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Foxwell Scanners: An RVers Guide To This Diagnostic Tool

foxwell scanner

When it comes to RV maintenance, with Foxwell scanners you can spend less time in the shop and more time doing what RVers love, exploring the open road.

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Outside the Box: How to Live in an RV on your Own Land


Do you fancy the idea of living off the beaten track, err, living in your own landed home and live anywhere you like? That is the very idea of RV living. Being mobile is an important word nowadays. Computers, phones, and even homes are now mobile. The recreational van (RV) is just one example. Yes, many […]

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How to Seal RV Rubber Roof?


An RV rubber roof is known to be lightweight and durable. It is also popular for being resistant to harsh elements. However, that does not necessarily mean that it is not prone to any forms of damage. In fact, there is a risk for it to get damaged by certain elements, like strong winds that […]

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TPO vs. EPDM RV Roof: Which One Should You Choose?


Shopping for a new RV roof can make you instantly realize that there are actually numerous choices that are available for you. While most of the types of the roof designed for RV are good choices, it is a must for you to educate yourself about each one prior to making a decision. Avoid rushing and […]

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