Your mobile home or RV requires a comfortable mattress or bed. Considering the fact that it’s your second home (in some cases, it’s actually a primary home for some people), it’s crucial that you hunt for the best one – the best RV mattress that can give you the kind of comfort you deserve as well as a peaceful sleep or rest.

Unlike a compact mattress or air mattress, you want your RV mattress to be something that is comfortable, yet practical in terms of cleaning, size, and even pricing. 

It should be comfortable enough that you’ll enjoy using it regardless of the weather and season. You know that you have the best mattress for RV if it’s both sturdy and comfy. In addition, it should be made of a fine material to ensure that it stays durable without causing allergic reactions as well as any foul smell.

The bed should be able to give you the comfort you need for almost all types of seasons or weather. The problem with RV mattresses is that shopping for it might be complex. There are a lot of things that you have to check, assess, and consider. It’s because these mattresses come with special dimensions and sizes.

Also, mobile homes and recreational vehicles are known for having smaller standards for king and queen sizes, twin, full, etc. An RV mattress is also known to be more expensive than regular ones because it needs to be specifically designed for RV use. It is mainly due to its size, material, thickness, and dimension. 

The mattress also needs to be specifically contoured and cut based on the shape and size of the bed in your RV. Not all RV mattresses are made alike. In fact, some RV bed frames will require that your mattress be a specific size. Having custom sizing in your RV mattress can impact the overall price of your mattress. That is, if you don’t go with other little known brands. 

With these conditions in mind, you will likely be well on your way to going out and purchasing your first RV air mattress. But, you will quickly find that there are so many options on the market to choose from. That is where we come in. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best RV mattresses you should consider. Our list of the best RV mattresses was one that was carefully put together so that you have the perfect combination of comfort, price, size, and practicality.


​Comparison of RV Mattresses





​Zinus Sleep Master Deluxe Spring 10-inch Pillow Top

– ​Best of the Best

  • ​Designed for RVs, trucks, campers, and trailers
  • ​Provides firm yet customizable support
  • ​Prevents motion transfer and pressure points
​Serenia Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam RV Mattress

– ​Best RV Mattress

  • ​Light, comfortable, and durable
  • ​Offers a high level of support
  • ​Promotes a healthy sleep
​DynastyMattress New RV Cool Breeze 12” Gel Memory Foam Mattress​​
  • ​Made of comfortable yet supportive memory foam
  • ​Shorter than traditional mattresses
  • ​Features three layers of support and comfort
​Live and Sleep 10-Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress
  • ​Breathable materials used for the topper and base
  • ​Cool and relaxing environment provided
  • ​Prevents pain while also naturally cradling your body
​Zinus Sleep Master Ultima 10-inch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

– ​Best Bang for the Buck

  • ​Top-notch quality foam used in the mattress
  • ​Equipped with a fiber-quilted cover
  • ​Safe to use, even for kids
​Dynasty RV Mattress CoolBreeze Gel Mattress

​- Editor’s Choice

  • ​Equipped with gel foam
  • ​Durable and supporting base
  • ​Works in regulating temperature
​Best Price Mattress 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress
  • ​Equipped with just the right level of firmness
  • ​Reacts on your body’s temperature and natural shape
  • ​Relieves pain coming from your pressure points

​Best RV Mattress Reviews 2019

​1. Zinus Sleep Master Deluxe Spring 10-inch Pillow Top – Best of the Best

  • ​Firm, customized support from layers of Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam and iCoil Pocketed Springs
  • ​iCoil system is comprised of hundreds of independent iCoils to virtually eliminate any motion transfer
  • ​Only the Highest Quality of Foam – Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance, and content

If customized yet firm support is what you are after from an RV mattress, then I can say that the Zinus Sleep Master Deluxe Spring 10-inch Pillow Top can do a good job. Such kind of support is what you can expect from the layers of comfort foam that can relieve pressure as well as the iCoil pocketed springs integrated into the product.

