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The 5 Best RV Dehumidifiers 2019: Knowing How to Select the Right One


If you are someone who loves to escape to the mountains or countryside in your recreational vehicle, then investing in the best RV dehumidifier is one of the most important things you should do. It lets your life on the open road for several days more convenient and safer.

Note that all the time that you spend in a small space can also cause the buildup of damp and condensation. Your RV serves as your second home, so it is where you cook, sleep, and shower if you decide to go on a trip on your RV.

Those activities, however, when done in a small and somewhat restricted atmosphere can cause the accumulation of water vapor in the atmosphere. Such results in the damage of your soft furnishings. Also, it can cause your supposed-to-be cozy travel trailer to cause some sort of discomfort.

There is even a great chance that it will cut your vacation time short, especially if the poor atmosphere inside your vehicle gets too uncomfortable and unbearable. What’s worse? Excessive humidity inside your RV can lead to health problems and breathing difficulties, especially to those who are suffering from asthma or allergies.

You can avoid such issues with a reliable RV dehumidifier around. Now the question is what is the best rated RV dehumidifier at present? Fortunately, we have compiled five of the best dehumidifiers today so you can at least make the comparison and decide which one offers you maximum benefits.

Comparison of RV Dehumidifiers




Our Rating

Frigidaire - Best of the Best



hOmeLabs - Editor's Choice







hOme Small - Best Bang for the Buck



Best RV Dehumidifier Reviews 2019

1. Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier (White) with Effortless Humidity Control - Best of the Best

I can say that the Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier performs well for those who are looking for the best dehumidifier that they can use for their RVs because of its ability to protect your space from mildew and molds caused by excessive amounts of moisture. It also works in getting rid of bacteria from the air, which triggers breathing difficulties.

With its 70-pint daily capacity, expect it to operate continuously provided you position the unit close to a compatible drain. It also boasts of its humidity control feature, which gives you full control on the percentage of humidity that your space should have. I would also like to highlight the portable design of the unit as it promotes ease of use.

Such design features a top handle as well as integrated handles on the side. It also comes with caster wheels that are helpful if you want to move the unit effortlessly from one room to another. I also find the energy efficiency of this dehumidifier to be above average considering the fact that it has a high rate of moisture removal.

Another remarkable fact about this dehumidifier from Frigidaire is that it has a visible water level. You can monitor the level of water inside the tank visually because of the built-in clear glass ring. It also features electronic controls that you can easily see even in dark areas. Such will give you information about the present humidity reading.

One downside of the unit is that its water tank is slightly below average when you think about its class size.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Protect your RV from mildew and molds caused by excessive moisture
  • thumbs-o-up
    Continuous operation – thanks to its 70-pint daily capacity
  • thumbs-o-up

    Built-in humidity control, giving you full control over the humidity’s percentage/level

  • thumbs-o-up
    Features caster wheels, letting you move the unit with ease
  • thumbs-o-up

    Easy to monitor water level

  • thumbs-o-up

    Comes with electronic controls that are easy to see even when it is dark

  • thumbs-o-down

    Slightly below average water tank when considering its overall class size

Overall, this 70-pint dehumidifier from Frigidaire continues to leave a good impression with its excellent performance.

2. hOmeLabs 9-gallon (70-pint) Dehumidifier - Editor's Choice

I also like to recommend the hOmeLabs 9-gallon (70-pint) Dehumidifier if you are hunting for the best dehumidifier for RVs today. With the ability of this unit to remove a max of 70 pints daily from the air, I’m really sure that it’s a great performer in the industry.

It sucks moisture efficiently and suits not only RV spaces but also basements, large rooms, and cellars. The dehumidifier also boasts of its Energy Star certification, which proves its ability to absorb moisture quickly and efficiently without significantly raising your energy bill.

Another noticeable feature in this unit is its sleek and clean appearance. I love the wheels and handles built into it, too. With such wheels and handles, moving the unit from one area to another is definitely effortless. The fact that the unit is very user-friendly is also a big advantage.

It does not have complicated operations. You can make adjustments to the moisture setting depending on which one you prefer then allow it to operate continuously for the 24-hr. cycle. It also comes with an auto-shutoff function, which means that it shuts off automatically when the tank gets full.

It also has a built-in pump compressor, which you can expect to work in getting rid of bacteria from the humid air. The result is reduced allergens and odor in your space. 

The reservoir of this unit is smaller when compared to the others, though, which might result in more frequent emptying.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Can remove up to 70 pints of what’s in the air, particularly moisture and allergens, daily
  • thumbs-o-up
    Suits not only RVs but also basements, large rooms, and cellars
  • thumbs-o-up

    Sleek and clean look

  • thumbs-o-up
    Energy-efficient – thanks to its Energy Star certification
  • thumbs-o-up

    User-friendly and straightforward operations

  • thumbs-o-up

    Comes with an auto-shutoff function

  • thumbs-o-down

    Smaller reservoir than the others, causing more frequent emptying

Still, you will never regret choosing this unit as it does a pretty good job in dehumidifying the air in your RV’s living space, thereby preventing you from getting too exposed to excessive moisture, allergens, etc.

