When it comes to improving your safety when you’re in a driveway or driving on a highway, a high-quality RV backup camera is a huge help. The best RV backup camera can help eliminate harmful blind spots behind the rear wheels.

Putting your vehicle in reverse will result in the activation of the camera, thereby showing you the space close to the ground behind your vehicle. With that, it’s possible for the camera to be helpful in preventing you from backing over pets, children, or certain objects, such as bikes and skateboards.

One sign that you’re getting a really good backup camera is if it comes with field depth lines, as well as other markers that you’ll surely find helpful. You need to install one to protect not only your car but also kids. Aside from offering protection, you’ll also be glad to know that these backup cameras are not hard to install.

Most of them also come at really affordable prices. To serve as your guide in choosing the best backup camera for your RV, here are six choices you may want to consider:

Best RV Backup Camera Reviews

Which one is right for you?

1. Podofo Wireless and Waterproof Vehicle Backup Camera Kit – Best Bang for the Buck

Podofo Wireless Vehicle 2 x Backup Cameras Parking Assistance System...
  • 7 inch Car LCD monitor support 2 video inputs, V1/V2 to switch the video from one to another, V2 video input build a...
  • 2 x HD Reverse camera Build wireless Sender, 18 individual infrared LED lights for clear Night Vision, IP68 Waterproof...
  • It comes with a remote controller and instructions for easy installation: Connect the antenna with the cameras and...

The first product I’d like to recommend is the Podofo Wireless and Waterproof Vehicle Backup Camera Kit. As it comes in the form of a kit, I can say that it has a few inclusions – among them are the 7-inch HD rearview monitor, the IR night vision, and the parking assistance system.

One advantage of this backup camera kit is that it works not only for RVs but also for trucks, buses, trailers, motorhomes, and campers. I’m impressed with the overall construction of this backup camera as it is designed to be easy to install.

The HD LCD widescreen monitor, which is around 7 inches, is known for providing high-resolution images while also boasting of full-color display. It also features eighteen individual infrared LEDs, providing it with a night vision quality. Another great thing about this unit is that it starts automatically.

It also displays videos from your rearview camera in a synchronous manner once you start to back your vehicle. The fact that it’s waterproof is also a big advantage as it means that it can handle marine environments. It has a hard metal case, which is not only waterproof but also mud proof.

However, there’s a drawback and that’s on the LED lights that tend to reflect off the glass when it’s dark. It’s because you need to mount the unit behind glass. It has some minor negative effect on the quality of captured images.


  • Large 7-inch and HD rearview monitor
  • ​Features an IR night vision
  • Easy to install
  • Starts automatically
  • Waterproof, making it capable of handling marine environments


  • Quality of captured images affected when the LED lights reflect off the glass where the unit is mounted

Despite that, it has the majority of things that most RV owners wish for their backup cameras to have, including wide and HD screen and display, night vision, and waterproofing feature.

2. LeeKooLuu LKL-00108 RV Wireless Backup Camera Reviews

LeeKooLuu RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 7 Inch Recorder DVR...
  • ►Back Up Camera Systems Wireless◄Using the latest chip technology that is unique in the market,dual antenna signal...
  • ► 1080P Full HD Recording System◄ It supports record 4 wireless rv cameras at the same time and loop...
  • ►Durable Ultra Waterproof Rear View Camera◄ 18 Infrared Lights can get Great Night Vision.Adopt Advanced 3D noise...

I also highly suggest going for the LeeKooLuu LKL-00108 Wireless RV Backup Camera if you want to install the best RV backup camera system. It comes with a wireless module while also featuring a 7-inch TFT display monitor and camera. It does not also take too much time and effort to install.

It can transport video signals from the car charger adapter via the on/off switch. This unit also comes equipped with an iP68 waterproof camera, which also boasts of a 150-degree viewing angle.

The camera of this product is set at a default of no grid lines. However, it is possible for you to cut the white wire to have the lines.

It works well for a wide range of applications, particularly large vehicles that run from 12-24 volts. That said, it’s useful not only in the RV but also in a trailer, skidder, caravan, camps, bus, truck, and motorhome. It is also a multipurpose unit in the sense that it serves both as a backup camera and a full-time rearview monitor.

