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Traveling using your trailer is an exciting activity. Yet, you should never waste your precious time solving tire-related problems. To avoid them and travel safely to your destination, you should use the best trailer tires available. Like that, you will be able to get faster to your destination and to spend more precious time with your family and friends afterward. However, if you are using your trailer for business, the best trailer tires might help you carry more weight or gain more speed and flexibility on the road.

Regardless of the reason, it is significant to invest in the best trailer tires so you can safely get down the road together with your passengers and cargo. With a good trailer tire, you know that your cargo and passengers will stay in perfect condition even after you’ve reached your destination.

Note that no matter how expert of a driver you are, it would still be impossible for you to enjoy the whole traveling experience if your tire is poorly functioning. Whether you own a recreational vehicle or boat trailer, the quality of the tires you use can actually contribute a lot to ensuring that you will reach your destination safely.

With that in mind, you really have to familiarize yourself with the most vital features of the best trailer tires to buy. That way, you can pick a safe product, which is suitable for your trailer or RV. The following are short reviews of the different trailer tires that currently leave a good impression on users:

Best Trailer Tires Reviews

Which one will you choose for your trailer?

1. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire Best of the Best

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One of the major reasons why the majority of Maxxis trailer tire reviews continue to leave a positive impression for the Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire – 225/75r15 BSW is that it mainly offers trailer owners stronger long-hauling capabilities. Such also results in a longer tread life as well as a smoother ride and performance.

I think one impressive feature integrated into this radial trailer tire is its advanced tread compound. Such is designed in a way that it reduces rolling resistance significantly. It then results in a more improved fuel economy as well as a longer tread life. I also think that you’ll find pleasure in knowing that it features different sizes.

If you need 15-inch trailer tires or any other sizes, therefore, then I’m sure that you can find one from this trailer tire model. This tire also takes pride in its 10-ply rating, making it capable of lengthening its lifespan. Combine that rating with a full nylon cap and you’ll have a tire with guaranteed stability, uniformity, and durability.

Another reason to invest in this ST radial trailer tire from Maxxis is that it has a double steel-belted construction. Such is beneficial as it does not increase the strength of the tire even further but also improves the towing stability of your vehicle. It also boasts of its impressive shock-absorption feature and superior performance in handling loads.

Just like the previously mentioned product, this trailer tire is not equipped with a wheel, which is one of its flaws. Also, I noticed that it’s more expensive than the other trailer tires offered in the market.

Things We Liked

  • Boasts of its strong long-hauling capabilities
  • Uses an advanced tread compound, which significantly reduces rolling resistance
  • Promotes stability, uniformity, and stability – thanks to its 10-ply rating and full nylon cap
  • Strong and stable with the aid of the tire’s steel-belted construction
  • Comes with a shock-absorbent feature

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No wheel included
  • Costlier than other trailer tires

Designed as a high-speed ST radial tire, the M8008 can definitely let you enjoy a smooth and safe ride as well as a longer tread life. Constructed from robust polyester, you know that it’s also capable of withstanding whatever harsh elements it is exposed to.

2. Freestar M-108 10-Ply Radial Trailer Tire Editor’s Choice

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You can also find plenty of Freestar trailer tire reviews recommending the brand’s M-108 10-ply Radial Trailer tire, and I think it’s because of good reasons. One is the fact that it is available in different load ranges (C, D, and E, to be more specific). Such availability makes it suitable for various modern trailers, including boat, utility, ATV, and stock trailers.

It also works well whether you are planning a short or long trip. It is designed to perform well whether you are driving your trailer for work or for pleasure. What is good about this trailer tire is that it boasts of its heavy-duty construction, allowing it to cope with even the most demanding conditions.

Such solid and sturdy construction also means that it can withstand various terrains even the rough ones. Another reason behind the popularity of this Freestar radial trailer tire is that it is capable of running more mileage without any issues. Available in many sizes, you can also choose one from this brand that fits your specific requirements.

I also find it impressive because of its impressive handling stability and traction. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find its refined tread and cooling layout impressive, too. In addition, it boasts of its complex rubber compound, thereby improving its strength and sturdiness.

