When it comes to RV maintenance, with Foxwell scanners you can spend less time in the shop and more time doing what RVers love: exploring the open road.

You’ve spent months planning the perfect cross country RV trip. You bought brand new camping gear, made all the RV park reservations, and now you’re packed up and ready to roll. But when you fire up your RV, that all-familiar orange party pooper known as the check engine light spoils your plans.

So now you have to find out what’s wrong before you hit the road.

This area is where Foxwell scanners can help. With these devices, you can quickly assess what needs immediate fixing, or what can wait until you get back.

Comparison Table

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About Foxwell Scanners

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Foxwell is a professional supplier of automotive diagnostic tools that’s been around since 2009. The company also specializes in diagnostic services and solutions for the aftermarket. Some of their products include such devices as electrical brake tools, data logger devices, OBDII code readers, and scanners, to name a few.

When it comes to innovation, Foxwell puts their money where their ideas are. The company invests no less than 20 percent of their annual revenue towards research and development.

They base their solutions on making their products simpler, smarter, and more efficient at diagnosing problems. This mindset helps DIYers address their issues and challenges with easy-to-use devices. Not to mention, it helps auto shops lower operating costs while increasing their productivity.

Foxwell also provides services to consumers around the globe by allowing them to easily access the information they need to resolve vehicle issues at an excellent value.

The company’s long term values include:

  • Expanding service and solution offerings to enhance customer value
  • Meeting the needs of their key consumers to help them grow
  • Strengthening their presence at big retailers
  • Growing and establishing its presence in the emerging world market.

They’ve also cultivated the best engineering resources in the industry, which allows them to bring new products and technology to the market faster than their competitors.

Here’s their mission statement:

“We strive to innovate, change and lead the automotive diagnostic industry – while always making sure that we’re focused on delighting customers by meeting, and even exceeding their needs and expectations.”

What Are Foxwell Scanners?

An Onboard Diagnostics 2 or OBDII is a standardized system for different vehicle classes used mostly for self-diagnostics. The OBDII software monitors and regulates your RV’s main functions. It can also send commands to various systems to help maintain your car’s overall health. Plus, it can self-correct any anomalies in vehicle ignition and fuel mixture.

RV owners and technicians will use an OBDII scanner to understand OBDII’s gathered data. This device can display data about the vehicle’s engine RPM, air temperature, coolant, camshaft, crankshaft position, throttle and road speed.

There are two types of OBDII scanners on the market: code readers and scan tools.

Code readers

OBDII code readers are relatively inexpensive gadgets with minimal functionality. These devices can read and clear codes from your RV.

One of the most significant limitations of these devices is the lack of information on specific manufacturer codes. Additionally, it cannot gain access to some types of data.

Scan tools

OBDII scan tools, such as Foxwell scanners, are more expensive than code readers and have various features that readers do not possess.

These devices can provide extensive access to both live and recorded data. On top of that, they can read manufacturer-specific codes and allow advanced troubleshooting options.

How Do Foxwell Scanners Work?

How an OBD2 scanner operates depends on its type. If the scanner is a code reader, then it can only read and clear codes. But if it is a scan tool, then it can view both stored and live data as well as perform many more functions.

However, all OBD2 scanners offer the same basic functionalities.

That said: Some scanners are also designed to set up PIDs, check pending codes, customize a list of parameters, and provide access to more information.

One common misconception about these tools is that they can deal with all anomalies without physical intervention. As it turns out: These devices are not magic wands that can fix any problem. But instead, they can only tell you about issues in your vehicle and clear errant codes.

Most real fixes still require getting some grease under your nails.

The most common code an OBD2 scanner will clear is the so-called check engine light or malfunction indicator light (MIL). When an indicator light comes on it means that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is unable to decode an error message sent by a specific sensor.

The PCM then warns you that there’s an anomaly within your vehicle.

The mystery code could be anything from a loss of power to an increase in fuel consumption. Whatever it is, the OBD2 scanner will decipher it. The PCM stores the error message, and the scanner then shows you the trouble code.

