The RV life is thrilling, isn’t it? You get to drive across the country and visit anyplace you want. Your access to funds and the ability to drive your RV are your only limitations. But when most people think about the RV lifestyle, one thing they aren’t joyous about is the clean-out process. And for that, you need the best RV macerator pump to help you get the job done in an odorless, efficient way.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at this clip from National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. That hose in his hand? That’s the dirty, smelly way to clean out sewage from an RV:

But the good news is that you can use the best RV macerator pump to make that smelly job easier.

Here’s what you should know.

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What is a Macerator Pump?

Because RVs are mobile, they use holding tanks to collect waste and black water from the toilet. You can use the typical stinky slinky to remove it as Cousin Eddie did in the National Lampoon movie, or you can use the best RV macerator pump.

RV macerator pumps grind up the solids and liquids from your tank, which makes it easier for them to travel through the hose.

Here are some more reasons to consider using the best RV macerator pump instead of a traditional hose.

  • You can drain uphill because the grinder does the work instead of gravity
  • The slurry can drain for longer distances and through smaller hoses
  • It reduces odors
  • You can dump in more places, including a residential sewer drain if it’s legal in your area
  • It allows you to dry camp in areas without sewers

How to Use a Macerator Pump

Using the best RV macerator pump for your situation isn’t difficult. In fact, with a few easy steps, you can hook up the pump and remove all the waste from your tank.

Here is a step-by-step process for using the best RV macerator pump.

  • Find your RV’s sewer drain point and attach the macerator pump to it
  • Next, attach the exit hose to the pump
  • Place the other end of the hose into the receptacle area such as a toilet or sewer drain pipe
  • Now, hook up the macerator pump to your 12V battery
  • Pull and open up your tank draining valve
  • Push the “on” button on the pump
  • Continue to run the pump until the flow of slurry stops.
  • Turn off the pump

Not so difficult, is it? Here’s a video for those of you who are more visually-minded:

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Macerator Pump

Before you run out and buy the best RV macerator pump for your RV, you should know a few things about the process that will make the process easier.

Can you see through those elbows?

There is no polite way to put this, so here goes: you need to see what you’re pumping out of your RV. That’s right when you use the best RV macerator pump you need to have eyes on all those solids and liquid waste for a couple of reasons.

They are:

  • You have to see when the pump is dry, so you turn it off — otherwise, it will burn out.
  • You need to see what’s in the hose before it reaches the pump
  • When you backflush, you need to see the results

To get this view, you can use a [amazon link=”B006OQ35GU” title=”clear elbow”] designed specifically for this purpose.

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Once isn’t enough

When you open the drain on your tank, the liquids will naturally come out first. Once the liquid is gone, the solids will begin to leave the tank. But here’s the deal: you’re not going to get them all out with one effort.

And that’s where backflushing comes in.

Once the macerator pump runs dry, hook up the hose to the black tank drain valve and run clear water in it to loosen up the solids. Then, hook up the best RV macerator pump again and watch the clear elbow until it runs dry again.

You may have to do this several times until the tank is properly cleaned out. You will know when this happens because you will see clear water running through the clear elbow.

Do it from the other end, too

In addition to backflushing, you should also top flush. To do this, close the black tank drain valve and then from the interior of your RV, allow the tank to fill up. Be sure to turn it off before it overfills. Then pull the black drain handle, hook up the best RV macerator pump and turn it on. It will flush from the top, which is another way to get at all that slurry that doesn’t want to come out the easy way.

Be the garbage disposal

For those of you who have delicate sensitivities, you may want to skip this section. But if you want to truly clean your black tank with the best RV macerator pump, this is a necessary step.The idea is to pre-grind all of the solid waste in your tank. Here’s how to do it.

If large clumps of solids go through your macerator pump, it can make it overheat and cause damage. And that’s why it’s important to pre-grind. When you see a large clump of solids approaching the clear elbow, turn off your pump. Next, turn on the backflushing valve.Allow that pressure to break up the solid and then turn off the back flush. Now, you can turn the RV macerator pump back on.

Eew, right? But if you’re going to be a road warrior, you have to learn to deal with your waste, and these tips and tricks for the best RV macerator pump will go a long way in helping you do that.

Commitment phobic or not?

Finally, you will need to decide whether or buy a portable macerator pump or a permanent one.A portable RV macerator is for those rigs that don’t have a macerator in the bay or a dedicated sewer bin area. Portable macerator pumps run on 12V batteries.

A permanent RV macerator has base installations so you can install it underneath your rig. They also run on 12V batteries.

Are you ready to find the best RV macerator pump for your rig? Here’s a list of our favorites.

What is the Best RV Macerator Pump for Your RV? Here Are Our Favorites.

We believe that if you want to find the best RV macerator pump, you need to look to the people who have used the products and left some reviews for it. That’s why when we sought out the best RV macerator pump, we relied heavily on user reviews.

After all, most of the pumps operate the same way. And if a pump works properly for the people who bought it, it will likely work well for you. That’s why we only included the best RV macerator pumps on our list that gained great reviews from users.

Here is our list of the best RV macerator pumps around.

1. Amarine-made RV Mount Macerator Pump

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This heavy-duty macerator pump will work quickly to release the slurry from your black tank. In fact, it can empty a 30-gallon tank in as little as three minutes. It also features thermal protection, which means it won’t get too hot and overheat.