The iCoil spring system used in this product is also impressive as it consists of hundreds of iCoils working efficiently in eliminating and preventing motion transfer and pressure points.

It takes pride in its innerspring mattress in a much-improved manner than the ones constructed from traditional spring. Every spring integrated into the mattress is also enclosed in a memory foam cell, so expect the whole mattress to give you 2-fold comfort.

You have an assurance that the memory foam encasement will allow the spring to absorb movements even more effectively, thereby providing proper support to your body while you are sleeping.

The fact that the inner mattress consists of separately-wrapped springs also means that the iCoil system used can help in resisting the buildup of heat. With that, rest assured that you’ll have a consistently cool temperature. The foam padding is also covered by a relaxing and soft Jacquard case, which is easy to clean.

​One problem with this mattress is that it lacks embroidery or detail, causing some to view it as too plain and not fancy. However, a lot of buyers say that the lack of details don’t matter a lot considering the fact that it does its job of giving them utmost comfort.

  • thumbs-o-up​Designed not only for RVs but also for trucks, campers, and trailers
  • thumbs-o-up​Guaranteed to provide a firm yet customizable support
  • thumbs-o-up​Prevents and eliminates motion transfer and pressure points – thanks to the built-in iCoil system 
  • thumbs-o-up​Absorbs movements more efficiently with the aid of the memory foam encasement
  • thumbs-o-up​Relaxing, soft, and easy to clean Jacquard case used in covering the foam padding 
  • thumbs-o-down​A bit plain as it lacks embroidery or details 

​Overall, the fact that this mattress for RVs provides the perfect combination of supple spring support, strength, soft body conforming comfort, and firmness, makes it really worthy of buying.

​2. Serenia Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam RV Mattress – Our Pick of Best RV Mattress Short Queen

  • ​8 inch memory foam mattress provides incredible comfort
  • ​2″ of 2.5 lb density memory foam on a 6″ supportive base foam with a soft 4-way stretch knit cover (fabric may vary…
  • ​Temperature sensitive memory foam is open-cell construction, disperses weight evenly and gives a cooler sleeping…

Another mattress, which, I think, really works well for RVs is the Serenia Sleep 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress. Most of the things that you can find in this mattress are actually perfect for recreational vehicle use. For instance, it is known for being light and comfortable without losing its durability.

In addition, it also provides a high level of support. You are also assured of the cool environment it offers, providing you with a really healthy sleep at night. You also know that it is capable of giving more than enough support to the pressure points surrounding your hips and shoulders, resulting in a balanced sleep surface.

One more thing I find impressive is the all-foam core featured on the mattress. Such is beneficial as it conforms to your body’s natural contours. With that, I can assure you that your sleep will be more comfortable and restful.

The mattress also features a 2.5-lb. layer, as well as a 6-inch layer providing a firm base. Such is actually a good thing as it is known for providing not only additional support but also exceptional durability. There is also a nicely and luxuriously stretched knit cover with a zipper, adding to the nice details of the mattress.

​However, the fact that the mattress is known to be too firm means that you can’t fold it back to its original box. It does not also offer a customized service for anyone who needs special sizes for it.

  • thumbs-o-up​Perfect for RV use due to it being light, comfortable, and durable
  • thumbs-o-up​Offers a high level of support
  • thumbs-o-up​Promotes a healthy sleep since it offers a cool environment all the time 
  • thumbs-o-up​Features an all-foam core, which conforms to your body’s natural contours
  • thumbs-o-up​Firm base provided, thanks to the presence of a 6-inch layer 
  • thumbs-o-down​Too firm, making it not foldable to its original back 
  • thumbs-o-down​No customized service for those who need special sizes 

​To conclude, this mattress is best of the best RV short queen mattress reviews and known for being capable of making your journeys in your RV more fun, exciting, and enjoyable as it offers not only a high level of comfort but also the kind of luxury you expect to enjoy.