How to Use OBD2 Foxwell Scanners

OBD2 scanners are very easy to use. While it’s true that different models offer different functions, the general process for using an OBD2 scanner remains straightforward.

Here is a list of instructions on how to use an OBD2 scanner.

Step 1

Turn off power to the vehicle. Next, plug your Foxwell scanner into the OBD2 data link connector which you should find under your RV’s control panel. Since OBD2 is a standardized system, all OBD2 scanners use one type of connector: the SAE J1962.

After plugging in the device, the scanner will be ready to start doing its job.

Some scan tools also have modules or keys that will amplify the universal connector allowing you to access or interact with OEM specific data and controls.

Step 2

Turn on your RV on and wait for the Foxwell scanner to boot up. If it doesn’t automatically initialize, don’t freak out. Try pressing the power button.

Step 3

Once the Foxwell scanner is ready, start imputing all the required data. This data can include information about your RV’s model, engine, type, Vehicle Information Number (VIN), and more.

Step 4

After that, you need to allow the device to read or scan your vehicle’s diagnostic system. If you’re unsure how to do this, then consult the scanner’s manual to find the button that will start this process.

Step 5

After you’ve scanned all of your RV’s systems, the Foxwell scanner will provide you with several codes, or maybe just one trouble code. You can then write these codes down, print them (if the unit has a built-in printer), or transfer the data to your computer or mobile phone using Bluetooth or WiFi.

Step 6

Look up these trouble codes in the Foxwell scanner’s manual to know what each means. However, most manuals will only provide you with basic codes. If you have trouble finding a specific DTC code, then do a quick internet search. There are tons of supplemental codes for different RV models online.

Step 7

Once you finish recording the codes, turn off your RV and carefully unplug your Foxwell scanner.

Check out the Best Foxwell Scanners Head to Head with the Competition

Here are four popular Foxwell scanners along with their features, pricing, and warranty information. We also included some comparable models from other brands along with similar information.

Foxwell BT780 BT-780 Battery Analyzer with Built-in Thermal Printer

[amazon box=”B00UJV3E12″]

This Foxwell Battery Analyzer with a built-in thermal printer offers a comprehensive assessment of the overall health and charge level of your 12-volt RV battery, as well as your 12- or 24-volt charging system.

Unlike most of the other battery analyzers on the market in this price range, these Foxwell scanners are specially developed to support start-stop AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) batteries, which are becoming more popular in more and more RVs.

Here are a few things this device will report:

  • Rated CCA (Cold Cranking Amps)
  • Measured CCA
  • Cranking voltage (voltage when starting the engine)
  • Cranking time
  • Charging voltage (loaded)
  • Measured voltage
  • Charging voltage (no load)
  • Charging ripple

These Foxwell scanners also feature conductance test technology which makes tests more accurate and convenient. Plus, the ripple voltage test allows technicians to check the out voltage of the alternator very quickly. The built-in thermal printer gives the technician the ability to print test results anytime and anywhere. SOC (System On Chip) and SOH (Stat Of Health) test results display help for technicians to judge the status of an RV battery much faster than before.

In addition, this unit features replaceable test lines and offers quick and accurate test results in about three seconds. Furthermore, it features an advanced alternator-starter test and quick starter analysis without the need to disable the ignition. Also, this device doesn’t emit light, spark, heat, or battery discharge, which keeps all level of users safe.

The price of this battery analyzer ranges between $300 to $400 and includes a one-year limited warranty.

Compare to the ANCEL BST500 12V/24V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester

[amazon box=”B071VQXDJD”]

The Ancel Automotive Battery Load Tester is designed for 12-volt battery testing and 12 or 24-volt starting-charging systems. It accurately displays the battery parameters in about 2.5 seconds, advising you if the battery is full, low, or needs charging or replacement.

The analyzer works on 12-volt lead-acid batteries as well as AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, gel, and deep cycle batteries. The unit is encased in a rugged housing with grips, making it easier to hold without slipping. Additionally, it is lightweight and has a backlit display, making it easier to read. The built-in thermal printer allows you to share the readout with your customers or build a preventative maintenance program for your RV through good record keeping.

