The tires of your recreational vehicle or motorhome play a vital role in keeping you safe and ensuring that you have a convenient time while on the road. Such tires hold a huge vehicle and offer a vital contact patch each time its rubber literally hits or meets the road.

In addition, such tires also provide the right amount of fiction required for you to get going while also having enough grip when it’s time to stop. They are vital components of your suspension system considering the fact that they offer enough cushion between uneven road surfaces and the cargo and facilities inside your home on the road.

With that, it is crucial to ensure that your tires continue to meet all the specifications in terms of shape, sidewall structure, size, nun-rubber components, and rubber compounds designed to offer enough grip, durability, and strength. Such construction traits are crucial for the tire to continue having more than enough load capacity.

It should also have proper tire inflation. You have an assurance that the tires of your recreational vehicle have all that if you invest in and install the best RV tire pressure monitoring system. So what are the best RV TPMS reviews today? Here are five of the most reliable systems you can try.

Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reviews (TPMS) 2019

1. Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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I find Bellacorp Tire Monitoring System ideal for an RV because it provides real-time data when it comes to the pressure and temperature of your tires. It also gives details about the suspension air bags. It works by notifying drivers right away through an alarm in case the pressure becomes excessively high or low.

Expect to hear the alarm, too, in case the temperature goes beyond 195 degrees. I find the system favorable as it makes use of a cap-style sensor, which also features a set screw anti-theft lock. Such anti-theft caps are known to have a secure fit, lowering risks of air leaking.

It has sensors included in the kit but you can purchase additions ones in sets of two. I noticed that such sensors operate with the aid of a replaceable battery, which is accessible once you remove the sensor cap. I also love the disconnect function integrated into the system.

Another nice feature of this tire pressure monitoring system is its ability to handle up to 3-feet depth when submerged in water. It comes with a monitor with a large enough display, showing pressure and temperature accurately and clearly.

It also boasts of its simple user interface as well as a straightforward setup process, especially when installing the sensors.

One thing I don’t like about the system, though, is that it has larger screws on sensors in comparison to the others, making them quite troublesome to use.


  • Provides accurate readings on temperature and tire pressure
  • Gives instant alarms in case of too low or high pressure and temperature
  • Low risk of air leaks – thanks to the secure anti-theft caps
  • Features a monitor with large display
  • Simple user interface


  • Screws for the sensors are larger than usual

Overall, it is a reliable RV tire pressure monitoring system, which provides full-time and real-time information regarding the temperature and pressure of your tires, thereby ensuring your safety on the road.

2. EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Best of the Best

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What I instantly noticed about the EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System is its LCD screen, which is large enough that everything that it shows on it can be clearly seen. It also comes with a backlit, which is a huge help, especially if you want to see the readings clearly even if you’re driving at night or in the dark.

It has six sensors and is capable of monitoring up to twenty-two tires. The sensors and monitor come with a long range in between them, making the system capable of monitoring up to a max of 210 psi. It also works by sequentially cycling through each tire while also updating you almost every five minutes.

The sensors can also be screwed and fitted securely right at the end of the tires’ valve stem. I find this tire pressure monitoring impressive, though, because it has an anti-theft device installed on all its sensors. This system also features a suction cup mount, which you can use to install the monitor on your dashboard.

It also boasts of its built-in lithium battery (rechargeable) as well as its ability to provide audible and visible alerts when necessary.

However, the waterproof housing makes it a bit difficult to unscrew the sensors, which is a disadvantage. Setup or installation process also takes more time than necessary.


  • Large LCD screen, which displays all readings and data clearly
  • Features a backlit so expect to see what’s on the screen clearly even if it’s dark
  • Sends updates every five minutes
  • Sensors screw and fit securely
  • Provides audible and visible alerts all the time


  • A bit hard to unscrew the sensors due to the waterproof housing
  • Takes time to set up or install

To conclude, this product comes with most of the features that a decent tire pressure monitoring system should have, so it’s definitely worth checking out and investing your money in.

3. RV 6-tire Flow-Through Sensor TPMS – Best Bang for the Buck

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One of the most impressive things I’ve seen in the RV 6-tire Flow-through Sensor TPMS is the built-in flow-through sensor. It operates with the aid of a replaceable battery, which also comes with features that can help you secure it, thereby preventing it from getting lost or being subjected to theft.

The sensor is also known to refill the tire without having to remove the sensor. Another feature I find favorable is the monitor. It is portable and works using a rechargeable battery. It also works efficiently when it comes to showing information about tire temperature and pressure. You can conveniently mount the monitor in the dashboard.

