best RV Antifreeze brands in the market

Not all antifreezes are the same. Though it is easy to assume that each brand out there is fine for every vehicle, that could not be further from the truth.

Car antifreeze is one thing, but RV antifreeze is in another category altogether. That is because where car antifreeze is toxic and often made for cooling systems, RV antifreeze is nontoxic and works with the plumbing system.

Not only that, but as with any product, every high-quality RV antifreeze is different. Some brands offer broad benefits, while others are much more nuanced in what they can do. Those differences are key because they show why some liquids are so much more effective than others.

Rating the Top RV Antifreeze

Choosing an RV antifreeze can be a tricky task. To help you know you’re picking the right one, every choice on this list has been tested thoroughly to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

All of the options were specifically analyzed for long-lasting performance, overall quality, price, and general applications. A range of reviews, from both consumers and professionals, were analyzed as well.

That rating system means that all of the following RV antifreeze options are not just reliable, they are the best and most effective choices on the market.

Peak RV and Marine Antifreeze

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The first antifreeze on this list comes from Peak. This product, like so many great RV antifreeze options, does a fantastic job of protecting your vehicle even in the coldest temperatures.

When purchasing a strong antifreeze, you need something that can stand up to the elements. Though various options do a good job of protecting against mildly cold temperature, things can get dicey when the outside air hits well below freezing.

Peak’s solution offers fantastic protection in that area because it works regardless of how cold it gets outside.

This special formula can resist temperatures of down to – 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than you’ll ever need. That may sound like overkill, but it is not about the number. It is about ensuring that the product will work no matter where your travels take you.

You never want an unexpected cold front or unusually frigid winter to ruin your vehicle. Peak takes the extra steps to ensure that doesn’t happen.

This bio-friendly formula is, of course, nontoxic, and provides safe, lasting protection. The solution, which comes in a 3.78 Liter bottle, is a glycol-based formula that does not dry out rubber seals or lines in the system. That alone pushes it to the top of this list.

As an added bonus, this is also a great option for pools. Though that is not the primary use, it always helps to get a bit of extra utility from a bottle. Being able to protect your property as well as your vehicle is a welcome feature for any antifreeze.


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Coming in at number two on our list is the RV antifreeze from Chemworld. This product makes the top of the list because it provides you with ample protection in various ways.

First, as you would expect from any top brand, this has built-in cold resistance. Chemworld’s formula works in temperatures as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit, giving even more weather protection than South/Win.

However, this is special because it goes far beyond the basics. In addition to the cold resistance, it also offers great burst and slush protection. You get burst protection down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and slush protection down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

In that way, Chemworld makes the best all-around product on the market. You do not just get a one-note antifreeze, you get something that is truly specialized for all different environments and areas.

If that’s not enough, Chemworld’s RV antifreeze also offers inherent corrosion protection for all metals. That is another feature on top of an already fantastic product, and it reveals what pushes this over the top.

All of the above characteristics show how this antifreeze works for you. Even so, it doesn’t make the top of the list because it does not come ready in the same way South/Win does.

This is not a huge deal, you simply need to mix the formula after filling the gallon to the top with fresh water, but it is an extra step you want to be aware of before purchasing.

Splash RV/Marine Antifreeze

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Far and away the cheapest option on this list, Splash RV/Marine Antifreeze is the best choice for people who want to protect metal products from extreme weather conditions, but not harsh on their wallet.

Price is typically not an issue when it comes to RV antifreeze, but there is nothing wrong with saving money. The 1-gallon option is significantly more affordable than similar brands, and that alone pushes it towards the top of the list.

However, where it truly shines is that it also offers everything you could ever want in a top formula.

Many people tend to avoid cheaper products simply because they assume the items won’t work as well as higher-priced ones. Though that is true in some cases, it does not apply here.

Splash antifreeze covers all of its bases to give you an all-around, reliable product.

This antifreeze is alcohol and propylene glycol based. That helps give it a range of different applications, from casual to industrial, and offers freeze protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. It also provides burst protection at that temperature.

