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Best RV Tires for Motorhome,Travel Trailer or Camper 2019

Owning and driving a recreational vehicle is actually a good thing. It lets you relax and unwind while also letting you discover different parts of the world as well as wonderful sceneries you never expected you will be able to reach before.

However, it would not be possible for you to experience all these wonderful things if your RV does not have the best RV tires. Note that the best travel trailer tires to buy are those that can’t only help you arrive at your intended destination but also ensure that you are safe while on the road.

That said, it is advisable to pick RV tires that are capable of handling the road you are planning to take. Once you have chosen the best RV trailer tires for your unique requirements, it is necessary to do something to maintain their excellent shape and condition so they will serve their purpose for a long time.

If you are still unsure about what tire to buy for your RV or trailer, then checking out the following products might help you a lot:

Comparison of RV Tires




Our Rating

Goodyear Unisteel – Best of the Best



Michelin XPS RIB – Editor’s Choice



Road Warrior



Bridgestone – Editor’s Choice






Dunlop Grandtrek



Boto Tyres – Best Bang for the Buck






Maxxis M8008



Trailer King



Best RV Tires Reviews 2019

1. Goodyear G614 Unisteel RST Radial Tire Best of the Best

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Goodyear RV tires should be included in your list of reliable choices if you want to invest in the most reliable RV tires. One of the produces from the Goodyear brand that, I think, you should check out is the G614 Unisteel RST Radial Tire.

One of the many things I like about this RST radial tire is that it is built to handle even the most demanding trailer applications. In fact, it is made using heavy-duty materials while also being equipped with innovative features designed to improve its performance and prolong its usability in road and highway applications.

This tire from Goodyear also takes pride in its shallow tread patterns and improved rib stability – both of these qualities can minimize the running temperature of the tire while also ensuring that even wear patterns will be detected.

I also noticed that this tire boasts of reinforced rubber compounds, lateral grooves, and rib edge sipes – all of which can work together in encouraging excellent traction when using it in both dry and wet conditions. Also, you can access its different sizes when you are planning to purchase it, making it possible to find the perfect fit for your rig.

However, take note that it is quite pricey but rest assured that it is still a good buy as it a tire that can support even those heavy trailers.

  • thumbs-o-upBuilt to withstand even the most demanding and the harshest trailer applications
  • thumbs-o-upHeavy-duty construction while having plenty of innovative features
  • thumbs-o-upMinimum running temperature and even wear patterns
  • thumbs-o-upExcellent traction when exposed to dry and wet conditions
  • thumbs-o-upAvailable in several sizes
  • thumbs-o-downPricey

Despite the higher price tag of Goodyear G614 Unisteel RST Radial Tire when compared to the others, it is still beneficial for potential buyers considering the fact that it has a heavy-duty construction while also having the ability to cope with harsh and demanding conditions on the road. It is also compatible with several trailer applications.

2. Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire Editor’s Choice

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If you want to invest in the best Michelin RV trailer tires, then the brand’s XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire will never cause a disappointment. In my opinion, it is one of those Michelin RV tires that can deliver an impressive performance once you start driving on the road.

One advantage of this radial tire from Michelin is that it is mainly built for various wheel sizes and vehicles. All it takes for you to pick the right size is to check the size chart or inform the seller about the model of your vehicle. Doing such will give you an assurance that the most accurate size of the tire will be delivered to you.

Another reason why I find this radial tire impressive is that there is a guarantee that it can provide a long wear life. I think it is mainly because of the strength of its steel casing.

It is also considered as the best value per mile of the brand due to its low rolling resistance, which ensures users of better fuel economy.

In addition, its rib tread design is long-wearing. It also promotes a long-lasting durability considering the fact that it showcases the strength and sturdiness of reinforced steel construction.

The tread design used in the tire also boosts its cornering stability and traction, especially when exposed to wet and dry road surfaces.

However, it is not constructed to work well on ice and snow, which is one of its notable flaws.