​3. DynastyMattress New RV Cool Breeze 12” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • ​3″ Gel Foam! Sleep Cool Technology Foam! 120 day trial! Warranty: 30 years Limited Warranty.
  • ​Dual 2″ State of the Art Cool Airflow Foam, 5″ High density foam for ultimate support base!
  • ​Made with High Quality and durable 3-layer construction!

​I also recommend DynastyMattress New RV Short King Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress for you if you want a high-quality mattress made of memory foam, which is not only comfortable but also supportive. It’s a bit shorter when compared to other mattresses, so it’s really great for campers and RVs.The mattress consists of three layers composed of a 3-inch top layer made of a hundred percent visco-elastic memory foam. The next layer is composed of a convoluted air flow foam, which is a big help in letting the mattress breath. The last one is composed of a base foam made of a highly resilient polyurethane material.All the three layers are effective in offering support and comfort to users while also controlling temperature. In addition, they are effective in eliminating motion disturbance. It also offers just the right amount of firmness. You can expect it to be not too plush or firm – just mid-level of firmness that a lot of people prefer. It also boasts of its reliable recovery time. Expect it to recover quickly even after dealing with excess weight, resulting in a much better sleep at night as well as prolonged durability.

​Some users reported about an unpleasant odor produced by the mattress during the first days, but know that the smell will go away as you continue using it.

  • thumbs-o-upMade of comfortable yet supportive memory foam
  • thumbs-o-upGreat for campers and RVs as it’s shorter than traditional mattresses
  • thumbs-o-upFeatures three layers of support and comfort that also work in controlling temperature 
  • thumbs-o-upMid-level of firmness provided – It’s not too plush nor too firm 
  • thumbs-o-upFavorable recovery time 
  • thumbs-o-downUnpleasant odor on the first few uses 

Once the odor is gone, you’ll start falling in love with how comfortable and supportive the mattress really is.

​4. Live and Sleep 10-Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

  • ​RIGHT CONTOUR. Our recreational vehicle RV size mattress cradle you in a deluxe layer of 2.5-inch Air Infused Foam on…
  • ​COOLING INNOVATIONS. Breathable, plush & superior quality ingredients – Conforming comfort while helping relax & cool…
  • ​BEST BUY SOLUTION. High Rated Short Queen Mattress with durable medium-firm core relieves pressure points + has less…

The medium firmness of the Live and Sleep 10-inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress is one of the things that I think make it worthwhile to include in any best RV mattress topper.

I also noticed that both the memory foam topper, which is around three inches thick, and the dense foam base, which is ten inches thick, are created from breathable materials. With such breathable materials, I’m quite sure that the mattress is indeed effective in giving you a cool and relaxing environment when you’re sleeping at night.

Aside from keeping you cool the whole night, I also noticed that the mattress is designed in a way that it reduces or prevents pain while also cradling your body naturally. Such is possible with the help of high-quality materials, like the Visco elastic memory foam, as well as the support foam made of a really high-density material. 

The good thing about this memory foam mattress is that it is also constructed in a way that it’s free of any harsh chemicals that can negatively affect your health. It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial, too, making it really safe to use.

One problem, though, is that it may not be suitable for side sleepers as far as firmness is concerned.

​5. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima 10-inch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress – Best Bang for the Buck

  • ​Conforming memory foam comfort and support for a better night’s sleep
  • ​Mattress layers include: 3 inches Memory Foam, 2 inches Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam, and 5 inches High-density Base…
  • ​Only the Highest Quality of Foam-Foam is CertiPUR – US Certified for durability, performance, and content

Another of the best RV mattresses short queen today that continues to leave a good impression is the Zinus Sleep Master Ultima 10-inch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress. I think it’s suitable for those searching for an innerspring type of RV mattress. I like the fact that the foam built into the mattress is of top-notch quality.

There’s also a fiber-quilted cover, which works in providing additional comfort. The foam used in creating the mattress is also known for being devoid of any harmful chemicals. That said, it is indeed safe to use, even for kids.

