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The Best Coffee Maker for RV 2019: Reviews from a Motorhome Traveller


“Travel light” – so we’re told. That means you’re packing only the bare necessities. However, who said you can’t take a coffee maker with you?

Truck camping, I believe, shouldn’t necessarily mean wheeling away from your morning routine at home. That said, I’ll share my reviews of ten choice coffee makers for the coffee-loving adventurer.

As a truck camper, I have three important criteria for choosing the best coffee maker for RV. It should be a space saver, user-friendly, and easy to clean. And of course, it should make the kind of coffee that you love – espresso, latte, or any of your favorite. I have included more information on this in the buyer’s guide section of this review. But first, here’s what I have curated for my RV coffee maker reviews.

Comparison of RV Coffee Makers

Best Coffee Makers for RV 2019

1. Bruhen French Press Coffee Maker-Double Wall Tea Press - Editor's Choice

People buy a French press over a coffee drip for a reason. For me, a French press produces a richer flavor and a cleaner coffee. As an RV traveler who appreciates a good brew, the Bruhen Klassik French Press is a perfect carry-on coffee maker for me. It is capable of making up to four mugs of coffee. 

This coffee maker is made of stainless steel. With such a construction, it is easy to clean and rinse. This would be perfect for situations where there is a limited water supply. Without the presence of glass, plastic, or rubber parts, it is not delicate to carry on your camping trips. BPA-free, this coffee maker is rest assured safe to reuse and be subjected to heat. It has a very simple and utilitarian pitcher design. 

The Bruhen Klassik is equipped with a quadrupled layer of filter basket made of stainless steel. You don’t have to buy paper filters that you can only use once. With such a filter basket construction, you are assured to get a nice, clean, and well-filtered coffee.

I agree with other buyers of the Bruhen Klassik in the fact that it can keep the coffee or tea hot for up to around 45 minutes, thanks to its double-wall steel construction.

One of the good qualities of the Bruhen French Press is that it also doubles as a tea maker. You can brew a nice batch of loose tea or coffee grounds. If you are the kind of person who is also fond of a nice strong tea, the Bruhen Klassik would be a very good choice. It is versatile and durable.

  • thumbs-o-up
    The double construction wall can keep the coffee or tea hot
  • thumbs-o-up
    It has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • thumbs-o-up

    It does not need to be plugged

  • thumbs-o-up
    It does not have fragile glass parts which are common in French presses
  • thumbs-o-up

    The coffee maker is easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly

  • thumbs-o-down

    The round-shaped plunger on top may be a bit cumbersome during pressing

  • thumbs-o-down

    The tall and skinny structure may cause difficulties in removing the coffee grounds

2. Farberware Classic 8-Cup Coffee Percolator - Best Bang for the Buck

There is something about brewing coffee on a stovetop that I like. Besides bringing out rich flavors, it also gives a very rustic feel as if you are going back to the basics. If you are like me who loves such an idea of coffee-making, the Faberware Coffee Percolator could easily be the best coffee pot for RV.

This coffee maker is manufactured by Faberware. Established in 1900, this brand is a cookware mainstay. I have high hopes for Faberware products, and this percolator has lived up to my expectations.

It can brew up to eight cups of your favorite coffee. I like the heavy-duty stainless steel exterior that looks so polished and robust. It comes with a tight-fitting lid that has a plastic knob.

This knob indicates the status of the percolation process. Thanks to the perfect fit of the lid, the heat is properly sealed inside the percolator. The Stay Cool handle of the Faberware Coffee Percolator does not react to heat. It makes pouring easy and safe.

The interior, on the other hand, is made of a non-reactive material. This way, it can keep the water from absorbing any undesirable taste or smell which has been a problem for me with other steel cups.

I also like that it comes with a permanent filter basket. You just need to wash and reuse it. There is no need for paper filters that I often easily forget to buy or bring to the RV. Overall, from the exterior to the filter basket, this coffee maker is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

It usually takes 12 minutes to percolate which can be a long time for the impatient. I find that this does not bode well with store-bought coffee or dark roasts. Such coffee tends to taste burnt in this percolator.

  • thumbs-o-up
    It has a solid non-reactive interior that keeps a nice coffee flavor
  • thumbs-o-up
    Its polished stainless steel exterior makes it easy to clean and prevents getting tarnished from the stove fire
  • thumbs-o-up

    Can make up to eight cups

  • thumbs-o-up

    Has a robust and high-quality overall construction

  • thumbs-o-down

    The plastic knob smells when heated and discolors over time

3. Coleman Coffee Maker - Best of the Best

Coleman is another popular and trustworthy brand. They used to make lanterns, and now they are dedicated to creating products that make outings pleasurable and easy. This camping coffee maker is one of them.