This device retails between $130 and $300 and includes a one-year limited warranty.

Foxwell NT301 CAN OBDII/EOBD Code Reader

[amazon box=”B00UJV3E12″]

This Foxwell OBDII/EOBD Code Reader works on all compliant vehicles and features reading, erasing DTC, and I/M readiness hotkeys, making it easy to use this tool right out of the package. Furthermore, these hotkeys provide quick access to DTC information, emissions readiness status, and erase function. The Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and built-in speaker show emissions monitor status, and they can help you uncover intermittent problems or confirm successful repairs during a drive cycle.

These Foxwell scanners include automatic VIN acquisition and decoding, which makes it much easier to read manufacturer specific codes and enhanced mode six data. Not only does this unit read and clear engine system faults, but it also displays live vehicle sensor data in both graph and text format, allowing you to focus on any system-specific or suspicious data parameters.

The reader also analyzes freeze frame data to diagnose engine conditions such as engine coolant temp, fuel trim, and others at the time the indicator lamp was set.

In addition to all of that, you can also clear codes, turn off check engine lights, and more.

With internet access, you even get lifetime access to all the latest bug fixes and newly added parameters. Using the unique one-click update and automated update reminder, you can always stay current with the newest technology.

These Foxwell scanners can cost between $50 and $100. These devices have a one-year limited warranty.

Compare to TryAce OBD2 Scanner, OBDII Auto Diagnostic Code Scanner

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The TryAce OBDII Scanner makes it easy to clear and read DTCs, query freeze frame data, vehicle information, read dynamic data stream, O2, sensor test, and O2 monitor tests.

Additionally, it performs EVAP systems tests, reads pending fault codes, permanent DTC, readiness status, and turn-off malfunction indicator light (MIL).

You can also print data to your PC and permanently remove codes.

It features EVAP testing of the fuel tank system (Mode 8) and advanced onboard monitoring (Mode 6) which gives you greater control of your RVs running status.

Plus, the unit has a 2.8-inch LCD colored screen and has a shock-proof, anti-slip design made with steel dust treatment for durability.

The device also comes with lifetime updates and bug fixes.

The TryAce OBDII Scanner retails between $80 to $200 and comes with a one-year warranty.

Foxwell NT6​50 Automaster for All Brands All System+ EPB+ Oil Service Scanner

[amazon box=”B07H5KV85H”]

The Foxwell Automaster scanner has access to a vast range of controllers such as the airbag, ABS, and instrument cluster. The unit automatically scans all diagnosable electronic control units on an RV and instantly displays all errors detected. Errors can then be viewed and cleared with a single click.

These Foxwell scanners also let you identify the vehicle you are testing quickly and accurately using its VIN. It automatically recovers the VIN code, or you can enter it manually to determine the model.

You can also see live vehicle data in graph and text format, allowing you to focus on symptom-specific or suspicious data parameters. The Foxwell scanner also has powerful graphing that will enable you to get a real picture of what’s happening under the hood.

On top of that, you can view two parameter graphs at the same time and merge them into one coordinate. This feature allows you to easily see how the two parameters affect each other, giving you the most functional and comprehensive look at live data.

This one tool also allows you to perform oil light resets and EPB (Electronic Park Brake) services. It has a 4.3-inch color display along with a well-arranged keypad featuring menu-driven operation that includes numerous shortcut functions.

The Automaster is also constructed to resist impact and damage with its rubberized sleeve, screen protector, and extra corner padding.

As if that’s not enough:

It comes with lifetime free updates, allowing you to get the latest new vehicles, bug fixes, newly added parameters and functionality you need to stay current.

The Automaster can cost between $​ and $$$ and has a one-year warranty.