  • thumbs-o-upBuilt for various wheel sizes and makes of vehicles
  • thumbs-o-upLong wear life, thanks to its highly durable and strong steel casing
  • thumbs-o-upLow rolling resistance, providing a guaranteed of its better fuel economy
  • thumbs-o-upEquipped with an all-steel, reinforced construction, making it strong and sturdy
  • thumbs-o-upFeatures a tread design, which improves the tire’s cornering stability and traction
  • thumbs-o-downNot ideal for use on surfaces with ice and snow

Overall, this RV trailer tire from Michelin is a good buy as it is built to provide an excellent wet or dry traction and handling while also having the capability of hauling heavier loads with ease.

3. ROAD WARRIOR 11R22.5 Steer Radial Tires

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If you are planning to invest in the best RV tires for Class C applications or for any other classes then the 11R22.5 Steer Radial Tires from Road Warrior are ideal choices for you. Buying this product lets you obtain two 16-ply heavy-duty tires. These radial tires from Road Warrior also work well for recreational vehicles, buses, trailers, and heavy trucks.

One thing I like about the tires is their reliability. They are reliable enough while still being offered at a reasonable price. It is not offered at the usual Class A RV tires cost, which is a bit high. In fact, you will find it affordable for the many features it offers and things that it can do.

It is a heavy-duty tire with a high load capacity, around 6,600 lbs. for single and 5,995 lbs. for dual. It also continues to leave a good impression with its good grasping capability designed to enhance your level of safety on the road.

In addition, it is suitable for use on all kinds of roads while also boasting of its excellent sideslip resistance. Note that you can also find different sizes for these tires, so it is always possible to select one, which is appropriate for your rig.

It also has a nice thread pattern with a highly durable rubber. One problem, though, is that it will not work on cars.

  • thumbs-o-upSuitable for RVs, buses, trailers, and heavy trucks
  • thumbs-o-upHighly reliable tires while being offered at a reasonable price
  • thumbs-o-upMade to be heavy-duty with a high max load capacity
  • thumbs-o-upGuarantees your safety while on the road with its excellent grasping capability
  • thumbs-o-upFeatures a nice thread pattern and highly durable rubber
  • thumbs-o-downNot appropriate for cars

With the heavy-duty and reliable nature as well as the high max load capacity of ROAD WARRIOR 11R22.5 Steer Radial Tires, it is definitely safe to say that your money will not be put to waste if you invest on it and install it in your vehicle.

4. Bridgestone Duravis M700 Radial Tire Editor’s Choice

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If what you are searching for is an on or off-road tire for your commercial traction truck or RV, then I highly recommend the Bridgestone Duravis M700 Radial Tire. One essential quality of this radial tire is its versatility and functionality, especially when used in commercial applications.

It is a big help for drivers who handle multipurpose and full-sized pickups, sport utility vehicles, commercial vehicles, vans, RVs, and trailers. I think that this radial tire does an excellent job of offering a high level of traction in recreational areas, job sites, as well as on the highway.

One of the things I like the most about this radial tire from Bridgestone is that it can offer traction both on the road and off-road, whether the condition is dry, wet, or wintry.

It can also handle light snow. It has an aggressive symmetric design for its tread, too. Such makes use of notched shoulders and tread blocks to guarantee proper handling no matter how poor the weather is.

Note, though, that these tires are made specifically for certain wheel sizes and vehicles, so you have to determine first the specific size you need before putting in your order. Rest assured that regardless of the size you need, you can find one from this radial tire model offered by Bridgestone.

I am also impressed with the structure of the tire as it features twin steel belts that use a spirally wound nylon for its reinforcements. Such works in boosting the tire’s ability to resist punctures and bruises.

One noticeable drawback, though, is that the wheel is not included when purchasing this tire. It is also not that suitable when used on very heavy snow.