3. Keystone KSTAD50B 50-pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

If what you are looking for is a less expensive unit, which delivers an excellent performance just like the other expensive dehumidifiers, then I can recommend the Keystone KSTAD50B 50-pint Energy Star Dehumidifier. I noticed that this unit from Keystone actually works fast in removing moisture while drawing the least power.

It is a strong dehumidifier, which can handle large spaces, including those that are around 3,000 sq. ft. It can remove a max of 50 pints water or moisture within a day. The fact that it can get rid of excess moisture can also help ensure that your space will be devoid of mold and mildew.

I particularly like the user-friendly electronic controls of this dehumidifier. There is also a clear and easy to read LED display, so rest assured that you can easily program the settings of the unit. There is also a 24-hour timer integrated into the unit, which lets you set it overnight, thereby facilitating 24/7 removal of moisture.

Another very favorable feature is the auto-defrost function, which promotes the automatic removal of frost accumulated on the evaporator coils. It also features a removable dust filter, which promotes ease of cleaning and maintaining the unit.

Furthermore, there’s a transparent water level indicator in the bucket, allowing you to keep track of the water level conveniently. The built-in rolling caster wheels also promote ease in transporting the unit.

One of its downsides, though, is that it has a smaller water tank when compared to other units. There is also a need to purchase or use an adapter with screws so you can make use of the gravity drainage.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Gets rid of moisture quickly while drawing least power
  • thumbs-o-up
    Can handle large spaces
  • thumbs-o-up

    Promotes 24/7 moisture removal – thanks to its 24-hr. timer

  • thumbs-o-up

    Equipped with an auto-defrost function

  • thumbs-o-up

    Convenient monitoring of water level – thanks to the transparent water level indicator found on the bucket

  • thumbs-o-down

    Smaller water tank than others

  • thumbs-o-down

    Gravity drainage still needs an adapter, which has screws

With the help of Keystone KSTAD50B, you’ll get the chance to use a portable dehumidifier specifically designed to get rid of excess moisture from air effectively.

4. Pro Breeze 1100 Cubic Feet, Portable Electric Dehumidifier

Another affordable dehumidifier that I can recommend is the Pro Breeze 1100 Cubic Feet, Portable Electric Dehumidifier. I find it a great choice because of its efficiency in removing moisture and dampness accumulated all throughout the year. It works well for up to 1100 cubic feet areas.

It has a compact size, which is beneficial as it means storing and positioning it in any place in your RV or living space is not that difficult. It won’t consume too much space. Sliding the unit against a wall without worrying about it diminishing its performance is also possible because of the air intake located in front.

It is highly portable and known for being lightweight without losing its efficiency and excellent performance. In addition, it makes use of the ultra-quiet Peltier whisper technology, so expect it to operate with the least noise. The unit also comes with a thermoelectric cooling system, which is the reason why it does not have a compressor.

It can get rid of a max of 9-oz. moisture daily – thanks to its water tank with a 16-oz. capacity. The built-in auto-shutdown feature is also a good thing as it promotes safety. There is also a bright indicator light, which you can expect to flash when the water stored in the tank reaches its full capacity.

One problem with the unit is that it takes longer for it to get rid of excess moisture when you compare it to other models, so there is a need to let it operate constantly.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Efficient in removing moisture and dampness
  • thumbs-o-up
    Boasts of a compact size, which means it won’t consume too much space
  • thumbs-o-up

    Highly portable and lightweight

  • thumbs-o-up

    Makes use of an ultra-quiet Peltier whisper technology, allowing it to run without noise

  • thumbs-o-up

    Equipped with an auto-shutdown feature

  • thumbs-o-down

    Takes longer to get rid of moisture

Overall, it’s a good choice for an RV dehumidifier because of its efficient performance, compact size, affordable price, and quiet operation.

5. hOme Small Dehumidifier - Best Bang for the Buck

Lastly, there is the high-performing hOme Small Dehumidifier (16-oz. Capacity), which works well for spaces that are around 150 sq. ft. I like the compactness of this mini-dehumidifier as it means that I’ll never have a hard time storing it in my RV or home. It has a 16-oz. or 500-ml tank.

Such tank can extra a max of 9 ounces of moisture every day, so it is really good for those with limited spaces, including RVs. It is also known for its impressive energy-efficiency. It is even equipped with a 25-watt ETL-certified adapter, which is helpful in preventing overheating, thereby promoting a safe operation.

In addition, it operates quietly – thanks to the built-in low-noise thermoelectric Peltier module. Equipped with an auto-shutoff function, there’s an assurance that the unit will shut off automatically. There is also a LED indicator light, which is triggered each time the tank is already full and the water is already ready for removal.

The fact that this is a portable unit is also a good thing, especially for RV owners who might need to install it then remove it occasionally if they are not in their RVs. It is lightweight, too, making it much easier to manage. 

