Traveling in style is what most people strive for. Reaching the destination and exploring is what most people look forward to, but seldom the journey itself.

RVs have changed that.

If you want space, facilities, and a dwelling all in one, then an RV is your best option. Forget about hooking a big trailer onto your pickup, as an RV is both of those in one.

Kids love RVs due to space and parents love the convenience of it. An RV is an acronym for a recreational vehicle, which includes living quarters designed for accommodation.

Need to use the bathroom during the journey? No problem. Many new RVs have one onboard.

The early models stunned the market with its facilities, but the new models are a sight for sore eyes. Some RVs are so luxurious that they look better than most apartments. That’s not an exaggeration.


RV manufacturers have become so creative with their designs that many celebrities have chosen it as their form of transportation when on tour or on the set.

Although fancy RVs are available, the market also has affordable ones that provide just as much entertainment and convenience. Cool features on RVs vary, and it doesn’t always mean that the most expensive RVs have the best features.

We wanted to find out what sets the best RVs in the world apart, so we gleaned information about the top models and discovered how each one is unique.

EleMMent Palazzo

source:  elitereaders

Warning! This RV is for people with seriously deep pockets. If you want the cream of the crop, then this RV is a perfect choice.

Anybody who wants the pinnace in RV luxury will find the EleMMent Palazzo to be a delight. Costing $3 million, EleMMent Palazzo is the most expensive RV in the world. 

Here’s what makes this RV so special:

Besides the fact that only a few people can afford this RV; once you step inside, a world of opulence awaits. This RV has a king-size bed, massive kitchen, rainfall shower, not to mention a 40-inch TV screen.

If that wasn’t enough space, this RV also has an expandable rooftop deck. It is recognized in 190 countries as the most luxurious RV model in the world.

Under the bonnet lies a 6-cylinder Volvo engine, capable of producing 600 horsepower. The manufacturer made the EleMMent Palazzo out of carbon fiber and designed the cockpit with an aviation dashboard and panoramic glazing.

One of the things that make the ElemMMent Palazzo so unique is the Sky Lounge. The lift system raises it out of the body to create a walled-in roof deck. What could be cooler than that?

4WD Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans

source:  sportsmobile

Who said that you have to stay on the road when you go on a journey with your motor home?

Mercedes Benz has designed a vehicle that makes it possible to experience adventure in a motor home by going off-road. The German manufacturer has accomplished that by offering Sportsmobile 4WD Sprinter Vans.

This 4WD is equipped with overland camping. The Sportsmobile is so advanced and capable that it can follow modified Jeeps and other 4WD vehicles on the most inhospitable terrains while packing full camping amenities on board.

Although this motor home is compact, it offers many of the same features as a conventional Class B motor home. What sets this RV apart, besides the off-road capability, is that it looks so cool and is one of the most capable campers on the market.

If you don’t have several million dollars to spend on a lavish RV, then this one might be perfect for you. At just over $100,000, the Sportsmobile is one of the best ways to go camping in the bush.

Under the bonnet of this road warrior is a V6 3-liter turbo diesel engine, capable of pumping out 188 horsepower. 

Free Bird

 source:  trucktrend

Need something cheaper than the Sportsmobile?

You’re in luck. 

The Free Bird is one of those RVs that has versatile functionality but doesn’t carry an insane price tag.

This is what makes the Free Bird unique:

This RV is built on the Nissan NV200 cargo van and uses a convenient slide-rail system that makes switching from a camper van to a cargo carrier a breeze. 

You might be wondering how long the switch takes…

To install or remove all of the components via the slide-and-glide system, all you need is two minutes. It’s simple and quick. The other aspect that makes this RV unique is that the main cabin consists of a series of boxes that stores everything you need for camping. 

You access the kitchen from the rear, in a slide-out kitchen box. The cabin also boasts a 31-quart fridge, a cycle auxiliary battery that powers the LED lighting. It also has a portable butane stove and two storage drawers. 

At just over $37,000, the Free Bird is one of the most versatile and affordable RVs on the market.

This RV can accommodate the entire family but also has the basic amenities that the kids and parents need to enjoy the journey.

Some people refer to this van as the Swiss Army Knife of campervans.


 source:  newatlas

Imagine combining everything into one RV. What do I mean by that? 

Some RVs are meant for camping while others are specifically designed for luxury. What if you could get a van that allowed you to camp and work? You can.

The Glampervan makes that possible. 

Glampervan has decided to combine numerous features into its RV to make it a multi-use vehicle. The best part about the Glampervan is that you can take it with you on vacation and use it for accommodation or convert it into a mobile office for work.

Thankfully, its features don’t compromise the RV’s hauling capability.

While the passengers are resting or working, the driver can haul things like a regular truck. The Glampervan maximizes space by using a 136-inch wheel-base high-roof Ram Promaster. 

This RV has a galley kitchen that’s loaded with cabinets and storage space. The bed is situated on a passenger wall, allowing space for gear or supplies when you’re not resting. The bed is queen-size.

When you’re not sleeping or eating, you can use the van as an office to do work. 

The basic package of the Glampervan starts at just over $22,000, but consumers who want the Promaster van will pay around $32,000.

With so much to offer, the Glampervan is kinda worth every cent.


 source:  newatlas

Another RV to blind would-be buyers with its high price is the Furrion ELYSIUM. 

How much?

To own this magnificent RV, don’t be surprised when the salesman tells you to fork out $2.5 million. 

Since the EleMMent Palazzo costs $3 million and has all the bells and whistles, what makes this one more special? I’m glad you asked.

If the penthouse-like interior wasn’t enough to make this RV one-of-a-kind, then the rooftop helicopter is. 

Think about that for a second. 

You’re driving in an RV, and you’ve got a helicopter on top of it.

The other features that make this RV so special are the fireplace, 75-inch TV,  and smart toilet and shower. There’s another little feature next to the rooftop helicopter. 

A hot tub

Maybe the manufacturers designed this RV for someone like James Bond…

Besides the helicopter, the Furrion ELYSIUM also contains several secret agent gadgets.

This RV is 45’ long, 8’ wide and 13’ 6” high. Needless to say, the Furrion ELYSIUM is a masterpiece and contains a wine fridge, LED screens and Bluetooth speakers. The only setback about this RV is the price.

Which One Should You Buy?

That depends on your needs and wallet.

If you have plenty of money and want luxury, then the EleMMent Palazzo will be like your kingdom. 

Other people who don’t have that kind of money but want to experience an RV on and off the road will find the Sportsmobile to be a delight.

The Glampervan is a multi-use vehicle, allowing you to work and play.

As you can see, RVs aren’t one-size-fits-all. You need to determine what you plan to use the RV for and how much you can spend first.

Regardless of which RV you choose, you’ll take pleasure in knowing that you don’t have to spend extra on accommodation and that you’re always at home in one.


For most people, an RV is the ultimate way to travel. Curious how to get your own? Well, check out the infographic below on tips and strategies for getting behind the wheel of your own RV (leased or purchased)!



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