  • thumbs-o-upHighly versatile and functional, especially when used in commercial applications
  • thumbs-o-upProvides a high level of traction in recreational areas, job sites, and highways
  • thumbs-o-upCan handle dry, wet, and wintry conditions
  • thumbs-o-upAvailable in many different sizes
  • thumbs-o-upCan resist punctures and bruises with its reinforced twin steel belts
  • thumbs-o-downNot that suitable when used on extremely heavy snow
  • thumbs-o-downNo wheels included

While you will encounter some flaws in this radial tire from Bridgestone, it is still safe to say that it is one of those tires that delivers a really impressive performance on and off-road. It even delivers a good traction in almost all types of weather conditions, thereby promoting your safety.

5. Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15 REINFORCED Trailer Truck Tire

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Another of the best RV tires that you should include in your list of choices is the Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15 REINFORCED Trailer Truck Tire. You will never be disappointed with these 8-ply RV trailer tires from Gladiator as they are built to be really heavy-duty.

Such heavy-duty design and construction make it appropriate for use on even the most demanding applications. I like the fact that this trailer truck tire is steel-belted as it also means that it boasts of its extra weight capacity. This means that it can handle more load. In fact, it is capable of holding up to 2,150 lbs.

Make sure that you check what size of this trailer truck tire fits your vehicle before buying. The good news is that just like the other tires, you can also choose from its different sizes. With that, you are sure that you can select the accurate size for your RV or trailer.

Due to the fact that it is a reinforced trailer truck tire, I am also pretty sure that it can work even under heavy loads. It can maintain its stability, thereby increasing your safety while driving on the road.

It also boasts of its balanced footprint and its ability to perform well under wet conditions.

However, just like the previous tire reviewed above, it is not appropriate for use on cars. It works on trailer trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, only.

  • thumbs-o-upBuilt to be heavy-duty, making it suitable for even demanding applications
  • thumbs-o-upSteel-belted, which means that it has an extra weight capacity
  • thumbs-o-upReinforced allowing it to work well even under heavy load
  • thumbs-o-upHighly stable, which can ensure your safety on the road
  • thumbs-o-downNot appropriate for cars

Overall, it is a highly impressive reinforced trailer truck tire considering the fact that it is built using heavy-duty materials, allowing it to handle even the roughest conditions.

6. Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 All-Season Tire

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I think one of the main reasons why the Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 All-season Tire impresses RV and trailer owners is its aggressive tread design, which works for all seasons. It comes with circumferential grooves capable of pumping away water. In addition, it has sipes that help during snowy conditions.

It also boasts of its rib-shift design and tread arrangement, which promotes better tread wear as well as minimal road noise. It also features deep lateral grooves and an open-shoulder design, increasing its ability to deliver an excellent traction with ease regardless of the weather.

Another reason to love this tire is it is capable of traveling quietly and safely through city streets. This tire also makes use of a dimensionally stable polyester material, which does not only promote uniformity but also a comfortable and smooth ride.

It makes use of the VersaLoad technology, too, making it capable of boosting the stability and wear of the tire regardless of the load condition. It has an undeniable traction, allowing it to work in several driving situations.

However, note that some noticed that it can’t handle curve driving that well even when driven at a normal speed.

  • thumbs-o-upFeatures an aggressive tread design, making it capable to work for all seasons
  • thumbs-o-upCircumferential grooves available to pump away water
  • thumbs-o-upEnsures better tread wear and minimal road noise
  • thumbs-o-upPromotes uniformity as well as a comfortable and smooth ride with the stable polyester material used
  • thumbs-o-upGuarantees a great traction in several driving situations
  • thumbs-o-downCan’t handle curve driving well

To conclude, this is one of those tires guaranteed to offer satisfaction to buyers as it can provide the best experience, especially in terms of rolling performance and traction. Just ensure that you determine the most accurate tire size for your vehicle so you can choose a size from Dunlop that is perfect for it.

7. Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire Best Bang for the Buck

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I also recommend including the Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire in your list of options. I think that one of its most impressive qualities is its quiet tread, which works silently without compromising its control and stability. It is helpful in the sense that it works well for low heat buildup and low noise.