In addition, it was created along with hundreds of coils that work independently. Such coils can be expected to offer a durable, customized and firm support while also reducing motion transfer. Furthermore, I noticed that it can help maintain the proper alignment of one’s spine, thereby promoting a more convenient and comfortable sleep.

Another thing that I’m sure you’ll like about this mattress is the fact that it offers comfortable temperatures to those who are sleeping on it. It’s also versatile as it’s compatible with almost all bed frames, like bunk, platform, day, and trundle beds, as well as box springs.

​6. Dynasty RV Mattress CoolBreeze Gel Mattress – Editor’s Choice

  • ​2.5″ CoolBreeze GEL 4lb High Density Open Cell Memory Foam: Sleep Cool Technology Foam! 120 day trial! Warranty: 20…
  • ​2″ + 2″ Cool Airflow, 3.5″ foam for ultimate support base! Feel: Medium Firm
  • ​Made with High Quality and durable 4-layer construction! Compare to the GENIUS at a fraction of the cost

The next mattress I’ll definitely recommend to RV owners is the DynastyMattress 10-inch CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam. It’s actually a fully-fledged sleeping solution with multiple layers. It also packs three inches of gel foam, which is enough to give comfort to users.

In addition, there is a 5-inch high-density foam, which is used as a supporting base. The special cool airflow foam, which is around four inches thick, is also helpful in regulating temperature, making you feel comfortable as much as possible.

The memory foam layer infused with gel used in this mattress can also be expected to make adjustments based on the natural curves of your body. With that, expect it to be helpful in alleviating and preventing back pain. It is also designed in a way that it gets rid of pressure from the critical points of your body, including your shoulders and hips.

With that, your hope of enjoying a peaceful and relaxing sleep will definitely be provided by this mattress. The cover of the mattress is also designed to offer maximum protection to users.

​7. Best Price Mattress 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress

  • ​Layers of 1.5″ memory foam and 2.5″ high-density base foam
  • ​Isolates motion transfer between sleep partners
  • ​Hand-washable, polyester mesh, zippered cover

The last product I’ll mention is the Best Price Mattress 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress. I’m impressed with this mattress as I noticed that it’s equipped with just the right level of firmness. I find it impressive, too, as it reacts to my body temperature while also contouring based on my natural body shape.

One more thing that this memory foam mattress can do is that it evenly supports your weight, which is beneficial if you want to obtain immediate relief from the pain affecting your pressure points.

Such is possible with its 2.5-inch high-intensity foam layer topped with another 1.5-inch of memory foam. A hundred percent polyester mesh material is also used to cover the product’s entire topper.

It’s designed to offer good ventilation, keeping our body temperature well-regulated, despite the memory foam not being infused with gel. It’s a thick and comfortable mattress, which offers the right amount of support.

However, you may encounter strong odor during the first 48 hours of using it. Rest assured that the odor is only temporary, though. Also, the cover used on the topper is not waterproof.

  • thumbs-o-upEquipped with just the right level of firmness
  • thumbs-o-upComfortable as it reacts based on your body’s temperature and natural shape
  • thumbs-o-upRelieves pain coming from your pressure points – thanks to its ability to support your weight evenly 
  • thumbs-o-upGood ventilation provided by the mattress 
  • thumbs-o-upUses high-quality memory foam designed to offer maximum comfort 
  • thumbs-o-downEmits a strong odor during the first use 
  • thumbs-o-downCover for the topper is not waterproof 

Despite the flaws, this mattress is still designed in a way that it will give you an amazing sleep surface, which can help you fall asleep comfortably and soundly in your RV while also helping you wake up feeling refreshed.


​Importance of an RV Mattress

Best RV Mattress

Owning an RV requires you to invest in a mattress specifically designed for it. With a comfortable mattress specifically designed for that purpose, you have an assurance that you’ll enjoy a better and more peaceful sleep. It’s a good thing if you want to be full of enthusiasm and energy each time you wake up while you are on a vacation in your RV.

