Owning and operating an RV can be a hugely rewarding and enjoyable exercise. It can be hard work at times though, and it requires sound choices regarding equipment and accessories. Choosing extras like the best jack stands and brake controllers can undoubtedly go a long way to ensuring the best possible RV experience.

There is an old saying that any trip is more about the journey than the final destination. Now that may be mostly true, but it’s where you park that RV that makes for the best memories. Unfortunately, many of the most idyllic camping spots are anything but formal, or level.

It is critically important to get your vehicle level and stable when setting up in rough unprepared campsites. It is uncomfortable, unsafe, and may damage your equipment if your RV sags or pitches about on an uneven surface. So, how can you make sure your RV is level and stable?

Leveling and Supporting Your RV FAQs

To begin with, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding RV stabilization and things that should be considered when selecting the best jack stands.

Why are stand jacks and stabilizers important on recreational vehicles?

Using stabilizing equipment on recreational vehicles is critical for several reasons. In the first place, there is occupant comfort. Nobody likes moving around in a camper that sags or rocks like a boat in a hurricane.

You should also avoid using an unbalanced RV for safety reasons. A trip or fall, particularly while cooking or carrying hot liquids, can cause serious injuries. Nothing spoils a camping trip quicker than a trip to the emergency room.

The most noteworthy reasons for stabilizing your RV with the best jack stands are more practical, though. For instance, you must keep gas absorption fidges level to ensure proper functioning. In fact, not keeping them level can destroy them.

Another practical argument in favor of leveling your RV is preventing frame flexing. When your RV is not level, the entire frame twists, even if only slightly. This flexing can cause doors, windows, and stairs to become hard to close, fold down or latch.

What are the essential functions of RV jack stands and stabilizers?

Wouldn’t it be great if all RV campsite positions were beautifully flat, level cement slabs? For the most part, this is the case in formal campsites. However, as most owners know, the best sites are often off the beaten track and rough as… well, they are very rough.

Primarily you would use the best jack stands and stabilizers to compensate for sloping or uneven ground. They form adjustable contact points that support the vehicle to make up for irregular surfaces.

However, you should never use them, not even the best jack stands, to lift the vehicle to carry out repairs or maintenance.

What are the most common types of jack stands?

You can group RV jack stands and stabilizers into two main families of devices. These groups are portable, stand-alone units, and fixture jacks permanently attached to the vehicle.

Typically, you would install stand-alone jacks when you set up camp and remove them when the trip is over. Stand-alone devices include stack jacks, fifth wheel hitch tripods, and slide-out stabilizers.

The second group of jack stands and stabilizers are physically attached to the vehicle, typically one on each corner. They may be welded or bolted onto the chassis of the RV and are therefore permanent fixtures. This group includes scissor jacks, telescoping jacks, and A-frame tongue jacks.

Where would you use the different types of jack stands and why?

The choice of the best jack stands for your vehicle will depend mainly on which type of RV you own. Recreational vehicles fall into two main categories, namely self-contained motorhomes and towed trailers. Each group has specific requirements regarding parked support and stabilization.

Self-contained motorhomes, Class A and Class C motorhomes and truck campers, always have four widely separated wheels on the ground. It makes them a lot more stable than towed vehicles (travel trailers, fifth wheels, fold-downs, and expandables).

Towed Recreational vehicles have either one or two sets of wheels roughly in the center of the cabin.

A central axle is great for towing but does not make for a stable setup when parked. The single central support point makes the vehicle prone to pitching or rocking even when parked on a level surface. Sagging, or leaning off to one side on uneven ground, is also far more noticeable with towed vehicles.

Motorhomes, being more stable, usually only need light, portable jack stands placed at strategic points. In most cases, they will only serve to absorb the movement of the vehicle’s suspension.

Unstable towed RVs, on the other hand, require more support. The average travel trailer or fifth wheel will require support on all corners as well as a hitch point stabilizer. Slide-out trailers will also need additional support under the slide-out sections.

How We Reviewed Our 10 Best Jack Stands List

When you consider all these points, they make a solid argument for ensuring your RV is always level and stable. Choosing the best jack stands is perhaps the best single move you can make to doing that. Hopefully, the list of 10 best jack stands and stabilizers we have put together here will make those choices easier.

To make assessing our list simple, we have used the same set of criteria for each product. Those points cover the most critical aspects you should consider when choosing the best jack stands and include:

  • Overview, product, and application specifics
  • Carrying capacity and adjustment range where specified
  • Warranty details where applicable
  • Amazon ratings
  • Where to buy details
  • In summary

Here are our top 10 list of best jack stands in no specific order.

Eaz-Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

No products found.

When you consider all these points, they make a solid argument for ensuring your RV is always level and stable. Choosing the best jack stands is perhaps the best single move you can make to doing that. Hopefully, the list of 10 best jack stands and stabilizers we have put together here will make those choices easier.

To make assessing our list simple, we have used the same set of criteria for each product. Those points cover the most critical aspects you should consider when choosing the best jack stands and include:

Eaz-Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack

No products found.