One problem with this unit is that while it comes with professional installation instructions, those were poorly made and kind of confusing. Making a good splice from the wires is also a bit challenging as they are made so finely.


  • Boasts of a reliable 7-inch TFT display monitor and camera
  • ​Transport video signals efficiently from the car charger adapter
  • Features an iP68 camera known for being waterproof
  • Works for a wide range of applications
  • Multipurpose as it works as a backup camera and full-time rearview monitor


  • A bit hard to make a splice from the fine wires

What’s good about the product, though is that it is well-designed, sturdy, and capable of serving various purposes and applications, making it really worthwhile for your time and money.

3. 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera with 7-inch Monitor

4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera + 7" Monitor for Bus, RV, Trailer, Motor...
  • DIGITAL Wireless Back-Up Camera System, 0% Interference, 0% statics, 100% crystal clear picture guaranty.
  • DIGITAL Wireless System, no need for complex connect wire layout, easy install.
  • 11 high-powered IR LEDs for 50 feet night vision, with SONY 1/4" high-resolution CCD. Metal case with 10G-force rated...

As a commercial-grade wireless backup camera for 5th wheel RV, buses, trailers, RVs, trucks, and motorhomes, I can say that this 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera does its intended function really well. The 7-inch monitor, which comes with this camera set, is also very useful for drivers. It works well either as a rearview or backup camera.

Also, it is versatile that you can install it in various applications and vehicles. It makes use of a digital wireless signal, which is known for providing zero interference and static while also supplying a hundred percent crystal clear image and display.

The fact that it has a wide 7-inch TFT LCD screen is also a big advantage. It also features a digital wireless receiver so expect it to promote ease when you are using it. You just have to plug it into a plug of a cigarette lighter without the need to use additional wirings and receivers.

The LCD is also around 1-inch thin only and it sits on a base, which you can adjust. With its fully adjustable nature, aiming the screen in almost all your preferred directions is possible. Another nice fact about this product is that it has a removable external antenna designed specifically for the monitor.

Such an antenna is a big help in improving the reception, especially when you’re exposed to long-range signals.

However, you may need to exert more effort in searching for the perfect viewing angle that can minimize reflections considering the fact that the surface of the monitor is a bit glossy.


  • Commercial-grade wireless camera, which proves its ability to perform well
  • ​Works either as a rearview or backup camera
  • Digital wireless signal used without any interference and statics
  • Hundred percent crystal clear image and display guaranteed
  • Adjustable base for the LCD


  • A bit challenging to find the perfect viewing angle to reduce reflections

Overall, this product is a nice addition to your RV considering the fact that it mainly functions to improve your safety while also giving you peace of mind.

4. RV Rear View Camera Reviews – Editor’s Choice

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Side Cameras for RV's,...
  • Backup Camera System with Three Cameras-(1 Backup, 2 Side Cameras)
  • 7" LED Digital Panel Color Display
  • 130° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Lastly, there is the Rear View Safety RVS-770613 Backup Camera System, which, I think, continues to leave a good impression as far as its performance is concerned. It has its own 7-inch monitor, so there is no need for you to invest in a separate one. One advantage is that it integrates flawlessly with the backup camera.

It has an excellent image resolution (1440 x 234 pixels), making it capable of displaying obstacles and objects at the rear part of your RV clearly and brightly. It also has an impressive signal-to-noise ratio, which helps in minimizing static and visual artifacts on display.

I also notice that the backup camera is fully waterproof – proof of that is its IP69K rating. It also features up to 18 infrared lights. These lights are useful in letting you see even if the distance is up to fifty feet at night or in the dark.

It can display distance grid lines, too, which is a good thing as it informs you of the exact space or room left behind you. The system boasts of an auto-dimming feature, too, dimming the brightness of the monitor automatically depending on ambient light. 

The problem with the camera is that its viewing angle is narrower than others.


  • Comes with its own 7-inch monitor
  • ​Displays obstacles and objects clearly – thanks to its good resolution
  • Impressive signal-to-noise ratio, reducing static and visual artifacts
  • Fully waterproof
  • Boasts of an auto-dimming feature


  • Viewing angle is narrower when compared to other units

Most of the features and benefits that this backup camera offers outweigh that flaw, though, so it’s a top-performer in the market.