As for the flaws, I discovered that it is not equipped with rims. Also, its sides only have a 2-ply rating.

Things We Liked

  • Available in different load ranges, making it suitable for plenty of modern trailersv
  • Works well for short or long trips
  • Heavy-duty construction, which ensures that it can handle even the most demanding conditions
  • Runs more mileage without issues
  • Features a refined tread and cooling layout

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not equipped with rims
  • Only 2-ply rating for the sides

Freestar M-108 is definitely an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality trailer tires. It’s mainly because aside from its affordable price, it also has a rugged construction and is designed to wear evenly, run smoothly, and stay well-balanced.

3. Wheel Express 15-inch Silver Mod Trailer Wheel with ST205/75R15 Mounted Radial Tire

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Another high-quality trailer tire in which you can invest your money is this 15-inch mod trailer wheel with radial tire offered by Wheel Express, Inc. This wheel and tire assembly is actually a good buy as it suits a number of applications, like utility trailers, stock trailers, campers, and boat trailers.

I think that one of its benefits is the inclusion of the sturdy steel wheel, which also features a modular design. I noticed that the wheel is not only sturdy and durable but is also capable of resisting corrosion. It boasts of up to 1,820-lb. max load capacity, making it really appropriate for trailers.

You will also surely find the radial tire remarkable as it is made of double polyester cords and double steel belts, making it stronger and more solid. It works well for highway use. In addition, it features tread depth bars that provide visual indicators of the tread’s wear instantly.

It is also designed in a way that it can prevent the separation of tread – that’s all things to the tread-firming belt overlays made of nylon material. The quality of the radial tire is also guaranteed to be top-notch. Also, the rim is powder-coated, which makes it even more impressive and durable.

Both the tires and wheels look good, too while also helping you enjoy a smooth ride.

One problem is that it’s only appropriate for use on trailers, not on other vehicles and cars.

Things We Liked

  • Wire and tire assembly is appropriate for different uses and applications
  • Sturdy steel wheel featuring a modular design
  • Strong and solid with its double polyester cords and double steel belts
  • Up to 1,820-lb. max load capacity
  • Promotes a smooth ride

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for use on cars and vehicles

This wheel and radial tire assembly is actually a good option for your trailer with its huge max load capacity. You will also feel glad to know that it is already a combination of highly durable wheel and tire with excellent performance while also being offered at an affordable price.

4. eCustomRim Trailer Tire and Rim ST205/75D15 – Best Bang for the Buck

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You can also invest in the eCustomRim Trailer Tire and Rim ST205/75D15 if what you are looking for are high-quality products in this industry. One impressive quality of this product that I discovered is that it has a high max load capacity, which is up to 1,820 lbs. It also takes pride in its C load range and 6-ply construction.

The fact that it features a steel construction guarantees its overall durability. It can last long and serve its purpose as a trailer tire and rim for quite a long time.

In addition, it boasts of its 5-lug bolt pattern, making it great for trailers. Many have also noticed how easy it is to install this trailer tire and rim from eCustomRim.

One more thing that surely makes this a good buy is that you can access different sizes for it. That said, it is surely possible for you to pick a size, which is appropriate for the original wheels and tires used in your trailer.

Once installed, you can expect it to be a huge help in letting you experience a smooth and safe ride. It is offered at a reasonable price without compromising quality. You will also most likely enjoy its nice look.

However, note that it is a bit larger when compared to OEM tires and wheels. Still, it is a good option with its consistent size markings.

Things We Liked

  • High max load capacity, up to 1,820 lbs.
  • Highly durable as it has a steel construction
  • Ideal for trailers with its 5-lug bolt pattern
  • Different sizes provided, letting you pick one which suits your trailer
  • Consistent size markings promotes a smooth and safe ride

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit larger than OEM tires and wheels

Still, this trailer tire and wheel from eCustomRim will never disappoint you with its plenty of impressive features. Offered at an affordable price, you will definitely receive most of the things you need to make your trailer run smoothly and safely on the road.