The first on our list of best jack stands is the Eaz-Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack. If you’re the owner of a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or fold-down camper, this jack is perfect for you. Designed for permanent fitment, you would bolt or weld them onto at least two corners of the RV cabin.

You can buy the Eaz-Lift jacks in two-packs together with a jack socket for use on a power drill. Buyers can also rest assured that they are strong and durable owing to their heavy duty, powder coated construction.

This Eaz-Lift scissor jack has an adjustment range from 4.375 inches to 23.75 inches and is rated to carry 7,500 pounds. The full product range includes several carry weight and adjustment options that include 20-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch, all with 5,000-pound load capacity.

All Eaz-Lift products purchased from approved distributors carry standard Eaz-Lift/Camco manufacturer warranties covering manufacturing defects. In the event of a potential warranty claim, contact Eaz-Lift directly with all product and purchase information at hand.

You can buy Eaz-Lift scissor jacks at Amazon where they scored a respectable 4.7 out of 5.0 star review rating.

Husky Slide-Out Stabilizer

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Next on our list of best jack stands is Husky’s Slide-Out Stabilizer, which is designed to counter slide-out stability problems by offering substantial support to the slide-out panel.

To install the jack, you extend the slide out panel and place the jack under the frame with its foot firmly on the ground. Once the jack is in the position, you extend the center column until the support plate makes firm contact with the slide-out frame.

The Husky Slide-Out Stabilizers are constructed of robust, heavy-duty steel and come in sets of two. They also feature a durable rust-resistant powder coating and zinc finish. The lower foot has an area of six square inches, which gives the jacks good ground contact.

The stabilizers are available in 3 size options, namely 17 inches to 29 inches, 21 inches to 39 inches, and 26 inches to 49 inches. If you own Husky products, you can contact Husky Towing Products directly for warranty claims. Just remember to have all the relevant purchase documents handy if you do need to make a claim.

RV owners can buy the Husky Slide-Out Stabilizer range through Amazon as well as the Husky Towing Products distributor network. The Husky slide-out stabilizer scores 4.6 out of 5.0 stars in Amazon reviews.

Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack

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The Camco Olympian Stack Jacks may be used to support all RV classes, making them one of the best jack stands available. Typical of the traditional jack stand family, the Olympian features a pyramid frame with a screw-out center support column.

This class of jack stand features wide, stable bases and the coarse-pitch center columns are quick and straightforward to extend. Fortunately, they are easy to install, rock solid in use, and you simply pack them away when you’re finished. They will be ready for the next trip! That makes them a good option on a list of best jack stands.

The jack frames heavy duty cast aluminum construction means you don’t have to worry about durability or strength. The Olympian Stack Jack is rated to carry a maximum of 6,000 pounds and is adjustable between 11 inches and 17 inches.

Presented in convenient four packs, the Olympian Stack Jacks carry a standard Camco Manufacturing warranty. You can buy the jacks through Amazon or from authorized Camco dealers. The Olympian has seen almost 1000 Amazon ratings and scored a solid 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

Eaz-Lift/Camco Fifth Wheel Tripod Stabilizer

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The Eaz-Lift Camco Fifth Wheel Tripod Stabilizer is one of the more specialized items on our list. Owners of fifth wheel trailers use these tripod stabilizers to support their trailer hitch points.

As the name indicates, the Eaz-Lift Camco is a three-legged arrangement. It features adjustable legs held together at the top by a top connector weldment. A height adjustable hitch cup screws into the top connector and the legs are secured at the bottom by a chain link.

To install the tripod stabilizer, you place it directly under the hitch king-pin. You can make rough height adjustments by opening or closing the tripod legs. You then screw the hitch cup up tight against the kingpin and lock everything in place.

The Eaz-Lift Camco tripod is rated to carry 5,000 pounds and is height adjustable from 39 inches to 53 inches. It features robust steel construction and a durable powder coated finish. If you do have any issues with the stabilizer, you can contact Camco to submit a claim against their standard warranty.

This stabilizer is available from Amazon and the Camco distributor network. It has featured well in over 300 Amazon reviews scoring an average of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.

Libra RV Trailer Stabilizer

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The Libra RV Trailer Stabilizer is a fixture type stabilizer meant for you to permanently fit it to the corners of motorhomes or towed trailers. The jack has a pre-drilled mounting plate and comes with mounting bolts.

The jacks are heavy-duty steel and powder coated to prevent corrosion. Supplied in 4 unit sets, they include a crank handle in addition to a 3/4 inch magnetic socket.

This product features a rated 5,000-pound carry capacity and extension adjustments from 4 inches to 24 inches. These numbers make the Libra jacks a good fit for small to mid-sized RVs.

A standard manufacturer warranty covers Libra stabilizer jacks. You can purchase these jacks from Amazon as well as Libra Trailer Parts distributors. They scored well with over 100 Amazon customer reviews and have a 4.6 out of 5.0 star rating.

Lippert High-Speed Electric Stabilizer Jack

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The Lippert High-Speed Electric Stabilizer Jack is a one-piece, two-legged jack that is permanently installed front and rear on RVs. This type of jack is one-piece construction with extendable jacks on either end. You can extend the legs simultaneously using an electric motor or manual crank.

