Do you Need to Balance Trailer Tires

Did you ever experience a weird feeling of vibration, which tends to come out of your steering wheel during the time when you are cruising the highway? Have you also experienced that feeling when your vehicle seems to be shaking each time you pick up its speed? Do your trailer tires wear out faster than what you expected?

If you answered yes to all the questions above then it is greatly possible that it results from imbalanced tires. You have to deal with that situation right away as it might cause you to experience a rough ride while also trigger some serious, expensive, and harmful side effects.

So do you need to balance trailer tires? Of course, the answer is yes. Learn more about the benefits of this process through this article.

What is Trailer Tire Balancing?


Balancing your trailer tire actually involves tuning up your entire wheel and tire set. The goal of this process is to ensure that there is an even distribution of weight around the whole unit’s circumference. Note that an even or equal distribution of weight is crucial in ensuring that the tire rolls smoothly.

Such is a major help if you want the tires to wear evenly, too, and increase their lifespan. Tire balancing can also improve your comfort level while you are on the road. It is because it will prevent the tires from wobbling or hopping up and down, causing vibrations that are the usual issues when the tires are imbalanced.

What Does it Mean to Have an Unbalanced Trailer Tire?


​​​​It is important to note that the tires in your trailer get unbalanced in case they develop or produced a heavy spot of air. Such spot can have a major impact on the tire’s overall shape. It might also cause it to rotate in such a way that it is already out of sync from the remaining tires.

The result is increased wear, vibrations, and reduced fuel economy. In case of vibrations, you will most likely notice it when you go over 40 miles per hour speed. If it is the front tire, which is improperly balanced then the vibrations will most likely be felt in your steering wheel.

In case the rear tire is unbalanced then the tremor or vibration will most likely be felt in the floor or seat. One of the most common reasons for the imbalance in your tire is wear and tear. That holds true, especially if you often hit the road. It causes the tires to wear down, thereby affecting their overall performance and balance.

There is also a great risk for your tires to experience stress and pressure if you hit potholes or take a sharp turn. This might result in the tires getting unbalanced. Fortunately, this problem in balance is easy to correct.

Still, the whole process and work should be precise. It is possible to bring back the balance by adding small weights to the wheel.

Benefits of Balancing Trailer Tires​​​​​​

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Keeping the tires balancedBenefits-of-Balancing-Trailer-Tires

​​​​​​​​​​​Balancing your trailer tires is really necessary if you want to improve the performance of your vehicle. Here are just some benefits that you can attain from balancing it:

Low truck maintenance

Tire balancing is actually a major help in limiting the vibration in your trailer or truck. With that in mind, you can minimize the wear and tear all throughout its drive system.

This results in long-lasting wheels and tires. The rotors, cuffs, and other relevant components will also last longer. Well-balanced trailer tires can help ensure that they live 30% longer, thereby minimizing the amount that you will have to spend on your overall truck maintenance.

Improves reliability

Another benefit of balancing trailer tires is that it improves the reliability of your vehicle. It is mainly because your trailer will be well-maintained, which also results in its better performance. It will be less vulnerable to expensive breakdowns.

Raises fuel efficiency

Another advantage of balancing your trailer tires is that it works in increasing fuel efficiency. Remember that if your vehicle and its tires are not properly aligned then they will also be unable to work together as they should.

This might cause the engine of your vehicle to work doubly hard to propel forward. This might also reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This won’t be the case if you have your trailer tires balanced.

Lessens the risk of expensive repairs

Note that if you drive with a poor balance and alignment, some of the parts of your vehicle will wear prematurely and unevenly. Every time there is a bump in the road or you hit a pothole, there is a great possibility for your suspension and steering systems to take a hit, too.

If your tires are incapable of dealing with the impact evenly then it is also possible for some parts of the mentioned systems to take harder hits in comparison to the others. This might result in them breaking down sooner than expected. Their complete breakdown might also lead to costly repairs.

Promotes a smooth and safe ride

By balancing your trailer tires, you will notice that it starts to give you a smooth and safe ride. Remember that in case of a poor tire balance, your vehicle is also at risk of slightly drifting to the left and right even if you aim the steering wheel straight ahead.

The need to make constant adjustments to the steering just to overcompensate due to the poor alignment can actually be harmful, distracting, and exhausting for you. You can also expect the balancing of the tires to boost your safety because it will start to run better.

In addition, it prevents you from encountering unexpected vehicular issues that might cause you to get stranded on the road.

Increases your tire’s lifespan

Of course, your decision to balance your tires can also result in its longer lifespan. Note that the tires of your trailer are among the most vital and expensive components of your rig. If you do not take good care of them then they will be at risk of wearing out more quickly.

You can avoid the tires from wearing out too soon by regularly balancing the tires. Keeping the tires balanced and allowing all of them to work together harmoniously can be a big help in ensuring that they serve their purpose for as long as possible.


Improving the performance of your trailer is indeed possible by balancing its tires. It is a vital part of its maintenance. That’s why you really have to check your tires and have them balanced on a regular basis. Do that, especially if you already feel some vibration on the seat, floorboard, or steering wheel.

Balancing the best trailer tires is also necessary if you notice that they start wearing out unevenly. Once balanced and aligned, you will further enjoy your life on the road considering the fact that your vehicle will perform better and give you a safe and smooth ride.

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