If planning a road trip and other outdoor adventures with a recreational vehicle (RV) is your hobby, then one of the things you should own is a GPS unit. It’s important to have a GPS unit around, which is designed specifically for campers and RV drivers.

With a specialized GPS specifically designed for RV drivers, it would be much easier for you to plan your trip. You can also avoid the trouble of having to guess the exact location of certain RV-specific facilities. With the help of a GPS unit, there is also an assurance that you will arrive at your intended destination in a timely manner.

It also lowers your risk of getting lost. So are you now convinced that investing in the best RV GPS is one of the most significant things that you should do as an RV driver? Here are six RV GPS options you should consider checking out.

​RV GPS Comparison





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Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM



TomTom VIA 1625M 



Garmin RV 760LMT

– Best of the Best



Randy McNally

– Best Bang for the Buck



Garmin RV 770LMT

– Editor’s Choice



Garmin RV 760LMT



​Best RV GPS Reviews 2019

​1. Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM 7-Inch GPS

  • ​Brand new and high quality adjustable car windshield mount/desktop stand for Tablets PC/iPad/GPS//PDAs/DVD/TV (Non-OEM)
  • ​Ideal for RVs, Trucks, or Vans with deeper windshield.
  • ​Designed to hold devices from 7″ to 10.1″ screen. The bracket adjusts from 10.5cm-19.5cm (4.1-7.6-inch) in height /…

First on the list is the Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM 7-inch GPS. One thing I find favorable in this GPS navigator is its wide 7-inch screen. You can mount its large screen in your recreational vehicle or truck with the help of its heavy-duty and durable extension mount.

With its large screen, I can also assure you that the user interface is user-friendly. Another advantage is that it features a WVGA (800×480) resolution, making it possible for the map elements and the menu to look larger. With that, expect to see them even if they are situated far away from you.

​It also takes pride of its QuickSpell function, a very useful feature as it is known for reducing the amount of time it often takes for you to input a destination. The device also provides a customizable route for each RV profile and preferred navigation. In addition, the screen is based on the resistive touch technology, giving it a low touch sensitivity.

It has a fully functional windshield mount, which you can securely attach to the windshield with the aid of the suction cup known for its solid built. 

​The battery life of the unit is lower than expected, though, which is a drawback.

  • thumbs-o-upFeatures a 7-inch large screen, allowing you to see everything clearly even if mounted a bit far away
  • thumbs-o-upComes with a heavy-duty and durable extension mount
  • thumbs-o-upUser-friendly interface

  • thumbs-o-upBoasts of the QuickSpell function, reducing the time required in inputting a destination
  • thumbs-o-upLow touch sensitivity – thanks to the resistive touch technology used on the screen

  • thumbs-o-upFully functional windshield mount with a suction cup for a more secure attachment

  • thumbs-o-down​Low battery life

​The large screen and many functional and valuable features of the Magellan RoadMate RV9145-LM 7-Inch GPS are still among the major reasons why I can safely say that it is one of the best RV GPS navigators for RVs available today.

​2. TomTom VIA 1625M GPS Navigator

  • ​Clear and Easy Navigation with Advanced Lane Guidance Never miss a turn again with advanced lane guidance Get extra…
  • ​Touchscreen Display. 6-inch touchscreen display with split screen junction view
  • ​Free Lifetime Map Updates. Enjoy free map updates with the latest road changes for the life of your navigation Device at…

You might also want to check out TomTom RV GPS Navigator if you are on the hunt for the most reliable navigation systems you can install in your recreational vehicle. I think that one of the main selling points of this GPS navigator is its reasonably-sized screen, which is around 6 inches.

The 6-inch screen is large enough that it can provide users with plenty of on-screen options. It also boasts of an 800×600 pixel resolution. It lets you see things on the screen clearly with just a glance. It also features an integrated mount, which makes it possible for you to mount it on your dashboard or windshield.

A suction cup is also around to improve the stability of the mounted unit. One more impressive thing about this GPS navigator from TomTom is that it has lifetime traffic and map updates. In addition, it is preloaded with up to 7 million points of interest, including restaurants and banks.

You can also use this device in picking the route with the highest fuel-efficiency. It also serves as a good guide if you decide to travel on foot.

​There are drawbacks, though, like the lack of Bluetooth capacity and a multi-touch capacitive screen.

  • thumbs-o-up6-inch screen, large enough to offer several on-screen options
  • thumbs-o-upIntegrated mount provided, giving you the choice of mounting it either in your dashboard or windshield
  • thumbs-o-upGuaranteed stability – thanks to the presence of the suction cup

  • thumbs-o-upLifetime traffic and map updates provided
  • thumbs-o-upPreloaded with 7 million points of interest

  • thumbs-o-down​Does not have Bluetooth functionality and a multi-touch capacitive screen

​Despite the lacking advanced features, I still think that this deserves a spot in any list of the best RV GPS units considering the fact that it has an impressive screen size as well as more than enough resolution to let you see every little detail on the screen clearly.