This is a perfect coffee maker for people who like to have their coffee fast. It makes coffee using the drip method. For me, Coleman made this coffee maker for RV camping. For one, this coffee maker is highly suitable for traveling off the grid. Its base fits most of the stove burners for camping. It comes with a filter basket and an easy-pour decanter. It can make up to ten 6-oz cups of coffee. You can also use it for brewing tea or making a hot chocolate.

This model is designed with a “Pause N’ Serve” mechanism which is suitable for the impatient camper who needs a cup of coffee quick. With the Pause N’ Serve feature, brewing can be interrupted so that you can take the pot and pour yourself a cup. You don’t have to wait for the whole brewing process to finish before enjoying your coffee.

To use it, just pour the desired amount of water into the reservoir at the back of the coffee maker. Then, fill the swing-out filter with coffee grounds. When it boils, the water is pumped into the filter and brew itself into the glass decanter. It brews a full pot in just ten minutes.

I find it very easy to clean. However, because the decanter is made of glass, you have to be extra careful in handling and storing it.

  • thumbs-o-up
    It can be used on top of almost any kind of burner
  • thumbs-o-up
    No need for electricity or RV battery to use it
  • thumbs-o-up

    It can make up to ten cups of coffee

  • thumbs-o-up
    This can double as a teapot and a percolator for hot chocolate
  • thumbs-o-up

    It is easy to clean

  • thumbs-o-up

    The Pause N’ Serve feature allows one to have coffee without waiting for the whole pot to brew

  • thumbs-o-down

    It has fragile glass parts

  • thumbs-o-down

    It can’t keep the coffee warm for a long time

4. CHULUX Single-Serve Coffee Machine

This is a different coffee maker from the first three that I have reviewed. The CHULUX Coffee Machine is a single-serve type. It is smaller than other coffee pots that can brew larger volumes, so it is way on the handier side of the range of coffee machines. It makes coffee faster too. This unit takes 3-5 minutes to make a cup.

As I have said, the CHULUX Coffee Machine is compact and highly portable. It is built with a removable drip tray and a 12-oz water reservoir. This model is designed with a one-touch operation. That means you just have to insert a pod or capsule, press the button, and in 3-5 minutes, your coffee is ready. This coffee brewer is compatible with all kinds of capsules.

I like that I get my coffee straight into my mug with this coffee machine. There is no need to clean a decanter. It is very easy to clean. If you haven’t used it for a long period of time, just brew water to clean the water tank.

This unit also has an automatic shut-off function for safety. After the coffee has been made, it will automatically turn off.

To use the machine, just unlock the brew head and insert a pod into the brewer. Afterward, fill the tank with water. After locking the brewer head, place the mug on the drip tray then press the button on the side. You can remove the drip tray to fit your mug into the machine. You don’t have to let it cool down to brew another cup of coffee.

Keep in mind that you cannot power the CHULUX Coffee Machine with batteries. It needs to be plugged in and work under 120V, 60 Hz.

I have high regard for this product because it is BPA-free and FDA-certified. Rest assured that its construction does not pose any harm.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Cleaning is not burdensome
  • thumbs-o-up
    It saves space
  • thumbs-o-up

    Brewing is quick

  • thumbs-o-up

    It comes with safety features

  • thumbs-o-down

    The water tank does not have gradations which makes it difficult to measure the amount of water

  • thumbs-o-down

    The water tank opening is small

5. Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

If you are in need of a more traditional coffee maker that can be easily stored in the cabinet of your RV without taking up much space. the Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker is for you.

While many people wouldn't mind the smaller single serve coffee makers, there are those who won't be ready to start their day without multiple cups, and this coffee maker delivers with a 12-cup capacity and the ability to pause so you can get that first cup faster instead of waiting for the entire pot to fill up.

Easy to fill with a front-access water reservoir, the Hamilton Beach coffee maker also features a swing-out brew basket and is programmable to shut off automatically after two hours. The unit will even remind you to clean it every 30 days if it has been plugged in every day.

Hamilton Beach takes pride in manufacturing products that make life easier and more convenient. And there's nothing more convenient than a coffee maker that can make a quick pot of coffee on the go so you and your family get on with your trip together. 