Another nice feature integrated into the radial tire is its 5-rib design. Such provides a long dependable mileage, especially for short and long-haul applications. I also realized that it works really well for long-haul applications, specifically of the trailer and steering wheels.

You will also notice its versatility as it also works well for high-speed riding on good roads and highways. It also boasts of its special tread pattern, which is known to deliver an excellent performance in terms of water drainage and performance.

It also has a nice tread depth of around 14.5mm. Also, it can handle a significant amount of load. In fact, it boasts of its max load of 1,750 kilograms for single and 1,600 kilograms for dual.

The problem is that it is quite expensive when you compare it to other tires.

  • thumbs-o-upQuiet tread, which also guarantees proper control and stability
  • thumbs-o-upFeatures a 5-rib design, which provides a reliable mileage for both short and long-haul applications
  • thumbs-o-upWorks well for high-speed riding on roads and highways
  • thumbs-o-upSpecial tread pattern, which performs well in water drainage and performance
  • thumbs-o-upCan handle a significant amount of load
  • thumbs-o-downQuite expensive

Overall, this radial tire from Boto Tyres is a valuable investment with its ability to provide a good control, stability, and performance when used on short and long-haul applications as well as on high-speed riding. Just ensure that you shop for these tires after knowing the actual size that you need.

8. Carlisle 205/75R15 107M Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire

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I find this Carlisle HD Trailer Radial tire remarkable, too, because of its guaranteed versatility. It is versatile that you can use it for long and short distances together with trailers used for cargo, boating, utility, stock, and horse. It also works well when used for toy haulers and towable RVs.

I also noticed that it makes use of a unique tread pattern, which tends to wear evenly over time. The tire is also capable of withstanding heat as well as extreme operating conditions even if you are riding it at high speed. Another reason why you should check it out is that it has a long tire life and reliable performance.

It is a tough and safe radial tire, which can offer you protection and peace of mind. Another feature is that it utilizes a tread compound, which can resist wear. The presence of this compound provides the maximum wear performance to the towing life of the tire, adding more years to it.

I am sure that you will also find the proprietary pattern and contour of the tread impressive as it works well in getting rid of irregular wear conditions. It also works with minimal environmental road noise as it has a variable pitch pattern.

One flaw, though, is that it is not equipped with the wheel, causing you to have to buy it separately.

  • thumbs-o-upHighly versatile as it works in all distances and a wide range of applications
  • thumbs-o-upPromotes an even wear with the help of its distinctive tread pattern
  • thumbs-o-upPromotes a long tire life and reliable performance
  • thumbs-o-upIrregular wear conditions can be prevented with the help of the proprietary pattern and contour of the tread
  • thumbs-o-upMinimizes road noise with the help of its variable pitch pattern
  • thumbs-o-downWheel not included

Available in 15 different sizes, it is definitely possible for you to spot the perfect size of tire for your vehicle. Buying the right tire size from this product offered by Carlisle will definitely help you enjoy a heavy-duty performance regardless of the road you are taking.

9. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire

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If you check out some of the most trustworthy Maxxis trailer tire reviews, then it is greatly possible that you will come across the brand’s M8008 radial trailer tire as it is one of its recommended products.

What I find so remarkable about this tire is its overall built as it is known to offer a strong and sturdy long-hauling capacity. Such capacity also guarantees that you will enjoy a long tread life and a smooth ride.

With the help of the advanced tread compound and belted construction using double steel integrated into this tire, you have a guarantee of its strength, making it capable of hauling even the heaviest loads. The tread compound is also designed in such a way that it has a lower rolling resistance.

Such does not only increase the life of the tread but also improves its fuel efficiency. It also takes pride in its radial construction, which promotes a quieter ride and smoother performance on the road while also boasting of its high-speed durability.

Another reason for the continuous positive reviews and feedback of this trailer tire is its shock-absorption feature. In addition, it boasts of its premium performance in terms of handling load.

However, note that this trailer tire does not also include the wheel.

