RV Christmas

Finding thoughtful gifts for RVers can be more challenging than it looks, especially if you don’t own an RV yourself.

RVing has been slowly growing in popularity for a while now, but 2020 saw unprecedented numbers join the hobby. Newsweek attributes this recent spike to travelers exploring new, safer ways to get out of the house and spend time with family.

Even as other travel methods open back up, we imagine a lot of these people will stick with their newfound passion for RVing. So it’s time to get shopping!

14 Gifts for RVers, Campers, and Road Trippers Everyone Is Sure to Love

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As you’ll soon see, the best gifts for RVers can range from ultra-useful to fun and casual.

If you’re shopping for someone who just started RVing, we suggest getting them a gift they’ll use on the road. But for someone who already owns everything they and their RV could ever need, cute stocking stuffers are a safe alternative.

Whichever type of camper is on your holiday list, here are the best gifts for RVers you can give this year:

1. Camp Casual’s The Mug Wanderlust White

[amazon fields=”B01GJH67QS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B01GJH67QS” value=”button”]

If you’re shopping for a seasoned camper or RV owner, sometimes it’s better not to overthink your gift idea. The [amazon link=”B01GJH67QS” title=”Camp Casual’s”] The Mug Wanderlust White is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys life on the road.

This coffee mug features a fun retro design starring old-timey gas stations, RVs, and pull-behind campers. Every mug is unique, with some natural color differences, and holds 15 ounces of hot or cold liquid. They’re also dishwasher and microwave-safe.

While the White Wanderlust design is our personal favorite, Camp Casual sells four other varieties of this mug. If you’re looking for matching gifts for a couple or family, a full set would be perfect!

2. Portofino 5 Pc. Kitchen Gadget Set

[amazon fields=”B01JY7TN8O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B01JY7TN8O” value=”button”]

One of the best parts of RV camping is access to a kitchenette. Even the most luxurious RVs are short on space, though, so compact culinary tools are a must. The [amazon link=”B01JY7TN8O” title=”Portofino 5 Pc.”] Kitchen Gadget Set is an excellent place to start.

This set includes a grater, grinder, pizza cutter, bottle opener, and slicer. Every piece is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel for durability and longevity.

Measuring just five inches long, you can store these kitchen gadgets in almost any drawer or utensil holder. Each gadget is super-compact, easily stacks for storage, and includes a hole for hanging.

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3. Camco Party Lights Retro Travel Trailer

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[amazon fields=”B0012H6HMK” value=”button”]

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate our favorite hobbies. If your giftee seemingly has everything, why not get them a set of RV-themed holiday lights? The [amazon link=”B0012H6HMK” title=”Camco Party Lights”] Retro Travel Trailer is one of the most unique gifts for RVers around.

These party lights feature overload protection and are safe for indoor or outdoor use. Each strand measures 8 feet and holds 10 camper-shaped lightbulbs.

Your giftee can hang them on a Christmas tree, balcony, or in a bedroom. Or use them to decorate their RV’s awning for the holiday season. These lights are compatible with any style Camco awning light hangers.

4. Designing Moments I Sleep Around Kitchen Towel

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[amazon fields=”B07C6Y5YQK” value=”button”]

Holidays are about the giving spirit. But no one said generosity couldn’t come with a side of humor. The [amazon link=”B07C6Y5YQK” title=”Designing Moments”] I Sleep Around Kitchen Towel is perfect for any RVer with a love of blue comedy.

Use this tea towel around the house or as a humorous add-on to your RV kitchen or cookout setup. Order multiple for a full set or mix-and-match with other RV-themed kitchen towels for a custom gift.

This flour sack towel is 30-by-30 inches, and the screen-printed design measures about 7-by-6 inches. The towel is machine-washable and made of 100 percent cotton.