After use, simply push it aside or store it in a cabinet, which is quite handy when you live in an RV for several days or weeks and need things to take up less space. 

In addition, you can also brew a pot of hot tea if you prefer.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Can brew up to 12 cups of coffee or tea.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Your peace of mind is assured with the auto shut-off feature
  • thumbs-o-up

    It does not take up much counter space and can be stored in a cabinet.

  • thumbs-o-up

    You can pause to grab a cup mid-brewing cycle

  • thumbs-o-down

    May not be suitable for smaller RVs

  • thumbs-o-down

    Could possibly leak while pouring

6. Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Drip Coffee Maker

The Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine is one of the drip coffee makers that are of high quality. It brews up to four cups of coffee but is small enough for your RV. It weighs only about 2.5 pounds, making it highly portable.

Like other drip coffee maker types, the Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine brews coffee relatively quicker than other types. You can set the coffee maker to brew, forget it, and come back to a freshly-made hot coffee. This model has a “Pause-N’Serve” feature which allows you to grab a cup of coffee in the middle of the brewing cycle.

Let’s talk about its parts. The Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine is designed with a removable and washable filter basket inside a swing-out filter compartment. Most of us forget that we have run out of paper filters. With this coffee machine, you don’t have to worry about that.

However, you have the option to use paper filters on top of the filter basket if you want your coffee to taste a tiny bit better. Like other drip types, it has a graduated carafe and a water reservoir. The carafe is dishwasher safe, and the whole unit is very easy to clean.

It also has an automatic carafe warmer. The hot plate where the carafe stands keeps the coffee warm even an hour after the coffee has been brewed.

It is also easy to operate. To use it, just fill in the water tank or reservoir and turn on the switch. The power indicator lights on immediately to show that the brewing process has begun. It is a basic drip type coffee maker but it sure can live up to the expectations of making a great-tasting coffee.

  • thumbs-o-up
    It can also double as a teapot using the same brewing instructions
  • thumbs-o-up
    Compact and portable
  • thumbs-o-up

    Easy to clean

  • thumbs-o-up
    It brews coffee fast
  • thumbs-o-up

    The hot plate keeps the coffee warm for an hour

  • thumbs-o-down

    The swing-out filter compartment can be tough to open on first use

7. Chefman Instabrew K-Cup Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This coffee maker by Chefman is one of the best single-serve types on the market. As with other coffee makers of this kind, it takes very little space which makes it a perfect partner for RV camping. It features a sleek and slim design so it can be easily stored.

Although it serves one cup of coffee at a time, the Chefman Instabrew Coffee Maker is designed with a rapid brewing system. You don’t have to wait for a long period of time to brew your next cup of coffee thanks to its instant re-boil technology. You can fill up a 12-oz mug with this portable coffee machine in under two minutes.

One of the nice things about the Chefman Instabrew Coffee Maker is that it is versatile. You can use it to brew your favorite K-cup flavors. If you like to brew your choice coffee grounds, you can use the included filter to do so. This can also be used with loose tea leaves or cocoa. Its size is also compatible with almost all coffee mug sizes. It is tall enough to accommodate a 7-inch tall mug.

Made of plastic and stainless steel, the whole unit weighs around 2.3 pounds. The package does not include the travel mug. Its parts pretty much come off apart for easy cleaning.

I also found from other reviews that Chefman has outstanding customer service. If you report a malfunctioning product, they run the extra mile to make things right for you. If you need a replacement, they are happy to do so.

  • thumbs-o-up
    Space-saving, lightweight, and highly portable
  • thumbs-o-up
    It is versatile enough to be used with K-cups, coffee grounds, loose tea leaves, or cocoa
  • thumbs-o-up

    This coffee machine brews a cup in under two minutes

  • thumbs-o-up
    It is tall enough to fit different sizes of coffee mugs
  • thumbs-o-up

    With the instant re-boil mechanism, you can brew a cup of coffee after another without waiting for a long time

  • thumbs-o-down

    It spews coffee at the end of the brew

  • thumbs-o-down

    It has not auto-off function so it needs to be plugged and unplugged

8. Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve Programmable Coffee Machine

Speaking of K-cups, let’s talk about Keurig. It is both the name of the brewing system that uses pods and the name of the manufacturer of K-cup-using coffee machines, Keurig Dr Pepper. It is known for the pods which offer up to 400 flavor varieties from over 70 brands including Starbucks, Folgers, and Newman’s Own Organics Coffee.