5. Grand Ride 2 New ST 205/75R14 Trailer Tires

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Another reputable brand, which, I think, is really good to invest in if you are in search of reliable trailer tires is Grand Ride. This brand boasts of its set of 2 new ST 205/75R14 Radial Trailer Tires. What is good about this tire is that it can handle a maximum load of up to 2,040 lbs. when set at 65 psi.

It also boasts of its heavy-duty, 8-ply rating as well as its solid and sturdy steel belt. I also noticed that there is a nylon overlay, which crosses the whole tread area as this specific feature is known for improving your safety on the road. The tire is also of top-notch quality.

In fact, there are two dots marked on each exterior useful for balancing. It is a beefy tread, which also works quietly.

In addition, it is effective in pushing water from the tires, preventing imminent damage that might be caused by it. I also like how excellent its grip is regardless of the terrain it comes in contact with.

Available at a great price, I’m sure that you will also be satisfied with this trailer tire considering how high its quality is. In addition, it boasts of a high-quality tread, which aids in further improving the performance of the tire.

Aside from performing flawlessly, it also takes only a little weight to balance the tires on the wheels if you mount it. Such indicates how good its construction is.

However, note that it only works for trailers, not for other cars and vehicles. The rims are not also included in this product, so you may have to purchase them separately.

Things We Liked

  • Up to 2,040-lb. max load capacity
  • Features a heavy-duty, solid, and sturdy steel belt
  • Promotes safety on the road with its nylon overlay that crosses the whole tread
  • Works quietly and provides an excellent grip
  • Only requires a little weight for balancing once mounted

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Rims are not included, so you have to buy them separately
  • Only works for trailers

Despite its flaws, many still prove in some Grand Ride trailer tires reviews regarding how good this trailer tire is as far as offering a smooth and safe ride is concerned. Since it is offered at a reasonable price, you will also find it worthy of your money.

6. Carlisle Sports Trail LH Bias-ply Trailer Tire

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If you prefer to use a trailer tire with a bias-ply construction, then I highly recommend the Carlisle Sports Trailer Tire. It is actually a popular choice considering the fact that it fits the needs of all forms of trailers, particularly those required for heavy-duty use. It can handle different purposes, such as pulling horses, RV, livestock, cargo, or boat.

I find its all-season sturdy tread compound remarkable as it is also equipped with circumferential grooves surrounding the tires, thereby increasing traction when dealing with wet roads. It also features a tread design, which promotes increased cornering, leading to safe travels on all road surfaces.

You can also choose from the different sizes that it has available. It also targets owners of agricultural trailers, construction-related trailers, and boat trailers. Another impressive fact about this trailer tire is that it is built to be rugged and durable, making it capable of coping with the different demands of various trailer owners.

The high level of durability promised by this trailer tire can be attributed to its low rolling resistance, distinctive tread design, and heavy-duty sidewalls – all of which can help increase the tire’s lifespan. In addition, it is bias-belted, offering the kind of safety and security needed when you are towing different trailers.

It’s a bit tricky and challenging to mount, though. Also, some say that its tread is thinner and narrower than the others.

Things We Liked

  • Fits the needs of most trailers, particularly those designed for heavy-duty use
  • Improved traction on wet roads – thanks to the circumferential grooves surrounding the tires
  • Promotes safe travels with the help of the increased cornering of its tread design
  • Highly rugged and durable
  • Features heavy-duty sidewalls that help increase the tire’s lifespan

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tricky and challenging to mount
  • Thinner and narrower tread than the others

However, the flaws are just minor if you consider the excellent performance and the impressive features integrated into this trailer tire from Carlisle.

7. Wheels Express 15-inch White Spoke Wheel with ST205/75D15 Bias Tire

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I think that you will also be pretty satisfied with your purchase if you choose to invest in the 15-inch White Spoke Wheel with Bias Tire offered by Wheels Express, Inc. It already has a good combination of wheel and tires, so you have a complete package that you can use for your trailer.

One of its impressive uses is on utility and boat trailers. Rest assured that it will never disappoint in those areas considering their ability to handle heavy loads. It is actually offered at a good price for its overall quality. The tires are well-balanced, too, while being capable of delivering a smooth ride.

Another reason why I like this trailer wheel and tire combination is that it tends to arrive ready to install and mount. That means you will never have problems mounting and airing it up. They also come clean with individual boxes and are pumped up based on the right pressure for them.