RV Backup Camera Buyer’s Guide


A few factors should be taken into consideration if you want to end up buying a backup camera for your RV that does exactly what it intends to do.

Wired or Wireless

When searching for a backup camera designed for cars and RVs, you’ll most likely be introduced to two popular options – the wired and the wireless type. Decide which one of the two works ideally for you. If you’re planning to go for the wireless type, note that setting it up does not require the use of any wires.

It’s completely different when you compare it to the wired type. One thing to take note of about wireless backup cameras for travel trailers is that they send signals only from each other. While it’s capable of sending video images to a monitor, it’s still possible for the display to capture images while also letting you alter them. It’s also known to be easy to install.

However, it also has the risk of capturing interference from sources that are close to you. In most cases, you’ll need to buy this product as a kit.

The deal with the wired

The wired RV backup camera, on the other hand, comes with a long cable, which you need to use to connect the camera at the back of your RV to the monitor installed in your dashboard. It’s beneficial because this system works in a plug-and-play manner, allowing you to buy it in separate parts, letting you save money.

In fact, you can just purchase the camera first then just use the cable of your old audio system so you can pair it up with the monitor. Also, in comparison to the wireless type, it produces more reliable and better-looking videos. One downside, though, is that it requires professional installation.

It’s because of the importance of firmly securing the wires under your RV. You may need to spend more for RV backup camera installation. Learn the pros and cons of the wireless and the wired camera so you can decide which one can benefit you the most.

Video Quality

Another valuable factor to take into consideration is the video quality. Make sure that the quality of the video is good enough. It should have less fuzzy features while not presenting any black and white. Note that you’ll be using the camera to see things behind your RV clearly.

Aside from offering backup assistance, a good video quality for the backup camera is also a huge help in figuring out whether you have a flat tire or if you’re blowing smoke. It’s also helpful in spotting any interference when you’re backing up.

When assessing the quality of the video, note that the wireless transmitters, screen, and cables have a say on it.


The camera should also be high in quality. It should be capable of capturing images in various ways. If possible, go for one, which lets you choose from colored, night vision or infrared, and black and white. You can even find those that feature smart parking guidelines, notifications, and face tracking.

Another thing that makes the camera of this device a good one is if it’s weatherproof. Note that being weatherproof is a vital factor that affects the reliability and performance of the camera. It should be weatherproof enough that it can withstand different kinds of weather – be it the hot summer, snow, or heavy rains.

Mirror Image Capability

The best wireless backup camera for RV is also that, which has a mirror image capability. Your chosen system should be capable of flipping the image so you can see it just the way you expect when looking in your rearview mirror.

With that capability, you know that you can reverse easily because what you see is what the image is supposed to be. You can find units that allow reversed or a normal image. However, most of these devices now come with reverse image function, which is a good thing. Avoid buying one without any reverse image capability.

Automatic Capabilities

Make sure that your chosen RV backup camera has automatic capabilities, too. Go for one with sensors that automatically activate your feed only during that time when your RV backs up.

Expect your backup camera to last longer while also avoiding unnecessary distractions when hooking it up to a source of power, which only works automatically when needed. This means that it doesn’t stay on for an entire day.

Also, you can prevent the battery life of your display from draining too quickly as it already knows exactly when to turn on and off automatically.

Field of View

It would also be best to go for an RV backup camera with a bigger and wider field of view. With that, you have an assurance that a lot of the blind spots will be covered. What you have to look for is a camera with around 100-degree field of view. If you can find more, then the better.

Such will ensure that you’ll receive a full visual coverage of the exact area behind the bumper. In case you’re driving a huge RV or truck, then a camera, which features a much wider angle is a must.

Night Vision

Go for a camera with night vision so you can continue using it even when it’s dark. It’s a big help in ensuring that you safely reverse at night or in the dark. That’s possible with the infrared LEDs that work by illuminating what is behind your car, letting you see a black-and-white image on your vehicle.

Final Words About the Best RV Backup Camera

There are many things that can affect your decision when choosing the best RV backup camera. Your main goal, therefore, should be to ensure that you’re getting an RV backup camera guaranteed to ensure your safety while you’re on the road. It should be capable of preventing collisions while keeping your mind at ease, knowing that you’re safe.

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