You might be wondering how the pods work. The K-cup pods come in six, eight, and 10 oz. Inside of each pod are coffee grounds from leading coffee brands. The pods have paper filters through which flows the hot coffee liquid into your mug. Gentle pressure is applied to extract a rich flavor.

The Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve coffee maker comes with four K-cup pods, one water filter handle, and two charcoal pod filters. These help make great-tasting coffees despite filling the reservoir with hard water. 

The whole unit weighs around 12 pounds. It stands 13.3 inches tall and around 10 inches wide. Compared to other single-serve coffee makers, the Keurig K-Classic is on the heavier side of the scale.

This model is built with a removable water reservoir that has a maximum capacity of 48 oz. It allows you to brew around six cups of coffee. On top of the machine are buttons and indicators. You’ll find an auto-off function and a descaling feature. Thanks to this feature, it is easier to remove limescale buildup or calcium deposits from using the machine over time. The auto-off function shuts off the machine if it remains idle for two hours.

  • thumbs-o-up
    The descaling mechanism makes the machine easy to clean and long-lasting
  • thumbs-o-up
    It has an auto-off function that ensures safety
  • thumbs-o-up

    With the three pod sizes, you can customize the strength of your coffee

  • thumbs-o-up
    It can accommodate a 7-inch mug or coffee thermos
  • thumbs-o-up

    It is very user-friendly

  • thumbs-o-up

    The charcoal pod filters help make great-tasting coffee

  • thumbs-o-down

    It needs electricity which may not be as handy in RV camping trips

  • thumbs-o-down

    It takes space and is not as lightweight compared to other single-serve coffee makers

9. Homia Electric Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

Another high-quality single-serve type of coffee maker is this one from Homia. It is made of materials that have been certified safe. Overall, it is a trustworthy product because it has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration and its plastic parts are BPA-free. It also has an automatic shut-off function for safety.

Standing 10.2 inches tall and 5.1 inches wide and weighing only around 3 pounds, the Homia coffee brewer is portable and a real space saver. However, it can only fit cups that have a maximum height of 5.5 inches.

It is very user-friendly; it requires only three steps to make a cup of coffee. First, just add the amount of water on the tank at the back. 

The water tank can be filled up to 10 oz. Then, add the coffee grounds or a K-cup pod. Finally, press the power button. In after three minutes, you can enjoy your piping-hot coffee. You can also use this machine with loose tea. It can brew up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only is it easy to use, this coffee maker can be cleaned in a cinch too. To properly maintain the machine, add 12 tablespoons of water with three tablespoons of limescale remover which can be bought from a pharmacy. Afterward, add around 8 oz of water into the tank. Place a cup on the drip tray, then press the power button to descale the machine. 

This coffee-maker comes with a two-pronged plug and works only with 110 volts power network. The operating power of the Homia Coffee Brewer is 1000 watts.

  • thumbs-o-up
    It has a compact and lightweight design
  • thumbs-o-up
    This coffee machine is very easy to use and clean
  • thumbs-o-up

    The unit saves counter space

  • thumbs-o-up
    It is compatible with K-cups or coffee grounds as well as with loose tea
  • thumbs-o-up

    It has an automatic shut-off function which serves as an overheat protection function

  • thumbs-o-down

    It produces a strong plastic smell over time. It can be washed away with apple cider though

  • thumbs-o-down

    It needs electricity which may not be ideal for RV camping

10. Black Decker Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Here’s another coffee maker from Black+Decker but this time, it is a single-serve type of brewer. I chose to make a review of this model because, more than anything, it comes from a trustworthy brand. Secondly, it is a single-serve type and thus has a more compact design that is very fitting for RV camping.

The Black+Decker Single-Serve coffee maker is built with a removable filter basket and an easy-clean permanent filter. I like that the unit comes with a 16-oz 7-inch thermal mug. This coffee maker is designed with an active on-the-go coffee-lover in mind. It brews two ways: using coffee grounds or pre-packed coffee pods which can be brought from any grocery store. However, K-cups are not compatible with this machine.

The machine weighs around 2.3 pounds and stands 9.4 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. It operates with just one press of the button and the coffee goes directly into the travel mug in under two minutes. The mug keeps the coffee warm for a long period of time. It is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe to boot. You can also use other mugs or your regular RV coffee cups if you wish.

You need electricity to use this machine. The unit is rated at 650 watts and 120 volts which is quite energy-efficient in my opinion. It is made of stainless steel and plastic parts that are BPA-free. The quality has also been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

It also comes with an automatic shut-off mechanism. With this feature, the machine automatically turns off immediately after brewing. You won’t have to worry about the safety if you have left it on.

