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How to Make RV Mattress More Comfortable?

How to Make RV Mattress More Comfortable

Vacationing while driving your RV should be a fun getaway and a full-time adventure. It could be the reason why a lot of RV owners fill their RVs with convenient onboard facilities. The problem is that the relaxing experience that you are supposed to experience on the road might get shattered if your bed is too uncomfortable.

After all, if you are not getting a good night’s rest, then your adventures will be lacking because you will not have the energy to truly experience them. 

This particularly holds true, especially if you are using the most common RV mattresses that are not only hard to sleep on but are also made of cheap and low-quality materials. You likely already know we are talking about. Things like the padding, pokey and noisy springs, and even the material can make for an uncomfortable evening.  Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your comfort level and enjoy a good night’s sleep. In today’s article, we are going to go over some helpful tips that will allow you to have a better night’s sleep so that you can enjoy your time on the road. 

In our article, we are going to go over five of the most useful tips that will allow you to find the most comfort possible. You may find that one of these tips works best for you, while a combination of the five will do the trick. Let’s get started! 

Five Easy Ways on How to Make RV Mattress More Comfortable?

#1 – Use a mattress topper

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One of the ways for you to add comfort to an otherwise uncomfortable RV mattress is to make use of toppers. The most compatible mattress toppers are extremely useful because they are effective in adding the needed comfort and padding to an RV bed or mattress, which is a bit uncomfortable.

Such topper is actually a costly addition as it usually ranges from around $50-$100 but it is all worth it considering the fact that it can significantly enhance the level of comfort you experience while you are traveling in your RV. Take note, however, that RV beds often come with irregular dimensions.

While adding on a mattress topper is another expense you will have to consider in your RV travels, your back will certainly love it. Finding a mattress topper with the right amount of cushion and padding can turn any uncomfortable mattress into a dream bed.

This might pose a bit of a challenge in searching a topper, which perfectly matches your mattress. In case you need to buy a topper, which is quite too big for the existing mattress then it would be best to also buy a cover, which will protect the mattress while also letting it stay in place on a small bed.

If you can, you may also choose to cut the mattress topper so it can finally be on the specific dimension you require.

#2 – Add some padding on the base

One of the most common issues linked to the mattresses used in trailers and recreational vehicles is that they have bed frames often constructed out of plywood. When you have a base made out of plywood, your bed might feel stiffer than most, and you may end up waking up feeling stiff because of the lack of natural depression in your bed. This can cause some discomfort. In this case, you can solve the problems linked to the discomfort by putting a foam padding.

You can also choose to use other padding materials that are on-hand. Ensure that this padding is placed in between the based and the bottom part of the mattress. It can solve the issue of discomfort while ensuring that you will not spend too much. It is because this solution can actually be considered as a relatively quick and cheap fix.

#3 – Consider stacking mattresses

This tip is extremely useful if the present RV mattress you are using is not really comfortable. Just make sure that your RV has enough space for stacking a couple of mattresses. The good news is that there is no need for you to look for a spare mattress in your storage or around your RV.

It is actually possible for you to put an air mattress above the mattress that you are currently using. What is good about an air mattress is that it is cheaper in comparison to a traditional mattress.

By stacking, you will get the chance to enjoy two mattress layers. This will result in a more comfortable surface to sleep on. It also serves as an extra layer in between your hard bedframe as well as your back. Stacking mattresses are also a good way to go if you do not have a baseboard or need to replace the one that you currently have. 

#4 – Mimic your experience when you are at home

Another way to make your RV mattress feel more comfortable is to mimic the experience that your sleeping area at home gives you. Note that sticking to your normal sleeping habits can help you fall asleep comfortably and easily.

With that in mind, make sure that the sleeping area in your RV is almost the same as that in your home. You can do that by bringing with you the blanket and pillows that you usually use for sleeping at home. Use the same bed sheets as much as possible, too.

If there are certain scents or essential oils that you use in bed back home, you want to try to recreate that scent so that your body is familiar with the new environment. 

While it does not actually do something to improve the comfort level of the mattress literally, it actually has a psychological effect because it will instantly make you feel like you are sleeping at home. This will help eliminate the discomfort that you might be feeling with your RV mattress.

#5 – Replace your old RV mattress

It should be noted that most RV mattresses that come in RVs are totally uncomfortable. Most of them are hard, too and have the tendency of causing sleepless nights and stick neck and back. With that in mind, you may want to consider buying another mattress – one, which perfectly suits your needs and the comfort you are hoping to achieve.

While it is true that RV mattresses may cause you to spend money, you still have a guarantee that with proper research, you can find a supplier or provider offering reasonably priced ones. If you are planning to replace your RV mattress, though, make sure that your choice depends on the following factors:

Fit – When searching for an RV mattress, ensure that you go for one, which perfectly fits the bed frame in your recreational vehicle. Check the dimensions and measurements of the bed frame first prior to buying. This is to ensure that your choice fits well and does not require you to cut or slice it in half just so you won’t experience discomfort.

Components of the foam layers – Another thing you have to check out in your search for the ideal RV mattress is what specifically comprises its foam layers. If you go for memory foam then note that it is often composed of thick polyurethane foams.

Some of them also come with around 2-5 layers of foam depending on your chosen type of mattress. For spring coils, expect them to have spring instead of the memory foam or the standard foam. Rest assured, though, that they still come with some support foams to improve the firmness of the mattress.

It is necessary to check these components of the foam layers as these are also helpful in checking their level of comfort.

Firmness – Check the firmness of the mattress, too. What you have to choose is a mattress, which is high in density. It is because such type is soft enough while providing you with adequate support and comfort. It is not too soft, too, to the point that it already hurts your back.

Use – It is also advisable to consider how often you will use your mattress and your RV. Decide on whether you will be using it once or two times each year only or for frequent vacations. If you are planning to use your RV for a permanent stay then take that into consideration, too.

Another thing to consider is the ease involved in maneuvering it to small spaces within your recreational vehicle. Note that if you have a small RV then small and thin mattresses are already good options. However, if it is large then a denser and bigger mattress may be more comfortable.


There are actually several ways on how to make RV mattress more comfortable. You can upgrade it for comfort. You may also consider replacing your old mattress with a new one so you can enjoy a better sleep in your RV.

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