It is a good system to install in your RV as it immediately gives alerts regarding any abnormal position of the tires. The system also reports other important things, like high and low-pressure levels of the tires. It sends such alarms with the help of its red light and alarm icons. It also issues an audible warning.

There is also a lightweight external cap sensor integrated into the system, making it convenient to use and install. It is also known for being waterproof. What’s more? It gives you the freedom to make adjustments on the thresholds for the monitor’s warning.

The fact that the signal of the sensor features a long range also makes it unnecessary to buy and install a signal booster. You may have a difficult time installing it on the inner parts of the tire, though.


  • Features a flow-through sensor, which you can use in refilling the tires without removing the sensor
  • Portable and makes use of a rechargeable battery
  • Shows accurate information about tire temperature and pressure
  • Gives alerts about important things immediately, including abnormal positioning of tires and their high and low pressure
  • Lightweight and waterproof


  • Quite difficult to install on the tire’s inner parts

For its price, this system designed to monitor tire pressure works efficiently and has most of the qualities and features required for the job.

4. TireMinder A1A Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Editor’s Choice

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This review article will not also be complete if I don’t include the TireMinder A1A TPMS. One nice thing about this product is it has a large and nice display. It is also designed in such a way that it serves as a simple but highly powerful tool that helps in monitoring the conditions of the tire regardless of the road you’re taking.

I like the straightforward visual and powerful audible alerts of this unit. It also displays icons that you can easily understand, giving you a clear idea of the specific type of issue that’s happening right at the moment and its exact location.

It is a versatile system in the sense that it can handle different types of vehicles and modes of transportation, including RVs, coach, and boat trailers. The system is also capable of monitoring a max of twenty-two tire positions with a constant 4-minute update cycle.

With that, expect to receive updates on the readings every 4 minutes. In addition, the system also works efficiently in doing a self-diagnostics every five seconds. With that, expect to receive an instant warning in case of unstable conditions of the tire. It also gives you instant alerts if the temperature of the internal tire goes beyond 167 degrees F.

I’m not fond of the built-in antenna, though, as it’s a bit flimsy, making it prone to breakage. You can prevent it from breaking by taking extra caution when using it.


  • Features a large and nice display
  • Works efficiently in monitoring tire conditions regardless of the road you’re exposed to
  • Straightforward and powerful visual and audible alerts
  • Easy to understand icons on the display
  • Provides readings and updates every four minutes


  • Antenna is a bit flimsy

With the aid of this system, you’ll obtain peace of mind since you can wind through and handle all types of roads and hidden paths while keeping yourself safe and maintaining the good condition of your vehicle.

5. VICTONY Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reviews

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One thing that’s so impressive about the VICTONY TPMS is the fact that it really works as a high-tech system known for its top-quality performance and features. It makes use of chips designed to provide real-time and accurate monitoring. Expect it to be capable of providing a high level of security then.

I like the OLED display used in this unit. Such display can show the pressure levels of all tires clearly on the monitor. There are also four built-in sensors into the system with each one being capable of detecting low or high temperature, air leakage, and low or high tire pressure.

It also comes equipped with a suitable alert data. The monitor of the unit can send you alerts right away in case of abnormal temperatures and flashes. Such alerts come in the form of flashes and beeps.

Another thing I like is the fact that it is possible to customize the alert data. Aside from being easy to install, it does not only involve complicated functions. In addition, it works very well for long trips or travel. It runs on solar power, too.

However, expect it to function less favorably when used on extremely large vehicles.


  • Uses advanced technology to improve its performance and features
  • Provides real-time and accurate monitoring, keeping you safe all the time
  • OLED display, which clearly shows pressure levels as well as other important info
  • Detects issues, like low or high temperature, air leakage, and low or high pressure – thanks to the 4 built-in sensors
  • Permits the customization of alert data


  • Less favorable when used on extremely large vehicles

Overall, this system is guaranteed to be worth your money because of its accuracy, good construction, ease of installation, and clear instructions.

Benefits of the Best TPMS for RV


There are many things that a tire pressure monitoring system for RV can do, which is one of the main reasons why it would be ideal for you to invest in a good and reliable one. One of its main functions is to give you a warning in case one or more of your RV tires are already underinflated.