For its price, it is one quality coffee-maker that is easy to use and makes coffee on-the-go.

  • thumbs-o-up
    The coffee maker comes with a 16-oz thermal mug that can keep the coffee warm for a long period of time
  • thumbs-o-up
    The unit takes very little space and is highly portable
  • thumbs-o-up

    It has an auto shut-off function

  • thumbs-o-up

    There are no fragile glass parts

  • thumbs-o-down

    It tends to leak after brewing

What is an RV Coffee Maker?


Coffee makers in the market are aplenty. There is a wide variety of types for a variety of preferences. Coffee machine for an RV can be any type of brewer designed with the camper in mind. Usually, they are portable with a small footprint, practical and user-friendly, easy to maintain, and of course, capable of making good coffee. They should also suit the camping conditions such as the availability of power and other situations.

There are different kinds of RV coffee makers including the following:

Pour-over types

The French press falls under this category. These types only need you to boil water and pour over the coffee grounds.


They can be electric or not. You just need to fill it with water, add grounds, and heat it up.

Drip types

These types are usually powered by electricity. Drip coffee machines have a water tank, a filter basket, and a carafe that is usually made of glass and is dishwasher-safe.

Under-the-cabinet machines

These are real space-savers. They are called so because they are hard mounted under a flat-bottomed cabinet.

Single-serve coffee makers

Single-serve types brew coffee using the drip method. However, they serve one mug per brewing cycle.

Why Do You Need an RV Coffee Maker?


Living in an RV holds the promise of freedom and the excitement of reaching places you’ve never been and meeting different people. However, living in a mobile home may also make you miss a lot of the things that you can do on a permanent address. For many people, making a home-brewed coffee is one of them.

RV camping first-timers usually think that because they will be mobile a lot, it would be easy to get coffee somewhere along the way. However, this has been proven to be costly and impractical, not to mention that it could be hard to get your coffee the way you like it. Worse is, you can’t usually have coffee anytime you want when you’re feeling lazy.

For these reasons, having your own coffee maker in the RV is ideal, if not a necessity, especially if you are a coffee lover. The point of camping in an RV is to be able to leave the hassles of a stationary life behind without having to leave your usual conveniences and passions.

Factors to Consider in Buying an RV Coffee Maker


The best coffee maker for RV depends on your needs and preferences. I have briefly mentioned at the beginning that I like my coffee makers to be user-friendly, easy to clean, and a space-saver. With the space in my RV, I don’t want my machine to be bulky. Some people put more value on portability and practicality. Others primarily consider the price point. Here, I will list down and explain a few criteria that you might find important to consider.


While this may not be the topmost concern of many people, it would still be wise to consider the price in relation to the quality and functionality of the machine. Some people have a budget range, and the deciding factor is neither the price nor the quality of the machine alone but the balance between the two.

Power support

One of the challenges in RV camping is finding an energy source that would be enough to power electronics and other appliances. As an RV traveler, you have to consider that the coffee maker you’re buying can suit situations like off-the-grid living. Also, think about the resources in your RV. Are there enough outlets? Besides this, you need to consider the energy efficiency of the coffee machine.


One of the most important things to consider, of course, is the ease of use as well as the range of functionalities that the coffee maker offers. First, the coffee machine should be easy to handle and does not require a lot of work. Most camping coffee-makers don’t. Secondly, make sure the machine is versatile enough to also handle tea or cocoa. Functionality varies with people. It’s important to consider how you intend to use it.

Kitchen space

RV models are classified into three classes: A, B, and C. These models have different sizes of kitchen space for cooking and storage. There are some models that have the full pantry. The amount of counter and storage space and the kind of furnishing the RV has are important considerations when buying a specific kind of coffee maker.


How easy it is to clean a coffee maker is not the only thing you’ll want consider. You should also think about whether it requires regular cleaning and maintenance and how much water you need to do so. Conserving water is important in RV living.


RV camping is an exciting and, to some extent, a freeing venture, but not when you leave behind your coffee maker along with the hassles and worries of your stationary life. A coffee-loving peripatetic like you should consider buying a coffee maker for your RV. You will most likely save from store-bought coffee, and you have more control over the quality of your brew.

When you are choosing the best coffee maker for RV, list the factors that are most important for you and buy accordingly. Think about the resources that you have and the conditions of your future destination.

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