You’ll also feel less anxious and worried when you are on a trip on your RV if you have a good mattress around since you know that your sleeping patterns and bedtime activities will be favorable for you. It should be noted that an RV mattress can’t be considered as similar to the mattress used in a regular bed.

It’s because of two major reasons – the shape and the thickness of the mattress. The thickness of the ones used in regular beds is not ideal for use on RVs, especially they will be put on floating platforms. They are also heavier, which might cause a problem when you put them in an RV.

Due to those things, you really need to find the best mattress primarily designed for a recreational vehicle so you’ll really enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

​Types of RV Mattress


You have a few choices if you want to invest in a really reliable and high-quality RV mattress. Some of the most common mattresses for recreational vehicles are:


While the innerspring type of mattress is not always suitable for recreational vehicles, you can expect it to be comfortable. Many prefer it because of its ability to let anyone who uses it to feel like they are lying on an expensive mattress often found in a hotel – the only difference is that it is on wheels.

When searching for a good RV innerspring mattress, ensure that you check the durability of the springs. Also, take note that the majority of innerspring mattresses feature a pillow top layer. Such will give more than enough cushion so you won’t end up too exposed to the springs.

While this type is a good option for RVs, remember that its springs also tend to condensate because of some changes in weather, so you have to be extra cautious because of that.

​Gel Foam

​It’s a great option for you, especially if your RV does not have an air conditioning unit and if you intend to travel or stay in warm environments for a long time often. It should be noted that a gel foam mattress can be referred to as a memory foam.

The only difference, though, is that it also comes with gel micro-beads that work in capturing the heat of your body then releasing it somewhere else. It is known for keeping you cool while also aiding those who have injuries that can attain relief by applying cool pressure.


A foam mattress is often built into a recreational vehicle or camper. However, it is often hard. Still, many RV owners go for it due to its affordable price. The typical mattress designed for RVs, which is constructed from foam is usually around five to six inches thick. Also, its density ranges from around one to two pounds per cubic feet.

It’s essential to assess the density because higher density also means better durability. In case you travel a lot, it would be best to go for a foam mattress, which is thicker and has a higher density than usual.

With this, you know that it can handle the constant weight well while also ensuring that it does not break down that fast. Such assures you of its ability to last long.

​Memory Foam

This type is the best option for you, especially if you’re someone who tends to live on your RV, meaning you spend a lot of time in there. Generally, memory foam mattresses are usually around 8-inch thick. They also come with a base made of high-density urethane.

In case you plan to camp in a humid location, it would be best to look for a cooling memory foam. Such can regulate your body temperature, which is a good thing, especially if your vehicle does not have an air conditioning unit.

You can also choose to invest in a memory foam topper just in case you have no plans of replacing the whole mattress in your RV. It is less expensive. The only drawback is that it does not last that long if you compare it to regular mattresses.


It’s also a good choice if you frequently stay in your RV or if you spend too much time camping. One of the major advantages of a latex mattress is that it is eco-friendly, particularly the completely organic type. It’s mainly because the organic ones are constructed directly from rubber tree so they don’t have any chemicals.

In addition, latex is hypoallergenic. It’s also anti-bacterial while also being capable of resisting dust mites. One problem, though, is that it is quite expensive. However, if you’re willing to spend more for your RV mattress by getting the latex one, then make sure to go for the all-natural one.

Avoid those with synthetic blends as they tend to break down faster.


You can also choose to invest in the RV air mattress. It works similarly to the air mattresses for actual home use but the one designed for RVs is usually revamped. It’s also more durable. What’s good about the air mattress is that it gives you the freedom to make adjustments on the firmness of every side.

With that, you and anyone who’s with you during the trip will feel comfortable. It’s recommended to you if you are only planning to use it for a while. It is not designed for long-term use because it tends to leak air.