The wheels and tires look good, too. In addition, they are designed to fit any trailer perfectly.

One problem, though, is that it has a slightly different tread pattern than the other trailer tires, but rest assured that it will still perform well.

Things We Liked

  • Good combination of nice-looking wheel and tire
  • Ideal for utility and boat trailers
  • Capable of handling heavy loads
  • Provides well-balanced tires that promote a smooth ride
  • Comes ready to install and mount

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Comes with a slightly different tread pattern than the others

Despite that, Wheels Express 15-inch White Spoke Wheel with ST205/75D15 Bias Tire will never disappoint trailer owners as far as its performance is concerned. It is a complete package with the wheel and tire around, giving you the opportunity to mount it and use it right away.

8. Goodyear Endurance All Season Radial Tire-225/75R15 117N

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A well-known brand with a good reputation when it comes to tires is Goodyear. The brand has a history of making tires, and they have tires for almost any vehicle. The Goodyear tires are known for their durability and good quality, and the Endurance model did not fall far from the tree.

Some people edited their reviews after a year of using Goodyear Endurance tires. They shared their experiences, and most of them were pleased by the results. They switched from the tires made in China to Goodyear, and the tires met their expectations.

Goodyear Endurance tires are made with Durawall technology, which prevents them from being cut or punctured. Furthermore, due to the Durawall technology, the tires are more resistant overall. What’s best is that they are prevented from wearing off and tearing. The tires also have a scuff guard that offers better sidewall protection from wearing off.

They have a speed rating of N, which means their speed limit is around 87 mph. However, Goodyear recommends not to use their tires at the speed limit or over the speed limit for a long time.

Things We Liked

  • Their load range is E – 10 ply therefore they are capable of lifting heavy loads
  • They make the towing process less problematic because they emphasize durability and reduce the colision related problems.
  • Compatible with tire monitor systems and and typical tire inflation systems
  • They are built to keep everyone safe
  • Goodyear is an American brand. 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are unavailable due to the low production rates.

If you manage to get your hands on GoodYear Endurance, don’t let them out of your sight. They are one of the best trailer tires and they are hard to come by. Hundreds of customers came back with good reviews on different sites, and almost all of the long descriptions are about the durability and longevivity of the tires.

Important Facts about Trailer Tires

When shopping for the best trailer tires, it is crucial to fully understand some facts related to them. One is the fact that this type of tire is actually different from the tires used in cars. You can’t expect the trailer tires to be responsible for any steering feature.

In addition, there is no power, which is transmitted starting from the trailer’s engines to the trailer itself unlike what usually happens for car tires. Also, keep in mind that the tire used in your trailer does not connect to an advanced vehicle’s suspension.

Another fact that you should know about trailer tires is that they are often constructed out of heavy-duty materials. In addition, they are equipped with harder sidewalls. It is mainly because they need to be sturdier when compared to passenger vehicle tires as loose sidewalls tend to trigger saying while also moving the center of gravity of the trailer.

Also, you can find special trailer tires that are constructed from really heavy-duty materials. Such materials increase their ability to withstand harsh elements. The sidewalls also need to be stiff to prevent trailer sway issues.

Types of Trailer Tires

When searching for the best boat trailer tires, learning about their different types can also help you a lot. In most cases, they are categorized into two, namely:

Radial Tires

Radial tires are actually equipped with plies that perpendicularly run across the tires. You can also find them equipped with belts, usually constructed out of steel, that run beneath the tread surrounding the circumference of the tire.

One of the major advantages of radial tires is that they use steel belts, promoting a tough and sturdy overall construction. These tires are also beneficial as they run cooler and boast of their wider footprint and longer tread life.

Bias Ply Tires

This type of trailer tire, on the other hand, comes with plies that run at 30-degree angles. Some prefer using this type because of its crosshatch construction, which promotes tougher and stronger sidewalls. In comparison to radial tires, the bias ply is also less expensive. It also

Now that you know the types of trailer tires that you can choose, it is time to learn about some of the factors and features that should guide you in your buying decision. Know about that in the next section of this article.

