Portable waste tanks are critical accessories when it comes to using an RV.

These products store your wastewater and allow you to easily transport it to the dump station.

Yet, not all portable waste tanks are the same.

In this article, the six best RV portable waste tanks are examined in greater depth. Towards the end of the article, a buyer’s guide is offered that will help you when selecting a tank.

How The Ratings Are Chosen

When choosing the products for this list, a combination of affordability, tank size, materials used, and brand reputation was analyzed.

Additionally, customer reviews were valued highly, as any RV portable waste tank that received consistently bad reviews was not included in this list.

Even though all of these products represent the cream of the crop, there are some relative differences to be aware of that have been highlighted using a 4-star rating system.

Overall Price Range Of The Product

The larger the RV portable waste tank, the more expensive it typically is. Some of the larger tanks on the market can hold over 40 gallons of waste.

More expensive tanks are usually made from higher quality materials that last longer. Cheaper tanks are usually constructed from lower-quality plastic that causes them to degrade at a quicker rate.

Some of the cheapest tanks on the market cost less than $70.

Top 6 Best RV Portable Waste Tanks

In this section, the six best RV portable waste tanks are considered in detail.

1. Camco Rhino Portable RV Waste Tank

Camco Rhino 21-Gallon Portable RV Tote Tank | Features Heavy-Duty...
  • Transports Waste from Your RV/Trailer: Allows you to transport waste from your RV or trailer to a dump station; Ideal...
  • Includes: (1) tote tank, (1) handle, (2) wheels, (1) tank rinser, (1) ladder hook, (1) 3’ sewer hose w/ swivel...
  • Easy to Transport: Large, no-flat wheels make transport smooth and effortless. A removable steel tow adapter allows you...

This tank from Camco provides a 21-gallon tank that can be transported to a dump station. This portability is due to large, heavy-duty, no-flat wheels.

Many customers love how affordable this tank is. Affordability is especially important when buying accessories for your RV, as the costs can really add up over time.

This product also comes with a steel tow adapter. This allows you to tow the tank like a suitcase. This makes transporting your waste a smooth experience.

This tank is made from blow-molded, UV-stabilized HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This material won’t degrade when exposed to the sun, making it very durable.

This product comes with a 3-foot RhinoEXTREME sewer hose as well as several accessories that allow you to pump your waste from your tank to a dumping station.

All the hardware on this product is zinc-plated to minimize rust and corrosion. The wheels also have bearings that are stainless steel to make them more rugged.

One of the key features of this tank is the oversized handle, as this makes it easy to transport the tank. Some tanks have small, weak handles that can make them difficult to transport. You don’t have to worry about that with this tank from Camco.

The 21-gallon size might not appeal to some RV users who are going on a long trip. This size might be inconvenient for longer trips, as you would have to empty and clean the tank more often.

2. Thetford SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tank

SmartTote2 LX Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 4 Wheels - 27-Gallon...
  • Everything You Need: The portable tank comes with all components needed to empty the RV waste holding tanks.
  • Storage Compartment for Components:  Perma Store storage compartment holds the heavy-duty hose with a universal bayonet...
  • Compact, Easy-To-Use Portable Tote: Smart Tote 2 is a 27-gallon portable waste tank that allows you to empty the tanks...

This tank from Thetford is a rugged, 27-gallon tank that can be used with any RV type right out of the box. This means it’s already assembled, which will appeal to customers who are buying a waste tank for the first time.

This product comes with a heavy-duty hose, a 90-degree elbow nozzle, and a cap. These accessories can all be stored in the storage compartment of this tank.

Due to the four rubber wheels, this can tank easily be transported from your RV to the dumping station.

Many customers love that the front wheels are attached to the handle, as this makes the tank easier to maneuver. If you have to transport the tank a significant distance, then this feature would come in handy.

This tank has an AutoStop level gauge which prevents you from overfilling the tank. This gauge also allows you to empty the tank faster by improving the tank’s ventilation.

Thetford has a great reputation when it comes to making sanitation products for RV’s. You can trust their products to last many years.

3. Tote-N-Store RV Portable Waste Tank

Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport - 25 Gallon Capacity , Gray
  • Accessories stored in special storage compartment.The 25 gallon tank comes with 36 inches of 3 inches drain hose, 1 hose...
  • Completely assembled
  • Rugged construction

This RV portable waste tank from Tote-N-Stor provides a 25-gallon tank that has a towing bracket. This makes the tank easy to attach to the back of your vehicle for transport.

This product also comes with a wheel kit that makes the tank easy to roll around.

There is also a storage compartment in this tank that allows you to store commonly used fittings conveniently. This allows you to be more organized, which is especially important when you are traveling in an RV.

It only comes with two wheels and a very short handle. While these components are certainly effective, many other products on the market come with four wheels and a much longer handle. Their extra wheels and longer handles make these tanks easier to transport to distant locations.

