How to Winterize an RV: 4 Simple Tips

Winterizing an RV is an important process that must be done to protect your vehicle from the harsh winter elements. This entails several actions, which means it can be an intense endeavor to undertake. In this article, some tips are offered for tackling this task. Towards the end of the article, some final thoughts are offered about winterizing an RV.

4 Tricks on How to Winterize an RV 

In this section, four tricks for how to winterize an RV are examined in greater depth.

1. Enlist the Help of Others

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Winterizing an RV can entail a number of small tasks. Splitting up these tasks between multiple workers would be an efficient way of tackling this endeavor.

One of the main tasks is to protect the plumbing system from freezing temperatures. This involves draining all the liquids from the RV to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting.

Pumping anti-freeze through the system is one way to do this. Many people like to install a valve with a tube onto the water pump to draw antifreeze directly from the bottle.

There are many other menial tasks to be performed in preparation of the winter. Appropriating this work between many people will speed up the process. Trying to do everything on your own could slow down the process and frustrate you.

Even if you do most of the legwork, having a friend or family member around can make the process much smoother. Sometimes, merely talking to someone else can focus the labor you are performing. Some people tend to overthink tasks when they are alone.

Enlisting the help of others could also make your preparations more effective. This is because labor can be divided according to skillset and interests. For example, one worker who loves to clean might be able to focus on removing mold from the interior while another worker who is skilled at using tools could focus on pumping anti-freeze.

Enlisting help also means you have emotional support in case you run into obstacles. If this is your first time winterizing an RV, then having help nearby would be especially beneficial. Asking someone who has winterized an RV in the past would be ideal in this sense. Any questions that arise about how to winterize an RV could be answered on the spot.

2. Nourish Yourself Before Starting

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Even though most tasks involved in winterizing are simple, they still take a while to complete. Depending on your level of expertise, winterizing an RV could take you many hours for several days.

Given this time commitment, you want to make sure you are nourished when you are working. This will ensure that your preparations are properly executed. If you are undernourished as you work, you might lose focus and botch some crucial aspect of the endeavor. This mistake could prove costly, as your RV might require repairs in the future due to this negligence. If you are on a strict budget, then such a mistake could be devastating.

The best way to nourish yourself is to eat fruits before beginning these tasks. Fruits are incredibly water-rich, which ensures that you are hydrated as you work.

If the weather is still warm as you are winterizing, hydration will be especially crucial. This is especially the case when working in tight spaces, which is common when preparing an RV for the winter.

If this is the case, coconut water would be perfect, as it’s full of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Drinking several cups of coconut water would be a great way to nourish yourself before working on an RV.

What you eat will depend on when you decide to undertake the winterizing process. If you start in the morning, you might want to eat lighter, juicier fruits, like mangoes, papayas, oranges, apples, and grapes. If you eat later in the day, richer, denser foods might be preferable like bananas and avocados.

Most importantly, if you feel hungry or exhausted at all, you should take a break. Many people like to eat a snack after working for several hours, as this can be a good way to refuel for more hours of work. Fruits are the best snacks on the planet, as they are quick, nutrient-dense, and incredibly delicious.

It’s extremely critical that the fruit you eat is ripe. This is different for each fruit. In most cases, the fruit will indicate when it’s ripe by emitting an enticing smell. Ripe fruit usually has an appealing color as well. For example, many mangoes turn a golden-yellow color as they ripen.

​​​​3. Minimize Your Stress Levels

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Minimizing stress is an important step if you are wondering how to winterize an RV.

Stress can interfere with this vital process. If you are anxious about the past or future, you won’t be as effective of a worker, which could result in damage to your vehicle come winter time.

Many people like to minimize stress by engaging in some deep breathing exercises before beginning. This can be as simple as sitting in a comfortable location for 10 minutes and following your breath. Many people like to label each breath as “inhale” or “exhale,” as this can provide a simple mantra to focus the mind.

This small amount of time investment will pay dividends as you work, as you will be more relaxed and focused. Most of your energy will be concentrated on the task at hand. When you are stressed, some of your energy is diverted to deal with the stress.

This is especially the case when the stress is health-related. This is why is critical to undertake a winterizing job only when you feel healthy. If you are sick in any way, then your work could be compromised. Alternatively, working intensely in tight spaces could exacerbate your symptoms, which would not be an ideal situation.

Some people are stressed just by the nature of this process. If this is the case, then making a checklist could be beneficial. This will help you compartmentalize all of the tasks that need to be accomplished. As you finish a task, you can cross it off the checklist, preventing you from stressing about forgetting some crucial task.

When creating a checklist, make sure you are comprehensive yet realistic. You don’t want to rush through making a checklist, as you might forget to include some important task. In the same vein, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by creating goals that you can’t fulfill.

4. Be Happy and Free

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Many people wondering how to winterize an RV forget that this should be an enjoyable process.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be happy and free as you perform various tasks. Many people love to work on their RV as a way of disconnecting from their day-to-day routine. Focusing on many tasks can ground you in the present moment and remind you how grateful you are to be alive. You should feel this way even if this is your first time winterizing an RV.

Many people like to play music in the background, as this provides a soundtrack for their work. Listening to an audiobook or podcast is another way to enjoy your preparations. This can be done by playing these media on a portable device, like a portable speaker, smartphone, or tablet.

If you feel overwhelmed, unhappy, or confined at any point during the process, you should pause for a moment and reconsider your actions. It can be easy to get lost in this activity. Some workers forget that there are many ways to complete this project. If you really wanted to, you could hire someone to winterize your RV or resume your work another day.

Your peace of mind is most important. This doesn’t mean that your work can’t be challenging, as it certainly will be if this is your first time winterizing a vehicle. Instead, it means that you shouldn’t allow your work to control your state of mind.

If the work is negatively influencing, you should try to detach from it by either taking or break or refocusing your efforts. Sometimes a brief pause or deep breath can be enough to remind you how appreciative you are to be alive. This kind of perspective is valuable when engaging in winterizing work, as it can prevent you from getting frustrated and botching some important task.

Final Thoughts on How to Winterize an RV

If you are wondering how to winterize an RV, then there are many important tasks you will have to undertake. These involve protecting the plumbing system and emptying the RV of certain items. For example, food from your refrigerator will have to be emptied since turning off the refrigerator is an important part of preparing your RV for winter. Enlisting help from others is an easy way to make your work more efficient and effective. Properly nourishing yourself is also critical. The best way to do this is to eat ripe fruits. Many experts emphasize the benefits of minimizing your stress levels as well as feeling happy and free as you work. Focusing on your state of mind will optimize your workflow and prevent you from getting burnt out as you work. If you work with others, a positive mindset will also be vital, as this will make you more pleasurable to work with.

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