Have you been looking for a good PolyPro 3 RV cover review? If so, it’s probably because you need something that’ll protect your RV when you’re not using it. Covering your RV can be an excellent way to keep it safe from the elements when you don’t need it. But is it really worth the extra money and extra effort?

Before you make this investment, it’s a good idea to find out if this cover really works as well as it claims. You should also learn how it measures up to some of the other RV covers on the market. These are some of the things you should learn in a PolyPro 3 RV cover review.

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What Is the PolyPro 3 RV Cover?

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The PolyPro 3 is an RV cover that you can place it over your RV when you’re not using it. Doing so can protect your RV in the long run. 

The PolyPro 3’s material is designed to protect your RV from wind, rain, snow, UV rays, mold, and mildew. In this way, you won’t have to do as much maintenance on your RV, and you can extend the life of its paint.

The PolyPro 3 is available in an extensive range of different sizes. There are models designed to cover trailers between 15 and 18 feet up to models that fit 38- to 40-foot trailers. Regardless of how big your RV is, you can find something that will keep it covered.

Other Things You Should Know in a PolyPro 3 RV Cover Review

f course, there are a few more things you need to know in a PolyPro 3 RV cover review. Here are some more facts that can help you decide if this cover is right for you.

What special features does it have?

Naturally, a useful PolyPro 3 RV cover review should mention its key features. This cover has a few exciting features that help it stand out from the competition. For one thing, it vents at the top. This feature helps prevent moisture from getting trapped underneath the cover.

It also has zippered panels on the side that allow you to enter your RV without removing the entire cover. Furthermore, these panels have hook and loop straps that keep them out of the way while you go in and out of the RV.

Additionally, the PolyPro 3 uses triangular tension panels on the front and rear as well as elastic corners on the bottom of the cover. These features help the cover fit snugly over your vehicle. This gives it added protection.

How well does it protect your RV?

Obviously, this is the main thing you want to learn in a PolyPro 3 RV cover review. The cover isn’t worth the investment unless it actually does what it’s designed to do.

Luckily, it performs very admirably in this area — customers who purchased the PolyPro 3 report that it does a fantastic job of protecting their vehicle. In many cases, the cover withstood extreme conditions such as high winds or heavy snow. Even in these conditions, the cover protected the RV.

This is a prevalent theme in a typical PolyPro 3 RV cover review. It gets the job done when it comes to protecting your RV.

Is it difficult to install?

Unfortunately, this is one area where the PolyPro 3 falls short. Installing this cover onto your RV is very labor-intensive and requires quite a bit of work. It’s pretty heavy, and you’ll likely need at least one other person to help you do the job. This is a frequent complaint in any PolyPro 3 RV cover review.

Nevertheless, the actual steps you take to install this cover are relatively simple and straightforward. Also, it has some features that make it easier, such as a toss bag and a tag that tells you which end is the front.

You probably won’t have any trouble figuring out how to install the cover, but doing so will require a decent amount of work.

What do the customers think?

Many customers were perfectly happy with this cover. As we mentioned before, it does an excellent job of protecting your RV. Additionally, customers liked how well it fits over their vehicle, and they appreciated the warranty, as well. This cover includes a three-year warranty, so you can replace it if anything goes wrong during that time.

However, there is one major flaw that we have to mention. Lots of people had issues with this cover ripping and tearing. This is something you’ll notice in almost any negative PolyPro 3 RV cover review.


It usually happens during especially windy conditions, but some customers said it tore while they were installing it. Protecting sharp edges such as gutters and antennas can go a long way towards preventing this. Still, the fact that it’s an issue in the first place is a bit disheartening.

This one flaw had a very profound impact on how customers scored this product. It currently has 3.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

How We Reviewed

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When reviewing these products, we found most of our information from various professional reviews as well as customer feedback from buyers on Amazon. Also, our opinions were primarily informed by this combination of professional reviews and customer reviews.

For these reviews, we focused on a few different qualities. These include durability, breathability ease of installation, and how well it fits. Price was also a significant consideration in these reviews.

How Does It Compare to Other RV Covers?

Of course, a good PolyPro 3 RV cover review should look at the competition as well. There are lots of other excellent RV covers on the market today. Let’s see how the PolyPro 3 measures up

Goldline Premium Long Life RV Cover

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The Goldline Premium Long Life RV Cover is one of the most popular RV covers on the market right now. This cover stands out because it uses Marinex marine-grade fabric. This fabric is incredibly strong and very breathable at the same time. It protects against everything from UV rays, snow, bird droppings, and water.