4. TankAOSGYA RV Portable Waste Tank

AOSGYA Portable Waste Water Holding Tank RV Water Tank with Hose and 2...
  • [Ready to use] If the parking place is too far away from an RV sewer, you can use this Waste Holding Tank anytime to...
  • [Top-quality and Safe] The body is made of HDPE environmental friendly material. This RV waste tote tank is...
  • [ Simple design ] The rugged 11 Gallon water tank is easy to use and maneuver. The low drain hole ensures that the tote...

This RV portable waste tank from AOSGYA is an 11-gallon tank that is perfect for transporting wastewater to the dumping station.

Due to its smaller size, many customers prefer to use this tank. It has two wheels and an oversized handle that makes rolling it to your destination very simple. It can also be towed behind a golf cart or truck.

This product is made from HDPE, making it wear-resistant and non-toxic. This material is also environmentally friendly.

This product has an opening for slow draining as well as an opening for fast draining. This gives you more control over how you drain the tank. Also, the drain hole is positioned in a low spot to ensure that the entire tank empties.

One notable feature of this tank is that there are special holes that can be used to attach a metal handle or cord. A handle or cord would allow you to bundle other objects to the tank during transport. For example, some customers might want to bring a bag with them to the dumping station.

Many customers want a small tank to encourage using less water. This tank would be ideal for that purpose. Other customers prefer a smaller tank because it’s easier to maneuver outside of the RV. Even though you have to empty them more often, smaller tanks can be easier to empty.

5. Barker RV Portable Waste Tank

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 42 Gallon Capacity (30844)
  • Constructed from blow-molded polyethylene, zinc-plated steel and aluminum.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Front-mounted double wheel-swivel engineered for easy maneuvering and mounted on a heavy-duty, extra large mounting...
  • Designed to be a quiet and smooth rolling tote tank

This tank from Barker offers 42-gallon capacity and four wheels for easy transport. The wheels are made from rubber, which makes them durable. This tank can withstand many trips to a dumping station.

This product is made from heavy-duty materials like zinc-plated steel, aluminum, and blow-molded polyethylene. This makes it extremely rugged. It’s unlikely you will have to buy another one any time soon.

One of the main benefits of this tank is how large it is. If you are going on an extended trip, then this large-size would be ideal, as you wouldn’t have to empty or clean it as often. Emptying and cleaning a tank can take a significant amount of time, which could prevent you from thoroughly enjoying your travels.

Some customers have noted that this hose doesn’t measure up to the quality of the tank.

This is not a deal-breaker, as you can always buy a separate hose if you’re not satisfied with the one that comes with it. Still, some customers might see this as a costly hassle that limits the worthiness of this product.

​6. SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank

SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon -...
  • Compact, Easy-To-Use Portable Tote: Smart Tote 2 is a 12-gallon portable waste tank that allows you to empty the tanks...
  • Rugged Design: Made of polypropylene, Smart Tote 2 comes with two durable rubber wheels and a built-in handle for easy...
  • Venting Port for Easy Emptying: Smart Tote 2 is fitted with a venting port that helps with the emptying process.

This product from Teekland has a 10-gallon capacity and is made from high-strength HDPE. This material ensures that the tank is drop-resistant. This is ideal if you will be transporting it often, as it’s likely you will drop it at some point. Minimizing leaks and messes in these situations is critical,, which makes a rugged product like this one so important to have.

Many customers like this tank because it has passed the SGS food grade contact test. This means it can be used to store drinking water, making it a versatile product.

One of the main benefits of this tank is the extendable handle, as this allows people of varying height to use the tank.

Due to its small size, this tank is perfect for short trips. Many people use this tank for short camping trips or outdoor picnics.

The compartment on the back of the tank can be used to store important components. This prevents you from losing these components.

Buyer’s Guide For Selecting A Tank

When selecting a tank, you should first decide how big you want it to be.

Tanks that are over 30 gallons are ideal for more extended trips in which a large container is needed to store wastewater.

Smaller tanks are ideal for short trips. These also tend to be more manageable due to their smaller size and weight.

When it comes to large tanks, Barker’s product is one of the best on the market. You can rely on this tank every time to store your wastewater safety until it’s emptied.

When it comes to smaller tanks, Camco’s product is preferred by many customers. The hose that comes with this tank is very high-quality. This is important if you frequently pump wastewater out of your tank. A compromised hose could cause a mess, which is the last thing you want to happen when managing a waste tank.

Teekland’s tank is also an ideal option if you want an extremely small tank. Its 10-gallon size makes it very easy to transport. Also, it might appeal to customers who want to use a waste tank to store water.

Final Thoughts On RV Portable Waste Tanks

RV portable waste tanks are crucial accessories to have when using an RV.

Without these portable tanks, it might be difficult to transport a waste tank from your RV to a dumping station.

By owning a portable waste tank, you make emptying wastewater a much smoother process.

It’s important to invest in a high-quality tank, as there’s nothing worse than having to deal with a mess of wastewater.

All of the products on this list are reliable in that regard, which allows you to get the most out of your RV.

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