WiFi refers to an amazing technology, which helps get rid of messy cables while giving users a lot of freedom when operating their tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices in a wireless manner. Take note, however, that WiFi is not only designed for homes and commercial establishments.

If you are an RV owner, you can also have your own WiFi connection installed in your vehicle. That way, you will always have something to entertain you. The problem lies in connectivity, though, especially if you are camping in a remote area.

The good news is that you can now buy a WiFi booster or extender, which is useful in improving connectivity. Finding the best WiFi booster for RV can double the fun linked to RV living.

What Is a WiFi Booster?

Also called a WiFi extender, a WiFi booster refers to a simple device, which is designed in such a way that it can capture an existing WiFi network then rebroadcast it. This can result in a more decent signal even if you are not close to the router. What’s good about this device is that it does not require extensive technical expertise for you to set it up.

All it takes is for you to isolate the specific spot where the signal is broadcasted from so you can point the antenna at that specific area where the signal is taken from. Once done, you can hook the antenna to the booster and enjoy a decent signal.

If you are planning to invest in a high-quality WiFi booster for your RV, then here are six products that are worthwhile to check out:

Best WiFi Boosters for RV

Which one will you choose for your internet on the road?

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Why Do you Need a WiFi Booster for RV?

There are plenty of reasons why a WiFi booster is essential for RV living. Note that at one point or another, you will need to have access to the internet while you are on the trip. It would be best for you to invest in a WiFi booster if you are someone who lives most of the time in your vehicle.

It is also essential if you need to work online while you are on your trip. With the help of this device, you can also gain access to the internet, which you can use to gather information about the present weather as well as for GPS purposes.

You can also use your access to the internet to communicate with your loved ones or to relax even further by listening to your favorite music, watching movies, and surfing the web. With the help of the installed WiFi booster, your access to the internet will no longer be limited.

More you need to know

It is because the booster can enhance the signal. If you use multiple antennas and couple these with one amplifier, then you can expect to gain and further enhance the internet signal. Such provides a much better reception for your PC.

Another reason for investing in a WiFi booster for RV is that it is actually not that hard to install. It is also very easy to use. All it takes is for you to plug it into a USB port of your PC then install the drivers that often form part of the featured CD.

Just position the booster in a way that it faces the transmitter. You may also utilize a USB extension cord, which is helpful if you want to put the device really near the transmitter. Such ensures a much better signal.

WiFi Booster for RV Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a WiFi booster for RV internet, it would be best for you to examine the existing router. If it is already several years old, then you may want to consider buying a new router as it is a more effective solution.

However, if the router you are using is not yours, or if your router is still new and you think that the only way that can solve the connectivity issues is the booster, then make sure that you invest in one considering these 6 vital tips:

1. How compatible it is with your existing WiFi?

Make sure to look for a WiFi booster, which can support your present router and WiFi connection. It would be pointless to buy a fancy booster if your existing router is incapable of supporting it. Before buying, find out the specific standard supported by your router first.

Also, take note that speeds are often displayed in the form of Mbps. What you have to remember, though, is that the booster should be compatible with the router. It would not be a good idea to get a device, which supports a speed that is faster than the one supported by your present router.

Remember that the purpose of the booster is that it only rebroadcasts its received signal that’s why you really have to make sure that you check its compatibility.

2. Security

Your chosen WiFi booster should also have high standards in terms of security. What you have to look for is the recently introduced version, which guarantees WiFi protected access. It comes in the form of WPA2-PSK (AES).

Such provides an encryption technique, which prevents someone who does not have the password of your network to connect to it. However, if your present router does not support AES or WPA, then you may want to consider upgrading it first before buying the booster.

3. Design

The good thing about the best WiFi boosters for RV is that they are available in different designs. However, it is easy to break them up into two major aesthetic design categories. One is that WiFi booster composed of tiny plastic blocks. You will have to plug these blogs into a wall outlet directly.

They are also equipped with a few LEDs as a means of showing power and the strength of the signal. The other category is the best RV WiFi repeater, which resembles routers a lot. It often has an aerial and its own power supply.

