Elements RV Cover Review

Are you an RVer, or just a road-tripper who doesn’t like staying in hotels? You need an RV cover, and you could consider buying an Elements RV cover. However, without an Elements RV cover review, how would you even know you’re getting the quality you want to protect your RV?

You might have noticed that the paint on your RV is starting to fade, and maybe even flake away. That’s just an early symptom of the damage the elements can cause. And you can’t afford indoor storage space for your RV when you’re not using it, so now you’re wondering what you can do.

That’s why you should know about RV covers, and why you might want to consider buying one.

What Is an Elements RV Cover?

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Elements is a brand of RV accessories, which includes RV covers. These covers protect your RV from the weather and the sun’s ultraviolet rays when you can’t keep it under a shelter or in storage.

Who manufactures Elements RV covers?

Barbaras Development, Inc., manufactures Elements RV covers. Camping World sells the covers along with RVs and other camping equipment and accessories.You’ll find Elements RV covers mostly at Camping World. However, if you run a Google Shopping search, you can find these covers elsewhere as well.

What You Should Know Before Buying an Elements RV Cover

There are a couple of things of which you should be aware before you buy an RV cover. First off, do you know why you’d even want one? If you have an RV and you’ve never covered it, you might already know that answer.

There’s also something you should keep in mind when you buy an RV cover because it’ll happen no matter which one you ultimately decide to buy.

Why you want an RV cover

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Unless you’re able to store your RV in an enclosed storage space whenever you’re not traveling with it, you need to protect it. Weather, climate, and sunlight all damage anything that sits outside. Without a cover, you’ll spend more money on repairs than you will if you have one.

You should also consider the possibility that your RV will become damaged beyond repair without a cover. While it’s true that no cover can protect your RV from everything, it can protect it from the most common problems associated with the outdoors.

Something important to consider

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Weather can damage your RV, but ultraviolet light can make that damage worse and cause damage of its own. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter which RV cover you get; you might feel like you’re making a sacrificial purchase. The cover takes as much damage as possible, so your RV doesn’t.

Some people cover the roof of their covers with a blue plastic tarp. Those tarps are cheap, but they don’t breathe. If you decide to do this to get more out of your RV cover, be sure you’re not covering up any ventilation panels or breathable material.

Just remember that your RV is an investment, and the cover is an excellent way to protect that investment, even if you have to replace it every few years.

Elements RV Cover Review

There are two types of Elements RV covers: All-Climate and Premium All-Climate. They’re both designed for all four seasons in all climates. Camping World sells all Elements RV covers, as well as a few other types of covers like roof and tire covers.

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The All-Climate RV cover has three layers of moisture-releasing, water-resistant polypropylene. It also has a Tyvek roof panel to better protect your roof from the direct rays of the sun.

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An Elements RV cover also comes with four handles attached to the roof as well as reinforced straps, buckles, and flaps, and polymer grommets instead of metal ones. That helps reduce your risk of ripping these things out as you strap the cover down.

You’ll also find vents on all sides of an Elements RV cover that help to ventilate things underneath and keep them dry so mold and mildew can’t develop.

Besides all that, you don’t need to buy extra bungee cords to strap it down. These RV covers come with their own straps, which are built into the front and rear panels. You use those to strap and cinch it down.

The only difference between the All-Climate cover and the Premium All-Climate cover is in the materials they use. The premium covers don’t have layers of material. Instead, they have Poly-Oxford fabric, which is twice as durable as other fabrics and completely water-repellent.

The premium covers also have mesh insets on their ventilation panels, which helps air move underneath and through it better than the standard panels. Finally, it’s lighter, so it’s easier to move and store.

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  • Tyvek roof panel not only stands up to weather, it protects corners from tearing
  • In addition to airflow panels, there are zippered panels for easy access to storage spaces
  • Straps and buckles have a coating to protect them against UV rays
  • Polymer grommets not only prevent rust but are also stronger than metal ones
  • Comes complete with its own storage bag


  • It’s large and heavy, making it difficult to use the cover by yourself
  • There are only two types
  • May not fit snugly on smaller RVs
  • May be more susceptible to extreme weather than advertised

How do people feel about Elements RV covers?

Professionals like Bob Dawson from both Trailer Life and Motorhome Magazine love this particular RV cover. He likes the oversized Tyvek top because it’s better at protecting corners.

He approves of the heavy material and the fact that the cover is big enough to cover the entire RV box. Here’s his full Elements RV cover review:

Some customers like it as well. They say that their covers have held up well over the course of at least three years. The price fits their budgets, and they like the way it fits, too.

However, all is not well. People who have bought the All-Climate version only give it 2.7 out of 5 stars on Google Shopping, and 3.0 out of 5 stars on Camping World. Their chief complaints are that it starts to fall apart in less than a year.

Some say it falls apart within a single season. Others say it doesn’t hold up to the bright, hot weather in the Southwestern U.S.

