best car alarm for your RVSafety and security should be paramount in any instance whether you’re living at home, or on the road. That’s why you want to a look at the best car alarm for your RV.

An RV is great for traveling to different destinations without having to pay for hotels. But having belongings and other valuables with you means you have to take measures to protect what’s yours. The question is, which is the best car alarm for your RV?

Why Do You Need a Car Alarm for Your RV?

With the rise of security cameras and even mobile data, it’s becoming easier than ever to ensure that your RV is safe. However, there are a lot of different products on the market. That means it’s more complicated than ever to choose the device that will benefit your needs when thinking about the best car alarm for your RV.

Someone breaking into your RV is a scary thought. Without substantial evidence, it would be challenging to find the person responsible — even more so if the RV is parked away from a city.

That’s why RVs with security cameras probably work the best. Some of these alarms also include carbon monoxide detectors. That gives you alerts to your cell phone if there’s something out of the ordinary going on.

Must-Have Features to Keep Your RV Secure

Finding the best car alarm for your RV is only half the battle. There are a lot of features you should look out for. Having a camera would be an excellent start. Like we already said, having video footage of anything that could happen, and even a live feed so that you can check in on things.

That fact would give you a great sense of security over your mobile home.

It would also be a big advantage for the device to have a siren that will alert those around you if you require it. Some alarms even have prompts in the app to contact emergency services, making for a seamless one-stop-shop for all of your security needs.

Air monitoring is also a huge plus for any device because some will even test the humidity, temperature, and detect carbon monoxide.

A product with offline recording via SD card if the internet fails would also be a good thing.

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How We Chose the Best Car Alarm for Your RV

With the above features in mind, we found a variety of products that tick the boxes. And we have only picked ones that were well received from consumers.

That alone should give peace of mind in knowing that you will be protected in any scenario by a quality product.

Our Top List for the Best Car Alarm for Your RV

Below, we have some of the best products on the market, and we will explain what they do, and how well they perform, thanks to the many consumer reviews out there. That will help when it comes to making your decision about the best car alarm for your RV.

Canary Flex

Canary has garnered a lot of traction over the last few years thanks to the affordable options available to customers. The Flex Edition is smaller and lighter than the other products in the Canary security system range.

The device works both indoors and outdoors, meaning that you can move it around the RV at your own convenience. The unit works wire-free or with a cable plugged into the mains, giving the ultimate versatility.

The Flex can stand free or can even be mounted to a wall. That gives the consumer the convenience of choosing exactly where they want the device to be.

It also benefits from a High Definition camera which has auto Night Vision, meaning the consumer doesn’t need to mess with endless settings to suit the environment.

The device also allows the user to set the perimeter, meaning that the consumer can configure which parts of the environment are to be covered by the device.

Once armed, there’s person detection, which sends a video clip and notification to the linked mobile phone.

The capacity for recordings is 24 hours on the free plan, but there is a paid plan which saves recordings for much longer. And all Canary products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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Canary View

Canary View is the bulkier sibling of Canary Flex, but the caveat with this one is that it has to be plugged in via a micro USB wire at all times to be able to function.

The features are very similar, but what the device has going for it is that it does not look like an alarm, meaning that if anyone were to break in, they probably wouldn’t even recognize the alarm.

Like the Flex, you can control it with the app, as well as on the Canary website.

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Canary Pro All-in-One

The Canary Pro All-in-One looks exactly the same as the Canary View, but it’s bursting at the seams with features.

The most significant difference is that it actively monitors changes in the air, including temperature, humidity, and even carbon monoxide. That adds a lot of value to the product, especially given that it also monitors the home for movement that shouldn’t be occurring.

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Kodak Cherish F685

The Kodak is small and light and is entirely portable in that it comes with rechargeable batteries, meaning it’s perfect for life on the road.

On average, the battery lasts five hours, but the device can be plugged into the mains, allowing the battery to be called to action if there is a power outage.

You can control it via a smartphone app, and the app can work with 10 devices in the 1 account, making it possible to have multiple.

The camera is High Definition and allows the user to tilt, pan, and zoom, giving much more freedom while away from the RV to make sure that every area can be monitored.

As for the recording, it can be recorded to an SD card or the cloud, but the latter requires the device to connect to the Internet.

There’s also two-way talk, meaning you can talk into the camera while being away from it, which is another neat feature.

And temperature alerts allow the user to be kept in the loop if there’s a drastic change in the environment.

On top of that, it comes with a two-year warranty.

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ZUMIMALL Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Camera

The ZUMIMALL comes with a battery that can last anywhere from two to five months, according to the manufacturer.