  • thumbs-o-upBuilt to provide a sturdy long-hauling capacity
  • thumbs-o-upGuaranteed to be strong with its double-belted construction
  • thumbs-o-upMakes use of a tread compound, which minimizes rolling resistance
  • thumbs-o-upPromotes a quieter and smoother ride
  • thumbs-o-upShock-absorbent
  • thumbs-o-downWheel not included in the purchase

Provided you pick the right size out of the many available sizes in this Maxxis ST radial trailer tire, you will definitely have the chance to enjoy using a strong and durable tire for your RV, which performs well, especially in hauling heavy loads.

10. Trailer King Radial Trailer Tire

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The last RV tire that I would recommend is the highly reliable ST radial trailer tire that the Trailer King brand offers. I noticed that it is a good product with a better shoulder design than the others. Such design is actually beneficial as it ensures that the heat will be dissipated well. This results in the longer lifespan of the tread as well as even wear.

I can also say that Trailer King does a good job in showcasing the stability of this trailer tire. It is because it comes with a center groove, which is not only valuable in terms of promoting a more consistent tracking but also in guaranteeing a high level of stability. It is a great-looking tire, too, which handles all conditions well and ensures a smooth ride.

In addition, I discovered how strong and durable it is because of its ability to withstand even the hardest driving situations. It is also undeniable that this trailer tire is highly versatile as it perfectly fits various trailers, particularly those designed for fifth wheels, stocks, and boats.

It comes in different sizes so it is up to you to figure out which one really fits your rig. Regardless of the size, you will notice that it is constructed with a nylon overlay. The presence of this overlay further enhances the durability and strength of the tire, making it work effectively, especially when used on high-load applications.

One issue you might encounter with this trailer tire is that it might wear out fast, especially if you constantly expose it to heavy loads.

  • thumbs-o-upEquipped with a center groove, which consistently tracks while also remaining stable
  • thumbs-o-upCapable of handling all weather conditions while also promoting a smooth ride
  • thumbs-o-upCan withstand hard driving situations with its strength and durability
  • thumbs-o-upNylon overlay integrated into all its sizes
  • thumbs-o-upDissipates heat well, thanks to the better shoulder design used in it
  • thumbs-o-downProne to wearing out fast, especially when exposed constantly to heavy loads

Despite that, this radial trailer tire from Trailer King still leaves a good impression. Many find its price affordable while still promoting a top-notch quality performance. It is highly stable and can track very well even when operated using highway speeds.

How to Choose the Right RV Tires?

best rv tires

When searching for the ideal RV tire for your rig, you need to consider many important factors. With the aid of this short buying guide, you can sort through each of the vital factors you have to keep in mind.

Whether you are looking for the best RV tires fifth wheel or for other heavy-duty applications, you can increase your chances of investing in the most suitable set of RV trailer tires without exerting too much effort and spending a lot of money by considering these factors.


When checking different brands of RV tires, you will instantly notice that each brand comes with an RV tire size chart, which reveals available variations and sizes depending on the criteria you searched. It is important to refer to this chart as it will give you an idea about the right size to pick.

Note that investing in an RV tire, which is either too large or too small, can hamper your safety. Depending on a particular tire brand, there are also charts that provide relevant details regarding the strength of the sidewall. This should also be a major contributor in your decision as a weak sidewall can result in problems while you are on the road.

Maximum weight and load rating

It is also advisable to inspect the maximum weight and load rating that a specific tire can handle. By thoroughly checking these ratings from different tire brands, you have a lower chance of ending up with tires that are incapable of handling the stress associated with your travels.

If you make the wrong choice, then the load and weight your RV carries might cause damage not only to the tires but also to your entire vehicle. Go for an RV tire with enough max weight and load rating to ensure that it will last longer and prevent issues regarding safety.

When searching for the appropriate weight, assess the stuff and load that your RV will most likely carry, including equipment, foods, and clothes. If possible, go for a tire model, which goes beyond your required ratings and limits.