The only drawback to this pump is that is doesn’t come with a complete kit. Instead, you will have to purchase the hose and adaptor separately.

Sixty-eight reviewers collectively gave the pump a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. The positive reviewers say that the pump works well and operates like a much more expensive pump. But some people said the pump was not sturdy enough and didn’t last long.

Our guess is that the longevity of the pump depends on how you use and take care of it.

2. SHURFLO 3200-001 12V Macerator Pump

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This option is one of the best RV macerator pump products because it features a double blade that makes it easier to turn those solids into liquid waste. And you won’t have to worry about running your pump on dry with this macerator because it automatically shuts off if the hose runs dry. The product has a one-year warranty.

The drawback to this pump is that it is not an all-inclusive kit. So, you will have to buy the parts separately and build the best RV macerator pump for your RV.

The pump has a 4.3 out of 5.0 stars from a total of 55 reviewers. More than 76 percent of reviewers gave it a 5.0-star rating. Many of the reviewers talked about how they bought the pump a second time after the first one wore out. But there seem to be some discrepancies in how long the pump lasts.

For instance, one unhappy reviewer said the pump only lasted two years, while a satisfied reviewer said they bought a replacement after the first one lasted seven years.

3. Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump

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Many people consider the Flojet to be the best RV macerator pump when they’re looking for a portable pump. That’s because it comes with features like a dry run mechanism that shuts off the pump when it runs dry. It also has the ability to reduce waste to an eighth of an inch.

The pump connects directly to the RV waste outlet, which eliminates the 3-inch hose. And best of all, it comes with a carrying bag and a handheld on/off switch that allows you to operate the pump without being in the middle of things.

This sturdy RV macerator pump gets a solid 4.0 out of 5.0 stars from over 600 reviewers on Amazon. One of the reviewers calls it a “poop beast,” while another one says that the pump should automatically come with all new RVs. More than one reviewer said the pump does what it claims to do.

The less happy reviewers don’t like the fact that you have to connect the wires to the RV battery, and some said that the pump only lasted a few years before they had to replace it.

4. Flojet 18550000A 13 GPM RV Macerator Pump

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If you like the Flojet brand but want a permanent pump, this one might be for you. It has all the features of the Flojet portable pump but also has increased durability, which means you won’t have to replace it for a long time. And this model is self-priming and can empty a 30-gallon tank in about three minutes.

Reviewers give this best RV macerator pump 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. One reviewer tells others that if they don’t want to do the job twice (and who would?), they should buy this pump because it’s the best quality.

Another called it a “poo chopping champion” and said, “This bad boy gobbles up human waste and paper and sends it down the line with so much force it about blew the ends off of the ribbed hose on the discharge without missing a beat.”

Some reviewers complain that the motor overheats too quickly, especially in the summer.

5. SewerFlo Quick Release RV Macerator Pump

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Many people consider this the best RV macerator pump because it’s so easy to use. It comes with the features you would expect in the best RV macerator pump, such as the ability to empty 30-gallons in a few minutes. It’s also easy to hook up and tear down and comes with protection against overheating.

One of the unique features about this pump is the garden hose inlet. This inlet allows you to quickly and easily clean any debris so the pump can keep running.

This stellar pump rates a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. The reviewers say it’s sturdy. One claims to have pumped 100 gallons for a length of 56 inches — uphill! Another says that they use it daily to pump out a 55-gallon black tank and it hasn’t failed them yet.

Some reviewers seemed upset that the pump didn’t come in a kit, and they had to purchase the connectors and hoses separately. But then again, not every one of the best RV macerator pump options come in a kit.

6. Jabsco 18590 Series Macerator Pump

[amazon box=”B000O8F9BI”]

This macerator pump has a 4-blade system that helps chop up the solids quickly and efficiently. It also has dry run protection and is easy to use. Its interior shaft is stainless steel, which makes it durable.

This RV macerator pump gets a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. One reviewer says the pump far exceeded their expectations. Another says it does the job quickly and without a fuss. Yet another reviewer says that it only takes about a minute to empty their tank.

On the other hand, some reviewers say the interior bolts rust and comment that the manufacturer could improve the pump by replacing them with stainless steel or brass bolts.

7. Thetford 38056 12V Toilet Discharge Pump

[amazon box=”B009E2Y87Q”]

If you’re looking for the best RV macerator pump made out of premium materials, you should look at this one. It is designed to last a long time, and the users who reviewed it were all happy with their purchase. It is easy to set up and operate.

Some users say that the pump has a learning curve, but once you understand it, it’s a user-friendly tool. Also, this pump is not part of a kit, so you will have to purchase additional parts to use it.

The pump has a 5.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. In fact, the pump does not have less than a 4-star review.

Did You Find the Best RV Macerator Pump?

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We hope that you were able to find the best RV macerator pump for your rig on our list. We included pumps that are easy to use, have high ratings, and offer quality for the price.

Even if your RV has a built-in pump, you should consider purchasing a portable macerator pump in case the permanent pump goes out, you want to dry camp, or you need to empty your tank in an unconventional area such as a residential sewage drain.

Do you use macerator pumps in your RV? If so, we would love to hear your opinion about what you think is the best RV macerator pump. Please leave us a comment below and tell us about your experiences!

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