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Anyone who spends life on the road knows that it’s fun and adventurous. But along with all that fun comes some challenges. That’s why you need the best RV hacks if you plan to take to the road.

And you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you use the following best RV hacks for increasing space or for making life on the road more enjoyable, it will make your RV travels that much better.

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Why Do You Need the Best RV Hacks?


When you take your home with you as you travel, you need the best RV hacks you can find. Why? Because life in an RV is quite different than living in a traditional home. For instance, you will have a lot less space to share with your belongings — and your travel partner.That’s why the best RV hacks can ensure that your life on the road is the best it can be. Here are some of the best RV hacks that will make your road trips more successful.

23 of the Best RV Hacks Around

Trying to fit everything into a couple of hundred square feet is tough, but the best RV hacks can help you do it better. Additionally, these RV hacks will help you organize your space, add a few creature comforts, and help you achieve the balance between your stuff and your space

Here are 23 of the best RV hacks to help you travel better.

The Kitchen

An RV kitchen is one of the most-used areas. You will probably start off your day by making coffee and breakfast in it. Then, if you eat lunch indoors, you will use it again. And even if you decide to go out for dinner, you will likely end the day making some tea or a light snack.

That’s why we’re starting our best RV hacks list with the kitchen. Here are some great kitchen RV hacks.

Spic and span

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One of the joys of traveling in an RV is the ability to cook your own meals. You will likely dine out occasionally, but the convenience of being able to whip up lunch before your hike is profound.

But to reap the benefits of cooking in the tiny kitchen, you will have to keep it spotless. That means washing the dishes after each meal, hand-drying them, and putting them away.

It also means using really great travel-friendly tools, which tuck away easily. Consider this, your day may be better with coffee, but coffee pots take up a lot of space.

But the Gourmia Foldable Electric Kettle solves this issue. This BPA-free collapsible kettle allows you to brew a full pot of coffee when it’s expanded. Then, simply collapse the kettle and store it away! 

Get hooked on these

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Another way to keep your small kitchen functional is to use self-adhesive hooks. You can hang your coffee cups and save the cabinet space for plates.

Or instead of using valuable drawer space for spoons and forks, place a container on one of the hooks and store your silverware inside of it. The hooks also work well for potholders and dish towels.

Create a nest

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Nesting dinnerware is another great space-saver for your RV kitchen.  Chances are you will only have one or two small cabinets, and if you can nest all of your dishes in one tight bundle, it will leave room for other things.

Make sure you buy a nesting set that includes everything you need to cook a meal. For instance, the MiHeron 11 Mixing Bowls Set comes with three mixing bowls, a sieve, measuring cups, and a whisk.

And they all stick into one neat little nest. The set is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and features non-slip bases.

Breakfast made easy

Another one of the best RV hacks for utilizing kitchen space is to pre-cook your meals. For instance, the night before you take off, put together some pancake mix and pour it into a small, empty bottle.

You can also do this with oatmeal, muffin mix, or anything else you want to serve the next morning for breakfast. Then, store it in your refrigerator, and the next day all you have to do is pour it in the pan and cook it!

Spice things up

Spices are a necessary part of cooking, but they can really take up space, can’t they? After all, those round bottles take up much more space than the easily stackable square ones. But you won’t have room to take your spice rack on the road with you.

That’s why one of the best RV hacks is to use Tic Tac containers for your RV spices. To use this great hack, empty a few Tic Tac bottles and wash them. Then fill them with your favorite spices. Don’t forget to label them! Your new spice containers will fit into almost any space and take up much less room.

Don’t throw this out

Isn’t it odd how small trash bags can take up so much space? Most of the time, the boxes they come in can take up too much of your cabinet space. And if you try to leave them loose, they end up wrapping around other things and getting in the way.

But if you have a paper towel rack in your RV kitchen, you can use it to double as a trash bag holder. Simply wad up the trash bags and squeeze them inside the paper towel roll. It won’t take up any additional space to store them, and you can easily reach them when needed.

On the chopping block

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RV kitchens don’t have a lot of counter space, and that’s why one of the best RV hacks is to add some. You can do this by using a cutting board and putting it over the sink or stove. This will not only give you space to chop vegetables but also for other items when you need more space.

One great option is the Prosumer’s Choice Dual-purpose Bamboo Stovetop cover workspace and Countertop cutting Board with adjustable legs.

This modified cutting board is constructed of premium-grade bamboo wood and will fit into any decor with its wood and black design. It features juice grooves to reduce messes and removable feet to ensure it fits into any area.

Heat things up

Another great, unused storage space is the inside of your oven. When you’re not using it, why not store things inside of it? Granted, you will have to take them out when you cook, but when you’re not using your oven, it makes for great additional storage space.

The Closet

You probably only have one closet in your RV, and that’s why you need the best RV hacks. You will likely have to fit your entire wardrobe in that closet, along with your shoes and other personal belongings.

Here are some of the best RV hacks for closets you’ll find.

Stack them up

Have you ever noticed how little room you have in your RV closet for shoes? That’s why they always seem to be on the floor or by the door, making them easy to trip over.

Solve that problem by using kitchen shelving at the bottom of the closet floor. Stack the shelves so that you have more space to store your shoes.

Hang it

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Another concern for RV closets is the lack of space to hang things. You can solve that by using hanging shelves. So, instead of hanging your clothes on the rack, hang fabric shelves. Inside these shelves, you can fold and store your jeans, t-shirts, pajamas, and other foldable clothing items.

And you aren’t limited to only shelves. With products like the StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Dresser, Foldable Closet Hanging Shelves with 2 Magic Drawers & 1 Underwear/Socks Drawer, you’ll get six shelves and three drawers with dividers.