The strength of the sidewall

Another factor that should have a great impact on your final decision when choosing RV tires is the sidewall strength. In most cases, it is also called as the load range.

What you have to look for is a tire with a ruggedly constructed sidewall. Such is guaranteed to work impressively because it is designed to handle a lot of beating on the road.

Pressure Ratings

You also need to check the RV tire’s pressure ratings. Make sure that the rating is enough to provide adequate pressure, allowing the tire to deliver an excellent performance. Also, take note that the pressure rating is an important factor because it has a major impact on the quality of the ride.

Ride Quality

Make sure that you choose to buy tires that will not only give you an excellent ride quality during the first few miles of driving. It should be able to deliver the same ride quality even after you have driven it for up to 800 miles.

Also, take note that some RV tires are known for having more vibration and bounce when compared to the others. With that in mind, you really have to conduct an extensive research to determine which one can deliver an excellent ride quality for quite a long time.

You can seek advice from your fellow RV users and owners. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends who use RVs. It is also possible for you to visit some online resources, like RV forums, consumer reviews, and websites, as doing such will let you gather reliable opinions from a wide range of people.

Distance, terrain, and weather

Other essential factors that should guide you in your final decision are the specific distance you intend to travel, the kind of roads you will be traveling in, and the weather in the road you are exposing your RV and tire to.

These details are helpful in finding the most suitable RV tires for your needs. Also, note that there are rain tires, snow tires, and high-speed tires designed to handle even the harshest conditions. Figure out if you need one guaranteed to protect you from different weather conditions and elements.

Learning When to Replace your Existing RV Tires

Whether you own a 5th wheel trailer or an RV trailer, its tires are among the most crucial items that you have to take care of and invest in as these play a major factor in your safety and the convenience that your home on wheels can offer. That said, you really have to know when is the perfect time to replace the existing tires in your RV trailers.

In most cases, RV tires are in need of replacement every 3 to 5 years. You have to check their condition regularly, though, so you will instantly know whether they show signs that they are already in need of replacement. One indication is the failure of the trailer tire to perform its intended function when you are out traveling.

Such is often the case when there is a blowout. This can result in severe damages not only to your RV trailer but also to your safety. Note that blown tires tend to tear through electrical lines and propane close to the wheel wells. They also tend to rip through the floors over the wells.

In addition, blown tires tear the sidewall fiberglass surrounding your wheel wheels apart. In some severe cases, the blowouts can even lead to catastrophic fires. It is mainly because of the ruptured and ignited pressurized gas lines during the failure of the trailer tire.

If you want to increase the lifespan of your existing tires as much as possible, then consider maintaining them through regular cleaning. Use mild soap and water when doing so. Avoid applying dressing containing alcohol distillates or petroleum to the tires. Before your trip, make it a point to inspect them for deformities and cuts, too.

Another tip is to inflate the tires up to their max cold pressure prior to your trip. Note that under-inflation is one of the major causes of failure in your RV trailer tire. In case you need to store your RV trailer, then ensure that you cover the tires. They should also be away from the wet ground.

By doing the mentioned maintenance tips, it is possible for you to increase the lifespan of your RV tires. However, if you noticed that the tires are already malfunctioning and are showing signs of wear and damage, then it is time to spend on new ones so you can replace the old tires.

You can choose from the products indicated in this article and let yourself be guided by the short yet highly informative buying guide mentioned earlier to increase your chances of finding the right fit.


Trying to spot the best RV tires that perfectly suit your rig can sometimes cause frustration. However, note that by gaining a bit of knowledge about tires for RVs, the whole process will become more manageable.

One effective way to start your search is to check your RV’s manual as it contains important details that can help you shop for the right tires. You can also check legitimate RV and trailer tire reviews as well as buying guides available online, such as this one, as they can provide useful info that can help you make a sound buying decision.

Learn more about how to choose the best RV air compressors and best trailer tires 2019 with buyer’s guide and in-depth reviews.







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