​3. Garmin RV 760LMT GPS Navigator – Best of the Best

  • ​Large 7″ high-resolution touchscreen display: 800 x 480 pixels; WVGA TFT color display with white backlight
  • ​Specialized RV routing based on customizable restrictions including height, weight, width and length
  • ​Cautions and advisories include risk of grounding, lateral wind, narrow road, sharp curve, steep hill, tree overhand and…

If you are after portability, impressive performance, and functionality, then I’m quite sure that the Garmin RV 760LMT GPS Navigator will not disappoint. It is specifically designed for recreational vehicles and it works efficiently in mapping out the ideal route for you with the help of the latest road and traffic info.

The portability of this unit is also easily noticeable. Because it is portable, I am sure that you will never have a difficult time operating it. It is also possible for you to customize it based on the exact specifications of your vehicle. It also boasts of its large 7-inch, high-resolution display.

It comes loaded with over twenty thousand motorhome parks with various service locations stored in the unit’s memory. In addition, it has a Bluetooth functionality, making it possible for you to connect the GPS to your iPhone or Android.

It also comes with a voice-activated navigation, allowing the unit to respond intelligently based on your verbal commands. The fact that it comes with combined traffic receiver and power capable makes it possible for you to avoid traffic, too.

​There are some drawbacks, though, like the short battery life. You may also find it challenging to install the GPS as it is often dependent on how the dashboard is designed.

  • thumbs-o-upHighly portable, making it easy to use and operate
  • thumbs-o-upMaps out the ideal route using latest road and traffic info
  • thumbs-o-upCustomizable based on the exact specifications of RV

  • thumbs-o-upBoasts of a large 7-inch display
  • thumbs-o-upComes with a Bluetooth feature

  • thumbs-o-down​Short battery life

  • thumbs-o-down​Quite challenging to install

​Despite the drawbacks, Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator is still a good option as it has most of the things that you might need in planning for a safe and fun road trip.

​4. Randy McNally – Best Bang for the Buck

  • ​7″ HD Vibrant Display GPS Vehicle Navigation System
  • ​Truck-Specific Routing & FREE Lifetime Map Updates
  • ​Audio Out Capability & Customizable Warnings

I also suggest checking out the Garmin RV 660LMT GPS for your RV GPS needs. I find it impressive as it serves as a helpful and convenient guide for those who wish to travel and enjoy the freedom that the open road can offer. Such is possible with the help of its easy-to-read and user-friendly 6-inch display.

This is known for being just the right size that it comfortably fits an RV, truck, or car. It also provides routes depending on the road warnings and the dimensions of your vehicle. In addition, it has a directory of different RV parks and services.

One thing I like the most in this navigation system is the customized routing. All it takes to use this feature is to input the specifications of your vehicle. The unit will then use the specs, including the length, width, weight, and height of your vehicle, in finding the ideal and most efficient route for you.

This GPS navigator also comes with a handy map tool. You can use it in viewing upcoming elevation info regarding your route. It is even possible for you to tap on the info, which is useful in expanding the profile view and seeing the present and future elevation in more detail.

​With this info, you can fully prepare for steep grades on the route. One flaw, though, is on the sound of the audio, which is not loud enough.

  • thumbs-o-upEasy-to-read and user-friendly 6-inch display
  • thumbs-o-upFits RV, truck or car comfortably
  • thumbs-o-upUses road warnings and the dimensions and specifications of your vehicle to give you a more customized routing

  • thumbs-o-upFeatures a handy map tool
  • thumbs-o-upHelps you fully prepare for any steep grades found on your route

  • thumbs-o-down​Audio is not loud enough for some users

​Overall, this GPS unit has plenty of valuable and functional features while also featuring free maps and updates, so rest assured that it’s a good buy.

​5. Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S – Editor’s Choice

  • ​Large, high-resolution, 6.95″ edge-to-edge display is easy to see while navigating the open road
  • ​Custom RV routing based on size and weight of your RV or towable trailer. Hands-free features include Bluetooth…
  • ​Access free live traffic, basic weather and more – simply download the free Smartphone Link app to your compatible…

There are several things that I really like about the Garmin RV 770LMT – one of which is its 6.95-inch, large and high-resolution edge-to-edge display. With such a reasonable size for a screen or display, I am sure that seeing and checking out the things in it while you are navigating the road is a lot easier.