What Determines The Best Trailer Tires?

Finding the best trailer tires for heavy loads that can deliver an excellent performance is actually possible if you keep in mind some key criteria. To ensure that you are picking the best trailer tire brand, make it a point to assess the product based on the following features and factors:

Weight and size

Among the most important factors that should contribute to your final buying decision are weight and size. Make it a point to buy trailer tires capable of supporting your trailer’s weight, especially when it is fully loaded. Do not commit the mistake of ignoring weights and sizes.

Know the exact load that your trailer is capable of carrying. It is also necessary to find the max weight that the axles are capable of supporting. Note that the carrying capacity has the tendency of getting printed into the tire, thereby informing you whether it is correct.

Also, take note that the correct sizing in tires is all about their size and the rim diameter. That’s why you have to check both to figure out the accurate size.


Another vital consideration is the traction as it is actually important in the tire’s overall design. Friction is a big help in letting the tires accelerate the trailer down the road.

It is also necessary for ensuring that the wheels stay on the pavement when hitting the brakes or turning the corner. In this case, you have to be aware of the towing weight as a means of ensuring that you will make the right buying decision. Ensure that your chosen tire has adequate traction and friction, too.

The strength of the sidewall

Aside from the ratings in weight and sizes, it is also crucial for you to examine how strong the sidewall of the trailer tires is. It should be strong enough in the sense that the trailer tires are capable of handling maximum pressure.

Also, take note that each time the temperature in the tire increases, its pressure subsequently increases, too. That said, you need to find a strong sidewall for the tires. Choose one, which won’t explode nor blow out once it experiences extreme pressure.

Type or design of the tread

As mentioned earlier, trailer tires are available in two basic types – the bias ply or the radial. Bias ply tires come with stiff and tough sidewalls. However, note that radial tires still work better as far as tread wear is concerned.

Still, take note that unlike passenger cars, the major cause of trailer tires is not usually focused on the treads. It is often triggered by oxidation, so you have to figure out first if radial is indeed the best choice for you before choosing it right away.

Max weight and load rating

It is also necessary for you to assess the trailer tire load range and its max weight. You need to take into full consideration the max weight and the load of the tire. Note that every tire is capable of carrying a specific weight and load based on its inflation pressure.

Ensure that you look for a trailer tire, which is capable of meeting the specific range or rating that you and your trailer require, so you can receive a hundred percent guarantee that it will take all the stress and pressure of your trip seriously. Also, make sure that the tires are adequate based on its weight and ratings to prevent their early deterioration.

By ensuring that you go for a trailer tire based on your vehicle’s max weight and load rating, you can expect it to last. You can also prevent safety concerns and issues in the future.

Inflation pressure

Another important factor that should contribute to your final decision is the inflation pressure. Note that the tire’s ability to carry a specific weight or load depends on your exerted inflation pressure. The good news is that each tire tells you its max inflation pressure right away as it is printed on the sidewalls.

Also, remember that exterior factors, like temperature and altitude, have a great impact on the tire’s internal pressure. On average, it can increase by around .7 psi each time there is a 10-degree increase in Fahrenheit. Consider that vital information before buying as it can help you pick the best choice.

Speed Rating

Another factor that you should take into consideration is the speed rating. Remember that under normal load and inflation conditions, the trailer tire is equipped with a typical speed rating. The standard rating is actually around 65 mph or 104 mph.

Also, take note that the inflation pressure has a major impact on your trailer tire’s speed ratings. For instance, an increase in internal air pressure can also cause a decrease in the speed rating.

Though you can find modern tires designed to go beyond the max pressure and operate based on the provided standard rating, it would still be best to seek the advice of experts and specialists about these factors first. That way, you won’t end up making a poor buying decision.

Sidewall Code

You also need to check the trailer tire’s sidewall codes. You can actually find these codes being imprinted on the tire’s sidewalls, providing relevant info about the actual tire. The codes actually refer to the identification number of the tire.

Such indicates its basic characteristics, including the speed, load, ratings, and other vital facts you have to know to ensure that you pick the appropriate choice for your vehicle or trailer.