Compare to AusLand MDS ​4009 OBD2 Car Code Reader Full Systems Diagnostics

[amazon box=”B07JPCCLPB”]

The AusLand ​4009 reader features powerful special functions such as RESET:

  • Bleed
  • BMS
  • oil
  • SAS
  • brake
  • DPF
  • ETS
  • Gear
  • IMMO
  • TPMS
  • Inject

The device also makes it easy to read and clear trouble fault codes on all major systems such as transmission, engine, ABS, and airbag. Furthermore, it retrieves data streams, ABS/SRS, Vehicle ECU info, I/M Readiness, SAS (Steering Angle Sensor) calibration, performs EVAP test, and clears adaptation.

You can also get live data graphing that merges easily for a more intuitive diagnosis. It also displays freeze frame data, displaying freeze frame data as snapshots of the operating conditions during the time of an emission-related fault. Plus it views and graphs live data for real-time analysis.

The unit features a large TFT color screen with an easy-to-use menu, a lookup library, and it has a memory card for data backup. You can also update software via the internet.

This OBDII reader retails for between $​ and $​$ and includes a one-year warranty.

Original Foxwell GT80 Plus Next Generation Diagnostic Platform WiFi Scanner

[amazon box=”B07D2L9PQQ”]

These next-generation Foxwell scanners feature access to a vast range of controllers such as airbags, ABS, and instrument cluster. Plus you get live sensor data, and system to component-level bi-directional controls to help complete the job faster with a better degree of accuracy.

In addition, it gives you access to the most commonly needed service features such as service resets, brake deactivation, and transmission adaptations. You can view live vehicle sensor data in text, graph, and gauge format, allowing you to focus on any unusual or symptom-specific data parameters.

In fact:

With this device you can view up to four parameter graphs simultaneously, and even merge multiple PID plots into one coordinate, to see how they affect each other. The features can provide you with the most functional and comprehensive analysis of live data possible.

But wait, there’s more:

These Foxwell scanners also feature Foxwell’s one-of-a-kind self-learning technology to provide an unrivaled accurate diagnosis. This feature gives you the ability to discover good live sensor data values during various states such as idle, acceleration, KEKO, deceleration, part load, and heavy load. The devices then record diagnosis from multiple vehicles and remember them for future use.

What this means is:

If that RV returns with a problem, you can easily compare the parameter and faulty sensor readings to the good readings. With sensor data comparing and learning, diagnostics can be done much faster, accurately, and efficiently than ever before, which saves you both time and money.

This model also has a windows 8.1 OS, Intel quad-core processor, and a 10.1-inch LED capacitive touch display. You receive free one-click updates for up to three years.

These Foxwell scanners sell for between $​$ to $​$$ and include a one-year warranty.

Compare to the Autel MS906TS Diagnostic System

[amazon box=”B01N59FST0″]

This Autel diagnostic system offers a wide range of coverage for different vehicle makes and models and features smart AutoVIN technology to help make identifying vehicles faster than ever.

This system also features OE-level functionality from comprehensive OBDII services and diagnostics to advanced ECU coding. Besides that, it has complete capabilities for live data, codes, active testing, ECU information, matching, adaptation, coding and more.

Plus, the integrated TPMS antenna module allows for comprehensive TPMS services through the uniquely integrated TPMS service application. The application is designed for triggering known OEM TPMS sensors. Additionally, it can clone and program the Autel MX-sensor, as well as perform TPMS sensor relearn procedures. Furthermore, the TPMS status screen instantly pinpoints system faults and allows you to view TPMS status.

This Autel diagnostic system retails between $​​ and $​$ and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Why Choose Foxwell Scanners?

Foxwell is widely regarded across the auto industry as one of the best OBD scanner brands on the market. With its expansive variety of Foxwell scanners, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect one for your RV. Foxwell scanners are also sturdy and well-built, able to withstand drops and just about anything else you can throw at them. Whether you have a pesky check engine light that just won’t go away or need to diagnose a critical issue, Foxwell scanners have got you covered.

Best of all: You can access Foxwell’s massive library of codes and troubleshooting tips to fix just about any coding issue going on with your RV.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of Foxwell scanners. Remember to always check for codes before a big trip, and safe travels!

Have you used a Foxwell scanner? Let us know how it worked for you down in the comments.