5. Jolly Green Products Roast’Em! Premium Extendable Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

[amazon fields=”B01AYESJ5Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B01AYESJ5Y” value=”button”]

Camping and roasted marshmallows go together like the holidays and wrapped gifts. If you’re looking for the best gifts for RVers this season, don’t pass up the [amazon link=”B01AYESJ5Y” title=”Jolly Green Products”] Roast’Em! Premium Extendable Marshmallow Roasting Sticks.

Sure, regular roasting sticks will get the job done. But this gift set is 10x better. It includes 5 roasting sticks that easily extend from 10 to 34 inches — once you’re finished with s’mores, retract them back down for easy storage.

Each roasting stick features a high-quality wood handle and durable stainless steel skewers. This set includes a heat-resistant bag for storing and plastic caps to keep your roasting sticks safe and sharp.

6. SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk

[amazon fields=”B00NFHMGDE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B00NFHMGDE” value=”button”]

Whether working on the go or kicking back with some Netflix, the RV life is all about staying compact and portable. The [amazon link=”B00NFHMGDE” title=”SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk”] is one of the best gifts for RVers who work remotely or like to keep their electronics close at hand.

This tray features ventilation holes, an adjustable top, and a small drawer. The legs are adjustable and easily fold in when it’s time to stow the tray.

Laptops up to 15.6 inches fit on this lap desk, and it can hold 17 pounds without issue. If your giftee prefers to leave the electronics at home, this lap desk also doubles as a breakfast tray for convenient meals in bed.

7. Waggle Pet Monitor 4G Lite

[amazon fields=”B07SGCYMGN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07SGCYMGN” value=”button”]

RVing is a family affair, and that can include four-legged family members, too. Just like a car, though, leaving your dog in a parked RV can be risky. With the [amazon link=”B07SGCYMGN” title=”Waggle Pet Monitor”] 4G Lite, RVers can keep constant tabs on their furry friends while running errands or taking a quick hike.

The Waggle monitor installs anywhere in your RV to keep tabs on the internal temperature. You can access updates using the smartphone app — you’ll receive instant alerts if the monitor notices anything wrong.

This monitor uses your RV’s power source but does have a rechargeable battery for emergencies. Keep in mind that Waggle requires a monthly subscription to use this device, so it certainly isn’t one of the cheapest gifts for RVers in the long-term.

8. W&P Porter Glass

[amazon fields=”B07MY3KBBF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07MY3KBBF” value=”button”]

Most RVs feature a dining table of some sort, but they aren’t the most practical when you’re actually on the road. The [amazon link=”B07MY3KBBF” title=”W&P Porter Glass”] offers a classier way to enjoy beverages without worrying about spills.

This travel tumbler is made of durable, easy-to-clean glass with a soft silicone sleeve on the outside for extra grip. The lid seals tight for zero spills and includes a locking sip spout. Every piece is dishwasher-safe.

Yes, the W&P Porter Glass is for wine and cocktails. However, state laws vary when it comes to drinking alcohol in the back of a moving RV. Always check local laws before leaving an open container in your RV.

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9. Franklin Pet Supply Travel Pet Bowl

[amazon fields=”B07JQBXPLJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07JQBXPLJ” value=”button”]

Of course, humans aren’t the only ones trying to stay hydrated on the go. The Franklin Pet Supply [amazon link=”B07JQBXPLJ” title=”Travel Pet Bowl”] is one of our favorite gifts for RVers of the canine variety.

While metal or ceramic water bowls will slide around and spill, this bowl features a tapered design to keep water inside rather than on your RV floor. Particularly messy pets will still manage to spill a little bit, though.

This pet bowl holds 16 ounces and is made of flexible, BPA-free silicone. It’s easy to wash by hand and safe to place in the dishwasher.

10. Chef’s Star 8-Piece Cookware Set with Detachable Handles

[amazon fields=”B08DWLRVNN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B08DWLRVNN” value=”button”]

The RV camping experience can vary greatly from person-to-person. But it doesn’t matter if you’re cooking on an open fire or in a fully stocked kitchenette: Every RVer needs compact cookware.