I find the custom RV routing provided by this unit impressive, too. Such is customizable depending on the weight and size of your vehicle. In addition, there are plenty of user-friendly and hands-free features that you can take advantage of, including the Bluetooth functionality, voice-activated navigation, and smart notification.

Another thing that the GPS system can do is to inform you about the best attractions present along the route you’re taking. With that, expect to have a fun, exciting, and interesting trip. It also makes it possible for you to access basic weather info, live traffic, and a lot more for free.

The fact that there is a Wi-Fi connectivity integrated into this navigation system also makes it possible for you to receive software and map updates regardless of the road or location you are traveling. That’s possible even if you don’t have a PC around.

​One common complaint about the unit, though, is that it is quite restrictive in terms of the route when setting it on RV mode. It does not come with an address book feature, too.

  • thumbs-o-up6.95-inch, large and high-resolution display
  • thumbs-o-upCustomizable routing based on the weight and size of your vehicle
  • thumbs-o-upPlenty of nice and modern features, including Bluetooth, smart notification, and voice-activated navigation

  • thumbs-o-upProvides information about the best attractions in your chosen route
  • thumbs-o-upWi-Fi connectivity provided

  • thumbs-o-down​Restrictive in route when you set it on RV mode

  • thumbs-o-down​Lacks an address book feature

​To conclude, Garmin RV GPS is a good GPS system for any RV owner and user with several features added to promote a safe and fun travel.

​6. Garmin RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

  • ​Large 7″ high-resolution touchscreen display: 800 x 480 pixels; WVGA TFT color display with white backlight
  • ​Specialized RV routing based on customizable restrictions including height, weight, width and length
  • ​Cautions and advisories include risk of grounding, lateral wind, narrow road, sharp curve, steep hill, tree overhand and…

Garmin RV 760LMT comes equipped with a wireless backup camera, which is one of the many things that you’ll surely enjoy in this unit. It also has a high-resolution touchscreen display, which comes in a large size of 7 inches. With this size, I’m a bit sure that it works well if you want to see things on its display clearly.

It also boasts of the most advanced and revolutionary features and technologies for its category. For one, it responds to spoken commands while also offering voice-engaged navigation. Using this feature makes it possible for you to continue focusing on the road ahead.

It has Bluetooth functionality, too, making it possible for you to connect it to a compatible device, like a tablet or smartphone. In addition, you can use it for hands-free calling considering the fact that it has a microphone and speaker.

The lifetime maps provided by this navigation system ensures that you’ll be updated on the latest data on the map, business establishments, roads, and other things that you might want to know when reaching to your destination.

The wireless backup camera of the GPS works in transmitting images wirelessly to the display, making it possible for you to find obstacles and vehicles right away.

​As for the downside, I noticed the poor installation instructions for the camera and the GPS, itself.

  • thumbs-o-upComes with a wireless backup camera
  • thumbs-o-upBuilt-in Bluetooth functionality
  • thumbs-o-upLifetime maps offered by the unit, which provides updates on latest data

  • thumbs-o-upResponds to spoken commands
  • thumbs-o-upHigh-resolution 7-inch display

  • thumbs-o-down​Restrictive in route when you set it on RV mode

​Once installed, though, you’ll be surprised at how useful this specific GPS unit is in making your life on the road a lot easier and more convenient.

​Why Do you Need an RV GPS?


A GPS unit serves as a really vital component of your RV. It lets you find places and the location of certain facilities. You can even use it in finding places that are new to you and still unfamiliar with. It is extremely useful in exploring the countryside, too.

While you may think that it is unnecessary because you can just use your smartphone, you still have to know that it works better than the latter. Yes, it is true that smartphones are fantastic gadgets to have around but there are cases when it is disadvantageous on your part to use them instead of an actual GPS unit.

One reason is that it is inconvenient to use your own smartphone as an RV navigation system considering the fact that its screen size is not the same as what the majority of RV GPS units have. It won’t be the case if you have the best GPS on your hand as it comes with a large screen, providing increased visibility, which promotes ease of navigation.

There is no need for you to think about it causing strain to your eyes. The best GPS units designed for RVs also come with navigation software, which features all the things that you need to navigate without hassle. It even has predictive lane change notifications, landmark navigation, text-to-speech feature, and much more.

Furthermore, having a GPS unit is necessary because it is made solely for the job of serving as an excellent navigation system. It won’t be like your smartphone, which you will most likely use for other things, too, causing a distraction.

Your smartphone also serves as your device to play music, contact your loved ones, browse the web, take pictures, etc. Because of the many things that you do with it, there is a chance that you will be distracted if you also use it as a navigation system. For your peace of mind and convenience, it would be much better to have an RV GPS around.