It’s wire-free, and works best as a security system on the outside, meaning that it can be hooked up just outside the door, giving patrons inside the ability to use the two-way talk feature rather than opening the door.

What’s even greater is that the camera is HD, and weatherproof, meaning that it will work in the worst of environments. Again, this one can be controlled with an app, meaning that essential notifications will be sent to your mobile phone.

It works in the dark, thanks to the night vision mode on the camera, but there is no cloud recording on this one. Instead, recordings are saved to the micro SD memory card, which is not included.

But the user will still get app push notifications if anything is out of the ordinary to allow them to catch the events live. The SD card allows everything to be recorded, which is good in the event the live feed fails.

The device detects motion up to 30 feet away, and starts recording the moment said motion is detected, providing an efficient way of keeping tabs on what is going on in the environment outside the RV.

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EZVIZ Indoor Security Camera

The EZVIZ is one of the more budget cameras, but that’s not to say it lacks in the features department. This one is for the indoor environment.

It ships with a full HD camera, automatic night vision for the around the clock HD coverage. Once it recognizes any movement, a picture is sent to the user, meaning that users can rest assured that they will receive images if anything is a miss.

It comes with a magnetic base that allows it to be installed effortlessly on walls and ceilings. And you can manually adjust it to allow the consumer to control the field of view away from the app.

The one-step installation means that even the most technology-challenged individuals will be able to set it up with ease.

The user can use two-way talking, as well as cloud storage if they think would think it would be beneficial. Out of the box, it comes with a one-month free trial. If users are not using cloud storage, they will need to buy a micro SD card for recordings and images.

The EZVIZ wanted to create a more straightforward approach to the security camera, and it’s evident in the reviews that people love it.

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blurams 1080p Dome Security Camera

The blurams has something the other cameras on this list do not: 360-degree coverage! That’s a unique feature, and the reason it’s possible is because of the shape of the device.

It records videos at 1080p and has a reliable night vision mode that gives around the clock security. Like the others, there is two-way talk and smart instant alerts.

Recording is a breeze with the blurams camera. And it records 10 to 15 seconds automatically when it detects movement. These recordings are stored on the cloud for 24 hours, meaning that if you miss something, you have some video footage of it.

The best part? The cloud service is free, meaning there are no subscriptions or monthly fees, allowing you to set the device up out of the box and have it secure the home.

From within the app, you can control up to four of these cameras simultaneously, meaning that if you want protection in more than one room, it’s more than possible.

The device can also use a micro SD card which will allow for longer recordings.

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WiFi IP Camera Morvelli FHD22

The Morvelli security camera is small and light. It offers a 1080p camera, connection with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo, motion detection, motion tracking, and cloud storage.

Like some of the others on the list, you can also use a micro SD card. You can also share the device with family members, meaning that more than one person can use the app that comes with it.

The camera can pick up motion up to 10 meters. Customers can mount the Morvelli on a ceiling, a wall, or just leave it stationary on a hard surface. It comes with a rubber coating, meaning it’s unlikely to fall during transit.

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eRapta Backup Camera 2.0 with Split Screen Monitor

This is a more traditional security system, in that it does not connect to WiFi, cloud storing, or applications. Customers need to hard-wire this product. It does come with four cameras. You can even watch all four cameras on the included LCD display.

With the 18 infrared lights, it’s possible to see things going on in complete darkness, giving another layer of protection. Additionally, it’s completely weatherproof thanks to the IP69K rating.

It’s undoubtedly an old-school approach, but many people like to have physical wires so that they don’t need to rely on cloud storage to keep them safe.

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KAMTROM Wireless IP Camera

The Kamtrom is a portable device, yet it has 360-degree coverage. There’s two-way audio, app alerts, real-time notifications, and even cloud storage. And there’s a memory card slot for backup.

The camera is 720p. However, it supports pan, tilt, and zoom. That’s a worthy trade-off as opposed to a 1080p camera without those features. As one of the more budget offerings, it may well emerge as the best car alarm for your RV.

Aside from that, the device lacks some of the other features that make the other cameras on the list stand out.

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Go Ahead and Buy the Best Car Alarm for Your RV

Like we already said, there are many different options on the market nowadays thanks to the rise in technology. It makes picking the best car alarm for your RV difficult. You can have a live stream of your RV with you wherever you go. Having recordings, and even some features to make sure the air is safe is a plus.

It all comes down to which of the features you will actually use. That’s something you should consider before picking one of these cameras. And there’s a myriad of different price points, meaning that you need to figure out which one is the right one for you.

Hit the comments with your pick for the best car alarm for your RV based on your needs.