Twin mattresses are often seen in small campers and recreational vehicles, particularly the pop-up ones. They also serve as perfect replacements for tables converted into beds. The dimensions of this type of mattress range from 28×75 inches to 40×80 inches.

Pick that with a dimension, which fits the bed in your RV or camper well. It’s also a good option considering the fact that you can arrange it side by side. It has similar measurements as the twin beds designed for household use.


​You can also choose to buy the bunk mattress. What’s good about it is that you can fit it in easily with a twin mattress. However, note that the bunk type has its own dimension based on your camper or RV’s layout.


There is also what we call as the full RV mattress, which you can compare similarly to a double bed. It often measures around 54×7 inches. One slight difference it has to the ones used in homes is that it is wider by around an inch. You can find the full mattress in the majority of recreational vehicles today.

Aside from the types already mentioned, you can also go for other types and sizes, including the three-quarters, queen, short queen, Olympic queen, and king.

​​RV Mattress Buyer’s Guide


You really have to assess all your options for the RV mattress carefully. When doing the assessment and research, it can help you a lot if you also have the following factors in mind:


Some of the most common sizes that you can find for the RV mattress are the twin, full, king, and queen sizes. You have to remember that such sizes differ a bit to the sizes used in homes. That said, you really have to check RV mattress sizes prior to buying. Also, check the amount of space available in your RV.

You also have to consider whether you will be sharing it with others or if it is for your own use. Think about your present sleeping condition as well as if you are already satisfied with the space in your RV that is dedicated to sleeping.

If you’re sharing the bed with someone else, your partner, perhaps, and you feel like you are fighting for space, then it would be best to go for a much larger size. However, if the space for sleeping is small, causing the bed to take a lot of space, then your best option would be to downsize.

​Comfort Level

Another thing you have to remember when shopping for a good RV mattress is your comfort. It should be noted that mattresses offer different comfort levels. You can find those who can offer comfort based on either a firm or plush texture.

You may also go for that which comes with a pillow top, or that, which is personalized and contoured. Check the material and the overall construction of the mattress, too. Your goal is to find a mattress designed to make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.

​Sleeping Position

Be fully aware of your frequent sleeping positions, too, as it can contribute a lot to finding the ideal RV mattress for you. Find out whether you are a side sleeper or if you sleep on your stomach, back, or front often. Also, determine if you frequently move around when you are asleep.

Such information is helpful in narrowing down your options so you can find one that suits your specific needs and requirements well. If you are a slide sleeper, for instance, then it would be best to look for a pillow top or plush mattress, which is capable of supporting the natural curve of your spine. Avoid a mattress with a firm comfort level.


This factor also contributes to the way you sleep. However, this matter is not only limited to summer season when the temperature is too hot. Note that the heat settings, the presence of heavy comforters, as well as your mattress, have a major impact on your sleep quality.

You can go for a mattress with a traditional memory foam material or pillow tops as you can expect them to provide you with a warm sleep at night. However, you can also choose those with a cooling technology, so you can sleep at a comfortable temperature all night.


​Check whether the mattress is durable, too. It should be able to last for a long time so you won’t end up having to invest in this product too frequently. If possible, look for a product covered with a reasonable warranty, too. Such gives you some sort of assurance that it will last for a long time.


​Another deciding factor when searching for a high-quality RV mattress is the firmness. Find a mattress, which is firm enough yet not too hard as such might only cause you to suffer from back pain. It should have just the right amount of firmness for you. The firmness should not also be diminished faster than expected.

Final Words

It is no surprise that having an RV can be one of the best ways to travel around and explore different locations. But, in order to truly make sure that you are enjoying your travels, you want to make sure that your RV is well supplied with the proper appliances, RV mattress included. We hope that our list of the best RV mattresses has helped with narrowing down the right one for you. 

Have you tried or own any of the RV mattresses we have reviewed above? If you have, let us know below in the comments section what you thought of that RV mattress and whether or not you would recommend it. 

Also, be sure to scroll around to find out other ways that you can enhance your overall experience in an RV!

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