​RV GPS Buyer’s Guide


Now that you know how important it is to own an RV GPS unit, it is time to get an idea of what are the things, features, and factors to look for. Here are some of the most important ones that can have a significant impact on your buying decision:

​Screen size

One vital factor that should have a significant impact on your decision is the unit’s screen size. If you can afford it, I highly recommend going for a GPS unit with at least 5 inches of screen size. If possible, go for one with a 7-inch screen. However, take note that it also costs higher.

You need a reasonably big screen size; otherwise, you’ll have a hard time glancing at the displayed images. It might divide your focus since you’ll be driving and checking then double-checking the one displayed on the screen at the same time. Avoid a unit, which has a small screen size, especially if you are on the road on your own frequently.


Spend time assessing the GPS unit’s controls, too. Also, determine how easy it is to use the controls. Note that the interface of the unit contributes a lot to your buying decision. Keep in mind that fiddling with the unit is not as enjoyable as the entire trip that you are planning with your RV.

Go for those models with a touchscreen as they are less troublesome to use. It is mainly because there is no need for you to insert addresses or type in street names. However, check the loading time on the devices, too. Ensure that it does not take too much time for you to find what you are looking for once you tap it on the screen.

Make sure that your chosen GPS device is easy to use and operate, too. You should be able to navigate it with ease so you can easily find the route you wish to take and find all the necessary information about certain locations that you are interested in.

​Text-to-speech feature

An important feature or function of any GPS device is the text-to-speech so that’s also one of the things that you should look for during your search. It actually refers to a special function, which works by customizing the GPS system’s voice, informing you when to turn left or right.

It also informs you about the street or route to take. With text-to-speech, it would be easier for you to correlate indicators with the things that the audio tells you, making navigation and traveling much, much easier.

​The frequency of your trips

Consider how often you take trips with your RV when choosing a reliable GPS unit. Assess how often you’ll most likely use it. In case you often travel by plane and just use your RV for a road trip occasionally, then it would be not a good idea to spend a fortune on an expensive and fancy unit.

However, if you are using your RV too often for your trips, then it would be best to invest a bit more in the unit. Go for a more advanced one even if it is expensive, provided it has all the features you need while also giving you a guarantee of its long-lasting durability.

​Installation or mounting

Know whether or not it is easy to mount or install a specific GPS unit before buying it. In most cases, those devices that you can mount in the windshield come with a suction cup. Make sure that you go for one, which has a steady and angled arm, which helps ensure that the unit is attached to the cup.

Avoid the gooseneck arm as it has the tendency of vibrating when your vehicle is moving. Ensure that the unit is not hard to install then remove from its mounted position. It would be more convenient to find one, which you can easily snap into place or slide to remove.

​Predictive data entry

It is also advisable to find a GPS unit with a predictive data entry feature. It promotes ease in entering certain city names and addresses. This specific feature works with the aid of the touchscreen keyboard, which tends to highlight letters matching those locations that were already commonly searched.

With this, there is a guarantee that you can do your search quicker. It works quite similar to when you are typing some letters on your browser then you are presented with the commonly searched items with those first letters inputted. It’s convenient as you’ll just have to scroll down and pick the correct one.


Another thing that you have to spend time assessing is the memory capacity of the unit as it is important in improving its functionality. Note that a GPS device, which comes with a small main memory does not usually permit expansion. With that, it would be impossible for you to augment it with other features or add points of interest.

The ultimate solution for this is to look for a GPS device, which has a micro or SD slot. Such will make it possible for you to use almost all types and formats of memory. With a memory card slot around, loading additional points of interest and maps is easier.

If possible, go for a model, which is capable of storing more than the initial pre-loaded maps that come after your purchase. Ensure that there is more than enough excess memory, too.


​It is also advisable to go for a GPS unit, which is Bluetooth-enabled. It makes the unit capable of delivering a more impressive performance since you can pair it up with your smartphone then dial numbers hands-free. You can do all that with just one touch of the screen. Such ability makes the device more convenient to use.


Find out whether the unit you are planning to buy already has all the features and accessories you need for it to work based on what you initially expected. Does the overall price of the unit already cover important accessories, like cables, uploadable maps, cases, vehicle mounting brackets, etc.?

Do you still need to spend money on some of these accessories? Find out if everything or almost all of the things that you need are already in there so you can figure out whether it indeed provides excellent value for your money.

Final Words

Investing in the best RV GPS  is important for any RV driver and owner. With this unit around, you will gain assistance, especially when you are traveling to a new area. What’s good about the best GPS unit for RVs is that aside from letting you reach your destination, it also plots routes for you.

Expect it to provide turn-by-turn directions, too, often read aloud while also indicating your progress once you start driving on the indicated route. By having this unit installed in your RV, you will definitely enjoy utmost convenience when you are out there on the road.

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