Are RV and Tire Covers Necessary?

If you an RV owner then note that two of the most important items that you should invest in are the RV covers and the tire covers. Both of these items are vital investments as they are designed in such a way that they can protect the overall structure of your RV as well as its tires from potential damage.

If you are still trying to figure out if whether or not the RV and tire covers are necessary then this article will shed some light on their importance. After reading this article, you will know exactly why these items are essential for maintaining the good condition of your RV and its tires for a really long time.

Importance of an RV Cover

Unless you constantly use your RV to move from one place to another or drive on the road, it is greatly possible for it to just sit in your driveway. The problem with this is that it also exposes your vehicle to a number of harsh elements. With that, all of the sitting and storage that you do to it can cause it more harm.

If storing your recreational vehicle under a roof, which can protect it, is not possible, then using an appropriate cover for it is another way to offer protection to your priced investment. The RV cover actually has several benefits. It ensures that your rig will stay in its excellent shape for a long time.

With that in mind, you do not have to worry about spending on costly repairs. There is also no need for you to spend a lot of time preparing it once you are ready to use it to hit the road. Some of the reasons why investing in an RV cover is really important are the following:

Offers protection from the UV rays – The sun’s rays can really be damaging to your RV. In fact, the rays can cause the colors of your vehicle to paint. It might also cause it to crack its roof or dry out its paint, causing a lot of damage to your whole rig. With the help of an RV cover, these harmful UV rays can be blocked.

Just make sure that you look for an RV cover, which is effective in handling and blocking the sun’s rays. In this case, your best options are those constructed out of polypropylene and polyester. If possible, choose one, which has a double or triple layer, too. Some covers are also specifically treated to offer additional UV protection.

Prevents moisture – Another thing that might damage your RV is moisture or water, especially if such is trapped within a tarp. Note that the buildup of condensation and moisture without any place for them to escape might result in the growth and development of mildew and molds.

When storing your RV in an extreme temperature, such buildup might also lead to cracks and freezes surrounding your RV roofs. With that in mind, you have to look for a waterproof and breathable cover for your RV. It often has tiny holes, which let water and moisture evaporate without allowing any droplets of it to penetrate inside your vehicle.

Helps prevent dirt – You can also use a high-quality cover in protecting your vehicle from dust and dirt. Note that left unmanaged, such sediments and dirt might cause several parts and components of your RV as well as its exteriors to get damaged.

With the aid of the cover, there is a guarantee that your vehicle will be cleaner because there will be no stuck-on leaves, bird droppings, dust, and any other forms of dirt.

Preserves the resale value of your vehicle – Investing in a high-quality RV cover is also a big help in preserving the actual resale value of your vehicle. This benefit can be expected because the vehicle will be able to maintain its excellent condition. You will be able to retain its excellent value and condition for a longer time than without a cover.

Mentioned are just some of the many benefits that you can expect your chosen RV cover to provide. Just make sure that you pick the most suitable size for your RV. It should also suit the intended purpose you have in mind. In this case, take note of your vehicle’s size and the climate it is usually exposed to before starting to shop.

Importance of RV Tire Covers

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Aside from an RV cover, you also have to invest in a cover for your vehicle’s tires. You may initially think that a tire cover is no longer necessary considering the fact that most of the tires used for RVs are already heavy-duty and are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions they will encounter on the road and highways.

However, you are actually wrong. Note that letting your RV sit in a campground or storage also exposes it to harm, so investing in a really good tire cover is a must. Here are some reasons why it is really necessary to invest in this type of cover:

Reduces the heat that penetrates within the tire – One of the major purposes of an RV tire cover is to offer protection to your tires against the harsh elements of sun and heat. Note that exposing the tires to the heat of the sun too often might cause them to wear out too soon.

With the aid of a cover, you can minimize the amount of heat that gets into the tire. That way, you can enjoy using it for several years. Just ensure that you look for white covers, instead of black or gray. It is because while the other colors look good, they also tend to attract more heat so it would be better to stick to white.

Offers protection from dry rotting – Another reason behind the importance of a tire cover is that it protects your tire from the risk of dry rotting. Note that this risk is often possible if you often drive in an environment with extreme weather conditions. You need some sort of protection from it in the form of a tire cover.

Protects your tires from the cold weather – If you often store your vehicle in a cold area then you may want to shield it from the possible damage that this weather might cause. You can shield it by installing a tire cover, which prevents it from being continuously exposed to road salt and snow.

Less maintenance – What’s good about the RV tire cover is that it requires the least maintenance. That said, you do not have to think about spending a fortune over its maintenance. In fact, you can clean it up just by simply wiping it.


Your RV, as well as its tires, require some sort of protection. You can give such protection to them by investing in high-quality RV and tire covers. With the aid of these covers, you will have a higher chance of enjoying several years of fun with your RV. You can expect the vehicle and its tires to serve their purpose for as long as possible.