How We Reviewed

We used the Good Sam Club’s blog to learn general information about the Elements RV cover, as well as Camping World’s website. For information on why you want an RV cover, we used information from sites like RVShare and TripSavvy.

We used professional reviews, including the one from Bob Dawson of Trailer Life, and another from Motorhome Advantage, to learn more about the quality of the Elements RV cover.

To determine how regular customers feel about this RV cover, we used reviews from Camping World and Google Shopping.

Finally, we went to Amazon to find the strongest competitors to the Elements RV cover, including customer reviews and star ratings.

Other RV Covers to Compare

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Elements RV covers aren’t the only covers out there, and you should be able to decide whether you want an Elements RV cover or another brand’s cover.

Kingbird 5-Layer Deluxe Camper Cover

KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover, Extra-Thick 5 Layers...
  • ✅【TEAR PROOF】–Newly developing Mixed Anti-UV Composite Fabric for top panel, extra-thick, extra strength,...
  • ✅【WIND PROOF】–The change of position of the middle tension panels on the side effectively increases the stress...
  • ✅【VENTILATION&VIEW】–6 Air vents on both sides, can effectively reduce wind stress, meanwhile, quick dry system...

Kingbird’s 5-Layer Deluxe Camper Cover uses a composite material to reduce the risk of tears no matter how sharp the edges on your RV are. It also has reinforced corner material to resist tearing in high winds.

In fact, this particular RV cover is designed to withstand more than regular weather events and UV rays. One thing you may not have considered is bird droppings. Bird droppings can damage the paint on your RV, which, in turn, makes it more susceptible to other damage.

Customers on Amazon love this RV cover. Many say it’s durable and fits their RVs like gloves. Some have also watched the rain slide right off of the cover and found little to no dampness underneath after the rain has passed.

Only a few have problems, which primarily have to do with properly measuring their RVs.


  • Protects against high winds, snow, and other elements besides UV rays
  • Soft material won’t scratch your paint
  • Access panels allow you to get inside your RV even with the cover on
  • Elasticized hem provides a better fit on your RV


  • Difficult to put on your RV without ladders and help
  • Five-layer material makes folding difficult when not in use
  • Too big for some RVs, even with precise measurements

AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 22-24 Foot
  • Trailer cover with thick, extended, 3-ply roof material and 1-ply breathable sides; protects against dust, dirt, rain,...
  • Quick-drying materials; integrated air vent system minimizes wind lofting and inside moisture
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels; elasticized hem corners for a custom-like fit

AmazonBasics makes their RV cover to fit the most common RV sizes. Its three-ply material resists billowing in the wind, helping to reduce scratching and lowering the risk of moisture getting underneath.

While this particular RV cover only has single-ply sides, it has a three-ply roof for added durability where you’re going to need it the most. It also has access panels that allow you to get inside without having to remove the cover, like the Kingbird above.

People say this particular cover is a good deal for its price. Those who like it say it protects their RVs against the elements very well, including UV rays from sunlight.

However, some say that the ventilation panels don’t actually do much, and they get too much heat and moisture underneath the cover. That’s especially true in places like southern Arizona during the summer monsoon season.


  • Snug fit due to strap size elasticized hem
  • Panels are zippered for easy access to storage areas and RV interior
  • Material is lighter but more durable than other brands
  • Comes with patches and carrying bag


  • Straps are prone to tear out
  • Stands up to sunlight, but not the extreme sunlight of the desert Southwest
  • Difficult to put on, even with two people

RVMasking Travel Trailer RV Cover

RVMasking’s cover has some interesting features compared to other RV covers on this list. It has a weighted toss-under buckle to help you install it without having to crawl underneath your RV.

Its front and rear tension panels go well with its elasticized hem for a better custom fit than you might get from other RV covers, including the Elements RV cover.

And the fabric on the ventilation panels is non-woven to help increase airflow throughout the entire cover, helping to prevent moisture from gathering.

Most customers who have bought this seem to love it and the tire covers you can buy to go with it. They say it fits well and withstands high winds.

Those who’ve had problems, complain that it’s abrasive and not very durable, both of which defeat the purpose of buying it.

A few say that the material is so abrasive it scratched the paint, which is one of the ways you end up with worse body damage later on


  • Low weight makes for easier installation, removal, and storage
  • Long zipper pulls mean you can use zippers from top to bottom without a ladder
  • Looks nicer than other RV covers


  • Made of polyester, so while it’s durable, it’s abrasive
  • Fits so snugly you may need to order a larger one than you should need
  • Polyester reacts to weather, turning chalky on the outside

What We’ve Uncovered About the Elements RV Cover

The Elements RV cover would be good if it weren’t for all the customer complaints. Despite the professional reviews, it doesn’t seem to stand up to weather events, high heat, or intense sunlight very well. It’s also prone to cracking, particularly along the underside of the roof panel.That, in turn, will damage the roof of your RV, which is the last place you want weather damage.Given the problems that people seem to have with the Elements RV cover, we recommend that you buy a different one.Have questions or suggestions for RV covers? We’d love to hear from you!

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