This brand is nontoxic, which makes it safe, as well as odorless and non-staining. It works as a heat transfer fluid as well.

Camco RV Antifreeze Concentrate

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Number four on this list comes from Camco. Their antifreeze concentrate is a non-mixed option that still works to provide incredible results. This product works a bit differently than similar products, but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse.

The concentrate comes in a reasonably priced one-gallon container, which you then mix with water to create the final substance. It takes 36 ounces of concentrate to create one gallon of antifreeze. That amount is more than enough to give you proper protection during the cold months of the year.

When properly diluted, Camco’s antifreeze offers burst protection down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. That is more than enough to last you through any type of cold front or freezing temperatures you may encounter.

In addition, as this is an RV antifreeze, it is nontoxic and completely non-hazardous. The 100 percent biodegradable formula breaks down without worry and is perfectly safe for pets and children.

As with South/Win, this can also be used for multiple applications. RV is always the first, but this is great with boats, cottages, and pools as well.

Though you can find this in one-gallon options, the above link offers a two-gallon pack for one low price. That deal is icing on the cake, offering you extra savings on an already great antifreeze.

Camco Easy Going RV Antifreeze

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If you love the reliability and results that Camco offers but don’t want to mess around with mixing your own product, there is their Easy Going option.

This antifreeze comes ready right out of the container, which means no mixing is required. That streamlines the ease of use and ensures you can simply buy and pour right away.

As for the formula itself, it offers all of the great protection noted in the above Camco concentrate.

This propylene glycol-based solution works down to -50 degrees Fahrenheit, protecting your property against even the toughest winters.

You will likely use it on your RV, but also have the option to use it on summer homes and pools as well. Everything gets sheltered under Camco’s -50 burst protection.

This is also nontoxic, which makes it safe for both the user and any freshwater environment. It also actively prevents algae buildup, lubricates pumps, and wets all valves throughout an entire system.

In addition, this fantastic RV antifreeze stops general corrosion that can occur over time.

As seen in the link, this item can be bought on its own or in packs of six. That choice differs based on how much you need and how much storage you have, but you do get a better deal if you buy more.


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Starbrite is not as easily recognized as Camco, but their Sea Safe Non-Toxic Antifreeze is one of the best options around.

As with so many other choices, this nontoxic RV antifreeze gives outstanding cold weather and corrosion protection for all engines and water systems.

What makes this special is that it has great anti-corrosion properties across all metals (copper, brass, aluminum), but doesn’t damage seals, rubber, or hoses. That hard-but-soft approach helps it enhance all different parts of your vehicle without the risk of lasting damage.

Beyond that, Starbrite offers burst protection at -50 degrees Fahrenheit and freeze protection between 12- and 14-degrees Fahrenheit. Though those marks are not quite as high as some of the above options, they are more than enough to get the job done.

This is also nontoxic and is made with no alcohols. The bright pink offers great blow through visibility, and the solution does not have to be diluted. It is ready to use right away.

Buying Great RV Antifreeze

There are many great RV antifreeze options out there. So many that you may want to go out and look for ones that do not appear on the above list.

If that is the case, there are some important features you should always keep in mind. Look for brands that hit the -50 degree mark, and always check for burst protection down to similar temperatures.

When buying an RV antifreeze, selecting a nontoxic option is a must as well as the ability to resist corrosion and protect your vehicle. Also, be sure to get a mixed or non-mixed antifreeze depending on your preference.

Only once those boxes are checked do you start checking for the price, as well as any other notable applications.

Protecting Against any and all Temperatures

A good RV needs a good antifreeze to work. It is easy to skip over buying an RV antifreeze and pick up whatever your local store sells, but you never want to mess around with cold protection. All it takes is for one accident to ruin your vehicle.

Each of the seven choices laid out above protects your property in its own way. Some are heavy-duty, some come pre-mixed, some offer a wide range of features, but they all work towards the same end. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

As long as you do your research with the above paragraphs and know what to look for, you’ll have your RV ready for the elements in no time.