The [amazon link=”B08DWLRVNN” title=”Chef’s Star”] 8-Piece Cookware Set with Detachable Handles makes the perfect “house”-warming gift for fledgling campers. This set includes three pots, two frying pans, two detachable handles, and one silicone-sealed glass lid that fits all but the largest pan.

You can safely use this cookware on open-flame or induction stovetops and in the oven up to 350 degrees (minus the lid and handles).

11. See Many Places US Gold Scratch Off Map Poster

[amazon fields=”B077HH7PSC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B077HH7PSC” value=”button”]

Some campers hit up the same spot every year. But for many RVers, living life on the road is about seeing new places and tracking mileage across the entire country. The [amazon link=”B077HH7PSC” title=”See Many Places”] US Gold Scratch Off Map Poster is a great gift idea for RVers traveling in the U.S.

This poster measures 28-by-22 inches and starts out with a gold finish across the entire country. As you visit each state, scratch off the gold layer to reveal an iconic image below. Gift this map as-is or frame it (without glass, of course) for a ready-to-hang present.

Anybody will enjoy the satisfaction of scratching states off their bucket list, but we especially like this gift idea for newlyweds or families. Parents can even use this map to teach kids U.S. geography as they travel!

12. The Original Bedside Caddy from LiB

[amazon fields=”B07QLTTMWZ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07QLTTMWZ” value=”button”]

Our bedsides collect all kinds of gadgets, books, remotes, and all-around clutter even at home. [amazon link=”B07QLTTMWZ” title=”The Original Bedside Caddy”] from LiB is a great gift for the disorganized (but trying to be better!) RVer on your list.

This caddy includes one large section, big enough for a 14-inch laptop, with mesh pockets inside for extra organization. The front features two smaller pockets — these are great for phones or reading glasses. Cable management is made a little simpler with the built-in power cord holes.

The Original Bedside Caddy was originally designed to fit securely under a mattress. But with the Velcro fasteners, you can hang this organizer anywhere in your RV you need more storage.

13. The Ultimate RV Logbook

[amazon fields=”1790403669″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”1790403669″ value=”button”]

RV camping is a learning experience in more ways than one. For example, you’ll rarely enjoy the perfect trip on the first try. You’re bound to book a dud of a campsite or miss out on a must-do activity. With [amazon link=”1790403669″ title=”The Ultimate RV Logbook“], though, RVers can easily keep track of their trips all in one convenient journal.

The two biggest sections in this logbook focus on taking notes about the best campsites and recording your RV’s maintenance. The campsite logs are laid out nicely — checkboxes galore — so you can remember what type of hookups were available or how good the cell service was.

By the way, The Ultimate RV Logbook was updated in September of 2020. It now includes a National Parks checklist for nature lovers and an extended index.

14. Yahtzee National Parks Travel Edition

[amazon fields=”B00MHZOA3O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B00MHZOA3O” value=”button”]

If you’re on the hunt for a simple, fun stocking stuffer or a nice White Elephant gift, the [amazon link=”B00MHZOA3O” title=”Yahtzee National Parks”] Travel Edition is a classic.

This reimagined version of the original game features nature and camping-related icons rather than numbered pips. The dice cup includes a sealed cap for no-fuss packing and travel.

And if you’re a fan of our National Parks system yourself, we should note that a portion of proceeds from this game goes straight to the National Park Foundation.

Give Your Favorite RVer the Best Holiday Season Ever

Christmas Gifts

As any passionate RVer can tell you, road-tripping and camping are two of the best ways to explore the world and spend time with loved ones.

The most thoughtful gifts for RVers are those that pay homage to their favorite pastime or offer a much-needed solution for life on the road.

From compact cookware to travel-themed games, you’ll have no shortage of awesome ideas for your holiday shopping this year. And your giftee is guaranteed to remember your generosity every time they start up their RV for a new adventure.

Who knows… in return, your giftee might take you on an RV trip of your own someday!

Do you have any RV gift ideas of your own you think belong on our list? Be sure to share your top gift ideas in the comments below!