It is also crucial for you to assess the tire’s longevity. It is mainly because a deteriorated tire is not that safe to drive. Look for a trailer tire, which receives great reviews as far as its ability to last long is concerned. You can also save money if you look for a long-lasting tire as it means you won’t be replacing it too often.

How to Maintain the Excellent Condition of Trailer Tires?

As a trailer tire owner, you would want to save as much money as possible. Note that you can’t only save money by looking for the most affordable trailer tires without compromising quality and performance. It is also possible for you to save by learning how to take good care of the tires and maintain their good condition for a long time.

That way, the tires can serve their purpose for a long time, thereby preventing you from having to spend too frequently for their repair or replacement. Once you have already chosen the most appropriate trailer tires for your unique requirements, make it a point to keep in mind these maintenance tips:

Inflate the tires regularly

You have to do that, especially if your trailer has been unused for a long time. Note that the loss of air pressure is not only triggered by frequently using your trailer. It also happens when the tires are unused for a long time. Also, keep in mind that all tires tend to leak eventually.

That said, you have to monitor their air pressure to maintain your trailer properly. One reason why it’s crucial to maintain proper air pressure is that under-inflated tires can cause extreme danger once you take out your fully loaded trailer on the road. The friction that the exposure of rubber to the road might produce can trigger degraded tires.

Such can further result in a blowout, which is dangerous. Even without the blowout, tires that were improperly inflated also have the tendency of getting flat due to the strain associated with carrying a heavy load. This is also harmful as it might also lead to the swaying of your trailer.

Check the tires for wear

Do that before each of your trips. Also, make it a point to replace the trailer tire after every 3-5 years. If the tires already experience a lot of wear, then look for a replacement, which is a perfect match for the ones you have. If possible, spend extra cash on replacing all the tires of your trailer at once.

Check the tread blocks and sidewall regularly

You have to look for signs of damage when you are doing so. Note that you will be driving your trailer on all kinds of terrains. You may even expose it to rough or rocky areas frequently. Because of that, you need to inspect the tread blocks and sidewalls from time to time for signs of damage.

Also, check the caps and valves. Among the things that you should look for during the inspection are nails, bulges, cuts, and other signs of weathering and cracking. Note that while there are RV and trailer tires that are equipped with scuff guards to avoid sidewall damage, it is still crucial to do the inspection on a regular basis.

Inspect for visible problems

It is also necessary to monitor and examine the trailer tires for any visible problems. Such problems might include bald spots or cracks. It also involves areas wherein the belt starts to show through the rubber. Remember that you should never ignore these problems, even if you think that they are just minor.

It is because such issues are actually signs that the tires will malfunction anytime soon. Check for clear and obvious signs as well as those that are not that obvious, such as construction debris trapped in the tread as this might result in punctured tires during your trip.

Use a trailer tire pressure monitoring system

This system will give you a clear idea whether the trailer tire is already well-inflated or not. It features sensors that transmit details wirelessly about the level of inflation of your tire. It also gives you the chance to set an alarm as a means of alerting you in case there are dramatic drops in pressure.

The good thing about these monitoring systems is that they work in almost all sizes of trailer tires. They can also help prevent blowouts when you are on a trip.

Replace the trailer tires regularly

Note that in most cases, the trailer tires will be spent or worn out after five years regardless of how much you take care of them. Some tires, however, need to be replaced after around three years. To ensure that you replace them at the right time, inspect them regularly for signs of wear, like insufficient tread.

You can also increase the lifespan of tires a bit by ensuring that you remove and store them in blocks when you are not using your trailer. Also, make it a point to stash the trailer tires in a cool and dry place. One example is an insulated garage. Such will ensure that the tires will receive full protection from the harsh elements.

Final Review of the Best Trailer Tires

Searching for the best trailer tires and installing them in your trailer or recreational vehicle is crucial in keeping you safe while on the road. Avoid committing the mistake of purchasing the wrong one as such might only make you more prone to dealing with accidents.

If you are unsure which one to buy, you can always use this buying guide and review article to make you pick the right choice. Compare different trailer tires and spend time assessing their individual features and whether or not these are appropriate for your vehicle. Reading the best boat trailer tires reviews can also make you a more informed buyer.

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