This cover also features vents that provide circulation and zippered panels for easy access. The zippers themselves have anti-scratch sleeves. Furthermore, there’s an adjuster strap on the front, which ensures a snug fit.

Virtually every review we researched for this product was overwhelmingly positive. Professional reviews were very impressed by how durable the fabric is, and how well it protects against UV rays. It also fits very snugly over your vehicle.

Meanwhile, customers were able to test it in unusually harsh conditions such as high winds. This cover performed admirably in this respect. However, there is one major downside. That’s the price.

Along with being one of the highest-rated RV covers, Goldline is also one of the most expensive. Buying one of these covers is a serious investment, but some people will say it’s worth it.

You might consider it if you have some extra spending money. If not, then you can still save some cash with the PolyPro3. The Goldline Premium Long Life RV Cover has 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon, although it has only been reviewed by one customer.


  • It has exceptionally durable fabric.
  • It fits snugly over your RV.
  • There are plenty of excellent features.


  • It’s expensive!.

RVMasking 5-Ply RV Cover

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The RVMasking 5-Ply RV Cover is another excellent option. This cover features a 5-ply top and 3-ply sides, cotton PVC lining, and double stitch seems. This makes it a very durable cover. It’s both scratchproof and tearproof.

It also has multiple features that protect it from the wind, including elastic hem corners and adjustable front and rear tension panels. Additionally, this cover has six air vents for added breathability. This helps prevent mildew.

Most reviewers said this cover does an excellent job of protecting your RV. The fabric is very heavy and thick, and it’s excellent at preventing mildew. Many people also said it’s easy to install compared to most RV covers. Customers generally agreed with these attributes.

Complaints were few and far between. However, some people had issues with the cover tearing. Also, some people suspect that the fabric isn’t really 5-ply.

The RVMasking 5-RV Cover is somewhat more expensive than a PolyPro 3. Overall, it’s a solid competitor. It’s very durable, and it’s easier to install than most similar products. If you’re looking for a good RV cover, this one might be your best bet. Customers on Amazon gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.


  • It’s incredibly durable.
  • It’s relatively easy to install.
  • It fits snugly.
  • It’s reasonably priced.


  • It’s prone to tearing sometimes.
  • Some suspect it’s not really 5-ply.

AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

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Finally, we have the AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover. This cover features a 3-ply roof cover and breathable 1-ply sides. It has adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners that help it fit over your vehicle.

The cover also features an integrated buckle attachment system. It comes with a toss bag that eliminates the need to crawl under your RV when you’re installing it. Also, this cover utilizes an efficient air vent system which prevents moisture from collecting on the inside.

Most customers were happy with this product. They said it was easy to install, and it covered their vehicles very well. For the most part, it was exactly what they were looking for in an RV cover.

Even so, some reviews expressed concern that the material was too thin. Several of its customers confirmed this concern. The fabric tears easily, and some customers noticed that it deteriorates in extremely hot, arid conditions.

This cover’s price is more or less the same as a PolyPro 3. The two covers have similar strengths and weaknesses, as well.

At the end of the day, the PolyPro 3 is probably the better choice because of its excellent warranty. This way, you can at least replace it if something goes wrong. The AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover has 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s very breathable.
  • It fits well over most RVs.


  • It’s prone to tearing sometimes.
  • Some suspect it’s not really 5-ply.

PolyPro 3 RV Cover Pros and Cons

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As you’ve seen in this PolyPro 3 RV cover review, this cover has some good things going for it. Most importantly, it does a great job of protecting your RV from harsh weather conditions.

It also has a great warranty, a plethora of convenient features, and it fits well over most RVs. On top of all that, its price is very reasonable compared to other RV covers.

Unfortunately, this cover is also prone to ripping and tearing. It’s a significant problem that affected far too many people. Also, it’s cumbersome and challenging to install. These factors could be enough to dissuade some people from buying it.


  • It protects your RV very well.
  • There is an excellent warranty.
  • There are tons of great features.
  • It’s reasonably priced.


  • It rips and tears easily.
  • It’s challenging to install.

Is This the RV Cover You’ve Been Looking For?

After reading this PolyPro3 RV cover review, you should have a good idea of what to expect from this cover. Overall, it’s an excellent cover with one regrettable flaw. It does a wonderful job of protecting your RV, it fits snugly, and it has a good number of features that make it more convenient to use.

Sadly, all of these good qualities are tainted by the simple fact that it’s easy to tear. Too many customers had this problem.

Nonetheless, you can always replace it if something goes wrong thanks to its excellent warranty. And as we mentioned, the price is very reasonable compared to the more expensive brands.

But let’s hear what you think. Do you have any experience with this cover? Let us know in the comments!

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