crevice tool and the powerful brush designed to improve the effectiveness of the product.

If possible, go for a vacuum cleaner with multiple motors. It is because it has been noted that the higher the number of motors used in the vacuum cleaner, the more powerful you can expect it to be.

Ease of Use

Ensure that your chosen RV vacuum is not that complicated to use. It should be functional and should come with plenty of useful features while still ensuring that you won’t have a difficult time using it. Look for a vacuum, which is practical to use and versatile, too, meaning you can use it in various applications and purposes.

Battery Life

Another important criterion in choosing the best vacuum for RV is the battery life. Ensure that the battery life of your chosen vacuum is really long. The battery should have enough power that guarantees its ability to handle a long cleaning session.

In addition, check the specific type of battery used in the vacuum. Look for a high-quality one, which you can expect to last long without having to plug it into a power source too often.


Look for an RV vacuum cleaner, which is not too bulky. Assess the actual size of your vehicle, too. Note that the size of your RV can help you determine whether you will need a cordless or a corded device. If your RV is small, then you may want to choose a vacuum with minimal operating time.

If your RV is big, though, then you have to look for one with a long operating time. It should have a lot of power, too, usually more than what the best vacuum for full time RV used in small RVs can offer.

RV Floor Covering

Another important factor that will affect your decision is the type of covering used in your RV’s floor. If your RV uses a carpet as its covering, then it would be best to buy an RV vacuum, which is equipped with a motorized brush. If not, then you can always go for that without a motorized brush, which costs lower.


You also have to assess the weight of the vacuum cleaner. I suggest looking for a device, which is not too heavy. Go for a lightweight one since you will be carrying it from one place to another, especially when you plan to clean all corners of your RV.


Of course, you do not want to use a noisy device. Check whether the vacuum cleaner you are thinking of investing in operates without creating too much noise. It is to ensure that you and those around you won’t get distracted while you are on the course of cleaning up your vehicle.

Final Words

Choosing to invest in the best RV vacuum cleaner today can make a lot of difference when it comes to preserving and maintaining the cleanliness of your space. It prevents you from having to deal with accumulated dirt and debris.

With the help of a high-quality RV vacuum cleaner, you can always keep your vehicle clean. Furthermore, you know that you and the people you are with are safe and healthy because you are always staying in a clean environment. 

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The 5 Best RV Vacuums 2018: Keeping your RV Clean All the Time
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