The first category of the extender is usually less noticeable. However, ensure that you buy one that perfectly fits along with the things in the wall where you decide to plug it directly to as there are models that are bulky. If you want a WiFi booster with more features, though, then consider going for the second one.

4. Antenna

Even if you decide to use a WiFi booster, sometimes it is not enough to maintain a good internet connection. To make sure that you are all set and ready to travel with your RV, try to get a WiFi booster that comes with a good antenna. To figure out which is the best WiFi Booster for your RV you will have to get the one that has good coverage overall. Even if the device is supposed to have a 1200 ft range you should also check the dBi.

dBi refers to decibels measured against an isotropic reference antenna. They usually indicate how effective the antenna of your wifi is. Outdoors antennas have a range of 15 to 24 dBi while a WiFi router antenna has in between 4 and 9 dBi. A WiFi router antenna with a range from 5 dBi can cover around 500 ft while a 9 dBi one can cover around 1200 ft.

Also, keep in mind that just because the dBi goes higher it doesn’t really mean that it will help you. While a high dBi allows you to reach a higher range, it also narrows your field down. Think about light, you can use sunlight during the day just for light, or you can amplify the power of sunlight with a magnifying glass to scorch a certain spot. As a result, you will create a beam that will draw in powerful signals, but that’s it you will have to make sure that the device is well positioned all the time. With less dBi, you will have a shorter beam but it will operate on a wider scale.

5. Additional Features

It is also a must for you to check the additional features offered by the WiFi booster prior to buying. That way, you will know which one makes for a really great investment. One of the extra features that often form part of a WiFi booster is the Ethernet port. It could be just one port or more than one.

The Ethernet port is helpful as it gives you the opportunity to plug in a device that has a wired connection. This results in better speed while also minimizing the specific number of gadgets and devices that attempt to connect wirelessly. There are also WiFi boosters or extenders that provide audio streaming capabilities.

These boosters are often equipped with a port, which you can use to connect headphones or speakers. With that, you have the option of choosing and streaming music from your laptop or smartphone.

Find out what specific features are present in the booster so you can decide which one can really support your needs the most.

6. How easy it is to connect

You also have to check whether or not the WiFi booster you have chosen supports ease of connection. In most cases, it is important for you to learn the SSID or network name of your router and the key or password if you want to start setting up the connection.

You can usually find these details on the underside or back of the router. If you want to have an easier time connecting, then go for the best RV WiFi antenna and repeater, which provides a WiFi protected setup. Such a setup promotes ease of connection. All you have to do is to press the router’s button then the wireless booster’s button.

Doing that will allow both devices to connect. In this case, you can expect your router to transmit valuable data to the booster, giving it the chance to reconnect effortlessly in the future.

What else?

Aside from the factors already mentioned, you have to ensure that you study the prices of each WiFi booster introduced to you. Also, take note that you can choose to buy refurbished, used, or new products. When buying, make it a point to spend time reading all the descriptions carefully.

That way, you will know whether a specific device is capable of providing you with what you need. Ensure that you filter your choices based on the features you need, the specific connection you wish to generate, and your budget. There is no need to exceed your budget when looking for a reliable WiFi booster.

Final thoughts

Finding the best WiFi booster for RV can definitely help you gain connectivity wherever you decide to go. This is a big help for RV owners, like you, who are always on the go. With the WiFi booster around, you will no longer be stressed about the limited connection and signal provided by your WiFi.

That said, you can always connect to the internet no matter how remote your location is and use it based on your desired purpose.

Things to consider

Make sure that you do not confuse a cell booster with a WiFi booster. The difference between the two of them is that a cell signal comes from a cell tower directly, meaning that as long as there is a tower it will boost the cell signal. However, WiFi boosters are good when it comes solely to wifi, they will boost the signal you get from a router. Due to this, they are a good gadget when you travel to an RV friendly place. Also, WiFi boosters boost the signal strength not the internet speed.

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