Do I Need a Surge Protector for My RV

If you are an owner of a recreational vehicle who often takes a trip on the road then one of the questions you might have asked yourself is “do I need a surge protector for my RV?”. It is no longer surprising if you ask yourself such question considering the fact that traveling by a trailer, tow vehicle, or RV is usually an adventure of unknowns.

You will never know what you will see on your trip or who you will meet along the process. There is even a possibility that you do not know exactly where you will be going. While most RV enthusiasts are prepared for unforeseen circumstances, they’re also aware of the dangers involved in plugging to a source of power with an unknown condition.

If you want to stay fully protected in that case then investing in a surge protector designed for RV use might be a viable move for you.

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Surge Protector and Its Benefits

A surge protector actually refers to an appliance or device used in protecting electronic or electrical components from possible damage caused by spikes of voltage. Many RV owners say that it is truly a vital device because it can limit the supply of voltage to electronic components.

The surge protector can do it by blocking or shorting the voltage supplied to the ground, especially if it is unwanted or already beyond the safe threshold. What is good about this device is that you have the option of plugging it to the power pedestal at an RV site. In most cases, the protector comes in 50/30 amp models.

It is possible for you to direct the wire to the primary power feed. Also, you have an assurance that you can easily plug the RV’s power cord to the surge protector. Once plugged, you can flip on the breaker.

It is a great investment considering the fact that it checks all circumstances or factors, like neutral condition, frequency, grounding, proper voltage, and reverse polarity in just a few minutes. It is also safe to say that it is a necessity in any recreational vehicle considering the fact that it consistently keeps track of power conditions.

It is even capable of cutting power to your RV in case it detects some changes that are quite harmful. With that, I can say that it is a big help in offering protection to the costly electrical components found in your RV. Note that several electronic components and appliances may be prone to damage because of an improper electric power supply.

Some of these items are the AC units, refrigerators, and televisions that are inside your RV. You can protect all these items with a reliable surge protector.

Is the Surge Protector Really Necessary?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of the surge protector, you can safely say that it is indeed a necessary investment. It’s possible for you to use it by plugging it into your laptop or TV. The protector is even more essential for those who constantly deal with unstable weather conditions and power issues.

It works like an electric guard or device to your vehicle. With its help, you can prevent damaging electrical issues that a fluctuating voltage might trigger. It is even possible for you to find high-end protectors capable of monitoring each area linked to power.

It is designed in such a way that it can assist you whenever you plug your RV to an unknown source of power, like in your friend’s home, a storage unit, or an RV campground or park. With its ability to analyze the source of power for neutrality and proper ground, you can keep yourself and your electronics safe while in your RV.

Types of RV Surge Protectors

Now that you’re aware of how important it is to invest in an RV surge protector, it is time to understand its different types so you can make a good choice. Some types of this device are:

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Basic Surge Protector

As the name suggests, it is the most basic form of this device. What it does is it plugs into an RV site’s power pedestal. It is mainly designed to offer protection from big surges, such as lightning.

The surge protector listed above, for instance, is designed for outdoor use and is designed with three modes of surge protection and can withstand temperatures as low as -40C to as high as 105C, making it a tough and versatile surge protector for your RV electrical needs. The all-weather shield assembly guarantees that the surge protector will be safe and continue to operate even in the most inclement weather, whether it be rain, snow or ice. This model and others can be costly, but it’s well worth the price to keep your appliances safe and running. After all, better to spend on a surge protector rather than be forced to pay for all new appliances because you believed a surge protector is unnecessary.

However, take note that while it does a pretty good job in offering such protection, it does not keep you protected from other factors. You can’t expect this device to protect you from high or low voltage conditions. It can’t also detect faulty wiring. One good thing about it is that it lets you choose between its 30 and 50-amp models.

Basic with a Faulty Wiring Indicator

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If you want a surge protector with more coverage then that which features a faulty wiring indicator is ideal for you. This type comes with indicator lights, warning you from faulty wiring.

It is a good choice as it helps you avoid the risk of plugging the power in your RV to a pedestal, which is wired incorrectly or was already damaged. Such is beneficial, especially if you want to prevent electrical shocks as much as possible. Faulty wiring can also be a fire hazard, so being alerted to a bad wire could literally help you save your RV from one day going up in flames, saving you tens of thousands of dollars and keeping you on the road for the foreseeable future. While it has more features than the basic model, note that it is still incapable of offering protection from high or low voltage conditions.

Complete RV Power Protector

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If you want to receive full protection, then the complete RV surge protector is the one you should invest in. It is a great choice with its ability to prevent potential damage caused by faulty wiring, low and high voltage conditions, and huge voltage spikes.

The surge protector listed above gives you that protection and even comes with built-in Bluetooth so you can receive text alerts when it detects a problem, be it minor or major. It will shut the power off automatically upon detection and and then wait 90 seconds after power conditions return to normal before turning the power back on by itself.

Considering the fact that it delivers complete protection, it is safe to say that it is the best type of surge protector you can find. It is also capable of protecting you against reverse polarity, electrical surge, and open ground.


If you are still wondering whether a surge protector is necessary for your RV then it’s time to make a decision by checking out its many benefits. Note that this device will always be a sound investment as it protects your valuable electrical equipment and electronics from possible costly damages triggered by power surges.