Best RV Bike Rack

Going out on a road trip on your RV is a fun and enjoyable experience. It gets even more exciting when you can get to bring your bike with you especially on mountain adventures. The problem is, carrying a bike on your RV is a bit difficult due to the limited space. This is where the best RV bike racks come in.

With the best RV bike racks, you can easily and conveniently carry your bike with you anytime you go out for an adventure. But how exactly can you find the best rack for your bike? What are the best products you can find on the market? Let’s take a look at some of the finest racks you can buy, along with a quick buying guide.

Best RV Bike Racks Available

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What are the best RV bike racks?

The best RV bike racks or carriers are an accessory that lets you carry your bikes with you without having to compromise your space. It’s actually a solution to the problem that most RV owners have – very little to no space where they can store their bikes.

However, since each RV setup is different, you’ll have to look for a carrier that can fit your vehicle. It’s also important to consider the size of your bikes as well as the number of bikes you want to transport.

Although most carriers can accommodate around one to three bikes, you can also come across products that can carry up to five. The size of the bikes will be the deciding factor on which carrier you have to purchase.

Usually, most RV owners would go for hitch mount racks since they are versatile and can be easily installed in minutes. However, you have to ensure a perfect fit so that there will be no risk of your bikes falling out.

Another popular choice is bumper mounts. Although they’re durable and high quality, they’re only limited to RVs with a square bumper design. Knowing if your bumper is compatible with a particular rack or not can ensure that the installation process will go smoothly.

Why Do You Need the Best RV Bike Racks?

The best RV bike racks can provide you with a lot of advantages, especially if you’re fond of cycling while going on outdoor adventures or camping. If you’re still not convinced, then the following reasons just might:

It offers a space-efficient solution for storing your bikes

As someone who loves cycling, I just can’t go on with a road trip on my RV without bringing my bikes alone. Buying a bike rack allowed me to carry my bikes without having to worry about the limited space on my vehicle.

With a bike rack, you can carry up to five bikes all at once on your vehicle. Since it’s commonly mounted outside of the vehicle, there’s no need to cram your bikes inside your RV just to transport them. This leaves you with plenty of space inside your vehicle which you can use for storing other stuff.

It maintains the quality of your bikes

Bike racks aren’t just about saving space. It also keeps your bikes protected from damage each time you transport it on your RV. Bikes that are stored improperly may be prone to damage and scratches which can only ruin their quality. This is particularly true during bumpy rides.

With a carrier, you can store your bikes properly and ensure that they are held securely without having to bump against each other. They’ll also remain stable throughout the ride regardless of the road condition.

Storing and removing your bikes become a lot easier

Another reason why you should invest in a bike rack is because it lets you store and remove your bikes with ease. However, this will depend on the type of rack you get. Ladder mounted units, for example, can make getting your bikes a bit harder due to their height. Therefore, you need to consider how often you plan to use your bikes.

You should also consider that bikes come in different sizes, wheels, and frames. As such, you need to pick the right carrier that can accommodate the bikes you have.

It prevents the parts of your bikes from tangling

Without a rack, there’s a possibility that the parts of your bikes will get tangled with each other when you store them inside your RV. This can lead to potential damage on your bikes, even your vehicle.

Bike racks provide you with various positioning options as well as features that keep your bikes a few inches apart from each other. However, you have to make sure that your bikes are well-secured so that they won’t sway into each other especially during bumpy rides. You can either use straps or bike covers for this.

It can support multiple bikes

One of the best things about an RV bike rack is that you can secure several bikes on it at once. Most of the models I’ve included in this list are capable of supporting two bikes with a weight limit of 60-70 pounds. However, there are also various brands out there that can take on four or even five bikes at once.

Depending on your bikes, you can either combine one adult-size and one kid’s bike, two adult-size bikes, or two kid’s bikes. However, you have to make sure not to exceed the weight limit specified by the manufacturers.

The Best RV Bike Racks Buyer’s Guide

To choose the best RV bike racks, you have to first know your RV. If you plan to mount the bikes on the front, think about how it can affect your driving visibility. Similarly, if you tow a vehicle at the back, you have to consider if there’s enough room for a bumper rack. With these in mind, let’s take a look at some of the factors you have to consider when buying an RV bike rack.

The type of rack

Bike racks are available in various types depending on your preferences. They are as follows:

Bumper rack

This type of rack is mounted on the bumper of your RV. With this, you can remove your worries of any potential driving visibility obstruction. They’re compatible with square bumpers which are welded into your vehicle. Therefore, if your RV didn’t have one, then this is not the rack for you.

With a bumper rack, you can transport your bikes with ease. In most cases, you can carry two bikes at once (some models, such as the Swagman 4-bike RV bumper rack, allow even more). The best part about a bike rack for travel trailer bumper is that it keeps your ladder open and easily accessible.

Hitch mount rack

The hitch mount type is the most popular option for motorhomes. One of the reasons is because most RVs have their own built-in hitch. With a hitch mount rack, you can carry around 2-4 bikes depending on the design. You also have two style options to choose from: platform and hanging.

Ladder rack

As the name implies, this type of rack is mounted on the rear ladder of your vehicle. This is often the best choice if your RV doesn’t have any bumper or hitch receiver. The best part about a ladder rack is that you can easily remove it any time you want. However, the downside is that it’s ideal only for lighter bikes.

Size of your bikes

Another important thing to consider is the size of your bike. After all, not all racks have an adjustable setting. Adult bikes are compatible by default; however, some designs or sizes may lead to some issues. Additionally, kid’s bikes will usually require adapters for a secure mounting.

Number of bikes you want to carry

Most of the racks available on the market are capable of supporting two bikes. Although there are single bike racks out there, two is certainly a better option.

However, if you plan to travel with your family, then opting for a larger bike rack, one that is capable of holding four or even five bikes such as an RV bumper 4 bike rack, is the best choice. However, these racks may not be too common as their 2-bike counterpart.

The Best RV Bike Racks Final Thoughts

With the best RV bike racks, you can transport bikes with you on your RV without any worries at all. You don’t have to worry about the lack of space, possible damage to your bikes, and proper storage at all. By investing in the best RV bike rack, traveling on your RV together with your bikes becomes a fun and enjoyable experience.

Hopefully, our reviews of the best products on the market along with a quick buying guide can help you decide the right rack for you. The next time you plan to take your bikes with you on your road trips, make sure you invest in a quality bike rack.