Such makes the system a really valuable component of your RV as underinflated tires mean that they no longer have sufficient air for driving safely, resulting in unsafe driving situations. With the help of a tire pressure monitoring system, you will know right away if the tires in your RV are still in good condition that you can drive safely.

Another benefit of having this system around is that it increases MPG (miles per gallon) of your vehicle. It is because of the proper tire inflation, which results in max MPG. Note that if your tires are underinflated and you’re driving with such condition, then you’ll be at risk of burning more gasoline than necessary.

Since the system monitors and maintains the tire pressure well, you can definitely save on cost while also lowering your fuel consumption significantly. A tire pressure monitoring system is also helpful as there is no need for you to do tire pressure readings manually with it around.

There is no need for you to monitor the tire pressure constantly using manual gauges. This is less bothersome on your part as there is no need for you to kneel down to the tires, remove the valve stem cap, then insert the pressure gauge. The system does the monitoring automatically for you.

Having a tire pressure monitoring system installed in your RV can also increase its value while also letting you enjoy better rates on insurance. It is mainly because of the high level of safety that this system offers. With that, expect to be required to pay for lower insurance premiums than before.

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System Buyer’s Guide

Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you want to find the best RV tire pressure monitoring system reviews, then make it a point to invest in one based on these essential factors:


Remember that there are actually a couple of types of this system. The first one is direct while the other one is indirect. Your choice between the two can have a major impact on your overall decision, as well as its performance on your vehicle.

The direct monitoring system works by measuring air pressure directly using an inner tube sensor place within the tire. It actually gives you the ability to make adjustments to the pressure, which is known as standard to the receiver.

Aside from that, many consider it as a good option as it offers an immediate alert in case the pressure becomes lower than the preset one. The indirect tire pressure monitoring system, on the other hand, measures the pressure in an indirect manner as it uses other facets of the performance of the vehicle to figure out if it has an extremely low pressure.

It does not have built-in physical sensors. As an alternative, it comes with a speed sensor, which works using an anti-lock brake system. Although it’s often priced lower, bear in mind that it is not also accurate most of the time and is incapable of detecting underinflated tires.

Both types, however, are designed to alert or inform RV owners and drivers in case the total pressure drops at an abnormally low level.


Another essential factor to consider when hunting for the best and most reliable RV tire pressure monitoring system is the battery. Such is extremely important, especially if you’re someone who loves adventures. The battery should be made in such a way that it won’t get damaged when exposed to too much heat.

If possible, go for those that use rechargeable batteries that are heat-resistant as those are known to be more convenient than the others. You might also go for the standard Li-ion batteries or those with solar batteries.


You should also go for a system with a nice display, one that shows icons without giving you a hard time comprehending them. It should display readings in English text as well as icons that are easy to comprehend. You need an easy to read display as it makes it more convenient to use.

Furthermore, it should have a minimum of two indications lights. For instance, there should be a red light, which serves as a signal in case of an emergency. The display should also be big and bright enough that you can clearly see the readings and data even if it is already dark.

Installation Process

Find out whether the process of installing the system is something that you can do yourself. If not, then it would be best to look for another one. It should not have complex components as well as take a lot of your time and energy during the installation process.

If possible, go for a tire pressure monitoring system, which already comes with a complete installation kit. Such will ensure that you can install it anytime without requiring too much of your time and effort. Aside from being easy to install, you should never have a hard time operating it, too.

Go for a user-friendly system. In addition, you know that it is a good one if it delivers results right away and any time it is needed.


Of course, you want to go for an affordable system. However, it should not serve as the only factor that will contribute to your decision. You may increase your budget a bit, especially if you want to install a system created using high-quality materials. However, it does not mean that the cheap ones don’t perform just as well as the others.

What you have to do is to compare the prices and then the features and specifications of different products. The price should be able to correspond well to what the product promises in terms of features, performance, specifications, and functions.


You need a highly durable tire pressure monitoring system – one that can perform its function of alerting you about the condition of the tires and if they are already underinflated for a long time. In addition, look for a system, which is durable enough that it can withstand harsh conditions and environments, like excessive heat.

Aside from the already mentioned factors, it would also be best to check out the reviews and feedback on a particular product prior to buying. Such reviews will give you an idea whether a product is worth buying and if it has a high user satisfaction rating.


Investing in the best RV tire pressure monitoring system can help you enjoy your life and adventures on the road. It is because it gives you real peace of mind. You know that you are safe since it constantly monitors the condition of your tires. With that, there is no need for you to worry about your RV shutting down on you unexpectedly.

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