Since this is a very small and compact unit, it might not be able to handle large spaces, which is its drawback.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Compact size, so storing it in your RV or home is easy
  • thumbs-o-up
    Ideal for those with limited spaces
  • thumbs-o-up

    Boasts of its high energy-efficiency

  • thumbs-o-up
    Prevents overheating, thanks to the 25-watt ETL-certified adapter
  • thumbs-o-up

    Operates with low noise

  • thumbs-o-up

    Equipped with auto-shutoff function

  • thumbs-o-down

    Can’t handle really large spaces

Provided you use it in small and limited spaces, I can say that this dehumidifier can perform well when it comes to removing a reasonable amount of excess moisture on a daily basis.

Types and Sizes of Dehumidifiers

Best RV Dehumidifiers 2018

When figuring out what the best RV dehumidifier in the market is, you have to check out the different types of it and its varying sizes. Gathering information about these factors can guide you in finding the one that suits your requirements and needs the best.

As for the types, your options actually include the refrigerant dehumidifier and the desiccant dehumidifier. The refrigerant type is preferred by many because it is also the one that’s commonly used at home. You can expect the refrigerant to perform its function by condensing moisture derived from the air.

The desiccant dehumidifier, on the other hand, is often water absorbent. This dehumidifier allows air to pass through after the rotor pushes it. It is smaller than the refrigerant and works only in those specific instances when it is necessary to take moisture out of a certain part of your RV, not the whole motorhome.

After knowing the types, it is also time to understand the different sizes of a dehumidifier. It should be noted that a few factors can contribute a lot to the unit’s overall size. When figuring out the perfect size for you, you also have to check how big your RV is.

Knowing the exact size of your RV will also help you find the perfect size of the dehumidifier for it. If you have a huge RV, then it is also important to look for a large dehumidifier as it plays a major role in boosting its efficiency, especially when getting rid of moisture from the air.

Also, take note that aside from the unit’s physical dimension, it is also important to consider the tank’s size. If you plan to install one in an RV, then a tank with a max of 30-pint capacity is already a good option. Such capacity is often enough as it already gives you quite a long time for the tank to get empty and require refilling.

RV Dehumidifier Buyer's Guide


Aside from the types and size of the dehumidifier, you also have to take into full consideration several other deciding factors – some of which are the following:

Space to dehumidify

One deciding factor when searching for the best dehumidifier for RV review is the exact amount of space that you intend to dehumidify. You need to know that as such will help you determine the specific capacity of the dehumidifier you have to buy.

The capacity is actually measured in pint, and it refers to the amount of moisture that your chosen top rated RV dehumidifier can take out of the air within a timeframe of 24 hours. You have to pick a unit, which is really designated for the space you plan to dehumidify as such ensures the best output.

Your choices often include small dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers, and those that have 30-pint, 50-pint, and 70-pint capacity.


Assess all the features integrated into the unit you are eyeing to buy, too. One of the best features that a dehumidifier can have is the humidistat as it works in measuring the level of humidity all the time. Such feature also switches it off automatically in case it reaches an optimum level.

There are also dehumidifiers equipped with laundry settings. It may not dry as fast as with an RV washer and dryer combo, but it will get the job done. By the continuous operation of this unit, you can expect the laundry setting to help you in drying your clothes faster. It would also be best to choose a unit with a timer. It lets you set it to perform its function for a preset period of time (usually a few hours a day.

When assessing the features, it is also important that you know exactly what you want from your dehumidifier. Such will let you know what specific features to look for.

Ease of installation

Another thing to check is whether or not the unit is easy to install. It would be best to look for a unit, which does not require excessive amounts of time and effort for it to set it up and start working.


Also, check the portability of the unit. You need a portable model, especially if you have no plans of camping or going on a trip on your RV too frequently in a year. With the portability of the unit, you can just store it in any other place conveniently in case you no longer need to use it.


The capacity of a dehumidifier refers to the specific amount of water it can hold. If you plan to take camping trips for just a week, then a large capacity is not an ideal option. However, if your trips often take longer than just a week, then go for one with a really large capacity, something that is capable of holding more water.


Another crucial factor that can greatly affect your buying decision is the noise level of the dehumidifier. Check the amount of noise that it can produce once it starts functioning. You can assess the noise level of the unit by checking the technical specification expressed in decibel (dB).

If it has a higher than usual dB, then it also means that it produces a loud sound. You need to go for one with a minimal operating noise so it won’t disrupt you especially once you fall asleep in your vehicle. If possible, go for any of those that feature innovative technologies that promote a whisper-quiet operation.


If your choice has digital controls, then make sure that such controls are really user-friendly. If possible, the controls should let you set certain humidity level based on category (ex. very dry or just dry). You should also be able to set it based on percentage.

You need user-friendly controls as it will give you more than enough power to make an adjustment to the operations. With that, you can address all the things that the unit is supposed to address, including major humidity challenges, such as a flood. It should also be able to handle just moderate preference in lifestyle, like slightly lower humidity.

Final Words

Buying the best RV dehumidifier is one of the best things that you can do, especially if you want to maintain a safe and comfortable living space in your RV. It can promote wellness. In addition, you have an assurance that it will continue to provide you with healthy and pleasant air quality, making your trip in your RV even more enjoyable.

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