This Lippert jack is electrically operated and employs a single, high-speed electric motor to extend the stabilizing legs. The jack cross member centrally bolts onto the frame of the vehicle front and rear. This positioning places the extended legs on opposite sides of the cabin, offering reliable support.

The jacks are rigid steel sections with a corrosion resistant finish. Several available kit options feature a range of switching configurations.

This Lippert electric stabilizer jack carries a standard manufacturer warranty and is available on Amazon as well as approved dealers. It scores a 4.2 out of 5.0 star Amazon rating from 38 reviews.

Pacific Rim Telescoping Stabilizing Jack

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Telescoping stabilizer jacks are among the simplest types of jack on the market. In particular, they are light, compact, and easy to install and use.

The Pacific Rim Telescoping Stabilizer Jack consists of a mounting frame and a simple spring-loaded telescoping support leg. They are designed as fixture stabilizers and are permanently attached to the vehicle frame.

When the jack is not in use, the support leg locks into the mounting bracket. To use the jack, pull it out to unlock and swing it down to lock it in the extended position. If the extended jack leg is too short, you can adjust it with a simple ratchet mechanism.

Pacific Rim robustly constructs their jacks, and consequently, their mechanisms are sound. However, the paint finish, and the alignment of the holes for the ratchet arm can be improved. Nevertheless, these points are cosmetic rather than practical and have few adverse effects on the functioning of the jacks.

The rated capacity for the Pacific Rim jack is 1,000 pounds per jack, and they extend between 11.5 inches and 17.75 inches.

These products are available from Amazon, where they score a 4.2 out of 5.0 star rating from 199 reviews. If you should have a problem with the Pacific Rim jacks, Amazon suggests contacting the manufacturer directly for warranty details.

Adnik Screw-Down Stabilizing Jack

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Much like most similar products, the Adnik Screw-Down Stabilizer Jack is a fixture device you would permanently install on your vehicle. Generally, you’d attach the jacks by welding or bolting them to the frame.

When you’re not using the jack, it can be stowed neatly under the vehicle. To deploy the jack, extend the support leg by turning the extension screw with the crank handle. To stow the jack again, simply reverse the procedure.

RV owners can buy the Adnik stabilizer jacks in sets of two which include the crank handle. They are made from robust pressed steel sections and have a rust-resistant powder-coated finish. The carry weight rating for the Adnik jack is 1,000 pounds, and the full extension length is 20 inches.

RV owners can buy the Adnik jack from Amazon. These jacks score a 5.0 out of 5.0 star Amazon rating and have a standard manufacturers warranty.

Ultra-Fab Ultra Stack Jacks

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Ultra-Fab Ultra Stack Jacks are the second stack jack product in our best jack stand line-up. Similar in most respects to the Camco stack jacks, the Ultra-Fab jacks are suitable for motorhomes and smaller trailer campers.

Constructed from strong and durable die-cast aluminum, the jacks are corrosion resistant, lightweight, and easy to use. Sporting the same pyramid design as the Camco product, the ultra stack jacks feature a precision machined steel extension column.

That makes extending the jacks through their full range of 11 inches to 17 inches quick and effortless.

This particular Ultra Stack kit includes 4 jacks each with a respectable 6,000 pound carry weight rating. As their name indicates, the jacks are stackable, making for neat and compact storage.

The Ultra-Fab stack jacks can be purchased through Amazon or the manufacturer’s dealer network and carry the Ultra-Fab lifetime warranty. The jacks have earned a 4.4 out of 5.0 star Amazon average rating score.

RAM Trailer Products Electric Tongue Jack with Drop Leg

Owners of A-frame trailer campers would be the prime target market for the RAM Electric Tongue Jack. These jacks are similar to fifth wheel tripod stabilizers in that they offer supplemental hitch point support only.

Tongue jacks differ from their fifth wheel siblings in the average installation height. A-frame trailer tongues are far lower — basically level with the bottom of the cabin — than fifth wheel hitches. In addition to that difference, tongue jacks are single column devices where fifth wheel stabilizers are usually tripods.

Fitted with a standard mounting bracket, this jack is easy to fit as a replacement part. The RAM jack has a handy LED light head which is excellent for illumination during night time hook-ups. It also features a 7.5-inch drop-leg extension for added extension capacity and a manual override crank handle.

These jack’s heavy-duty steel construction and powder coating make them durable and corrosion resistant. The gears are hardened steel, and the motor has a 57-inch power cable. The RAM electric jack comes with a third party warranty, which should be considered carefully before purchase.

The RAM Trailer Products Electric Tongue Jack is available on Amazon and numerous other distributors.

Choose the Jack for You

Well, there you have it, our top 10 list of the best jack stands. Hopefully, it will help you to better understand the importance of keeping your RV balanced and level. And, most importantly, which products you could use to achieve that.

Above all, please remember that none of these products, or any other similar products for that matter, are lifting devices. You should only ever use the jacks to stabilize and support your vehicle.

Using them to lift the vehicle to change wheels or do repairs is particularly dangerous and may place you and the vehicle in danger.

Have you used any of the best jack stands we listed? If so, please tell us about it in the comments section.

Happy camping!

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