The hanging shelves also come with side pockets to store smaller items. This sturdy shelving unit holds up to 45 pounds.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

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You probably don’t have a dresser in your RV, so storing your undergarments and socks is a challenge. But you can easily overcome it by hanging wire baskets on suction cups to the inside of your closet door. If you fold them neatly, you can fit all your undergarments in these baskets.

The Bathroom

Do you want to talk about tiny spaces? Think about an RV bathroom!

Here are some of the best RV hacks for this tiny space.

This one thing

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You use your toothbrush a few times a day, but in a tiny RV bathroom, they can be difficult to keep track of.

And it’s not like you have a lot of drawer space to tuck them away. Instead, use suction cups to give them a permanent spot of your wall. If the cup is large enough, you can also store your toothpaste inside of it.

Double your closet space — in the bathroom!

Once you add hanging shelves to your closet, you may not have enough room there for the clothes that hang. Don’t worry; you can use another area of your RV for the clothes that don’t fit.

Hang a tension rod between the walls of your shower and use it to hang clothes. While it’s true that you will have to move the clothes when you shower, the little inconvenience will give you a lot of benefits for the rest of the day.

Do I have to clean that?

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Cleaning the toilet in an RV is no fun, but by you can make it easier. Mix borax laundry detergent and Calgon water softener and add it to your tank. It will help reduce odors and prevent solids from sticking to the sides.

The Bedroom

Although the bedroom in most RVs consists of a platform with a mattress on top, you can optimize the space for better traveling.

Here are a few of the best RV hacks for your bedroom area.

Double use for your mattress

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A mattress isn’t only for sleeping. You can also use it to hang a mattress caddy on it so you’ll have room to store your nighttime reading, glasses, tissue, and anything else you want within easy reach.

And you’re not limited to just one. You can line mattress caddies along the outer edges of your mattress to store all those things you don’t have space for.

You can also buy specialty mattress caddies. For instance, some mattress caddies are designed to hold a laptop and other electronic devices. The Life is beautiful Bedside Caddy holds a laptop, tablet, and cellphone. You can get it in an array of colors and the mattress caddy holds up to 24 pounds.

Block them in

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All the tiny cabinets surrounding your bed are handy because you fit a lot in them. But when you drive your RV, they can get tossed around and become unorganized. Solve this by placing tension rods across the front of the cabinets so items won’t fall on your head when you open the doors.

Also, if you use storage bins inside of the cabinets, it will help you keep things organized.

The Living Space

The remainder of your RV space is for living. You likely have a living space that includes a table for eating. But it’s easy for this space to become cluttered.

Luckily, with the best RV hacks, you can avoid this problem. Here are some ideas.

Stop losing your devices

When you’re living in tight quarters, it’s easy to misplace your tablets and phones. But if you mount them on the wall with self-adhesive hooks, you’ll always know where they are.

And in addition to helping you keep track of them, mounting your devices will give you a bird’s eye view when you want to watch a movie on them.

Nice and comfortable

Whether you’re RV’ing in the heat of the summer or the frost of winter, it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. But with a few of the best RV hacks, you can do exactly that.

Start by cutting out a piece of Styrofoam or bubble wrap and placing it on the inside of your door window and windows. This will help maintain the temperature inside.

You can also sew blackout lining to your curtain backs to give you privacy and temperature control.

Also, you can buy a vent cushion to help keep the heat or cold to a minimum in your RV. It should fit perfectly inside the cutout that leads to your vent.

Don’t bug me

If you’ve ever had ants or other bugs invade your RV, you know how quickly it can ruin an otherwise perfect trip. But one simple trick can prevent this from happening.

One of the best RV hacks is to place tape around all of the doors and windows in your RV once you set up. Make sure the sticky side faces out so that when bugs try to enter the RV, they get stuck on the tape.

Tie it up

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Unless everything is secure when you take off, it will likely fall over. That can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience. But you can use bungee cord and Velcro to ensure that everything is tied down or secured before you start driving.

Smoke signals aren’t necessary

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Not all RV parks have a strong WIFI signal, and even if they do, your RV may not pick it up. You can solve this frustrating dilemma by buying a WIFI booster for RVs. These boosters will ensure that the signal is strong enough to talk to your family or watch that movie.

The Opticover WiFi Extender 300 Mbps with WPS Internet Signal Booster is a great example. This WIFI booster is not only compatible with Alexa, but also with other smart home devices in your RV. And the reviewers on Amazon love it. 

Out of more than 2,600 reviews, 73 percent of them give it a 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Watch your step

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Another one of the best RV hacks is to make sure your outdoor steps are clearly visible. This will prevent accidents from occurring at night when it’s dark. To do this, use glow-in-the-dark tape and mark the steps.

Bring a little home with you

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Just because you’ve taken to the road, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t surround yourself with reminders of friends and family. And while you won’t have room to hang photos on your walls, you can use a digital frame.

You can load your cherished pictures on the frame, and then it will rotate through them. That means no matter where you are in the RV, you will have the constant visual reminder of those you love.

A Few More Ideas

If you want more of the best RV hacks, here’s a short video that offers some more great hacks for your RV!

The Best RV Hacks: Did You Find Yours?

inside the RV

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We hope you found a few of the best RV hacks on our list helpful. Taking your life on the road is always a challenge, but if you make use of some of these hacks, it will make things easier.

Do you know some of the best RV hacks that we didn’t mention? Please be sure to leave them in the comments below. Other travelers will surely benefit from your knowledge!

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