Best RV Deep Cycle Battery 2019: A Comprehensive Buying Guide


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VMAX857 AGM RV Battery 12-volt 35AH Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery
Equipped with SLA and AGM technology, which is effective in boosting the battery's performance

Are you presently in search of the best battery that’s specifically designed for your recreational vehicle? Then be aware that your options are quite limitless as there are different types of RV batteries today – with each one offering a different set of benefits and features.


When searching for a reliable RV battery, I highly suggest finding one, which can give out high amps (high amount of power) within just a short burst (only taking a few seconds) so it can keep your RV’s engine working. In this case, it would be good for you to find the best RV deep cycle battery.

It is mainly because this type of battery lasts 3-4 times longer when compared to other types of batteries for recreational vehicles. Learn more about what a deep cycle battery is, its benefits for your RV, and how you can select the best one through this RV battery buying guide and review article.

Comparison of RV Deep Cycle Batteries




Our Rating


VMAX857 AGM RV Battery 12-Volt 35 AH Deep Cycle High Performance Battery




Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Deep Cycle Battery




Odyssey PC680 Battery




Universal UB121000-45978 12-Volt 100AH Deep Cycle Battery




WindyNation 12 Volt Deep Cycle RV Batteries




Best RV Deep Cycle Battery Reviews 2019

1. VMAX857 AGM RV Battery 12-volt 35AH Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery – Best Bang for the Buck

VMAX857 AGM RV Battery 12-volt 35AH Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery

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One of the many things I like the most about this VMAX deep cycle battery is that it comes equipped with SLA and AGM technology, which is effective in boosting its performance. It has a grid structure mainly composed of tin and alloy lead.


I think that this structure is beneficial as it does not only improve the battery’s performance but also increases its lifespan. With this grid structure, I noticed that it can maintain its impressive performance even after several repeated discharges. It is a heavy-duty deep cycle battery, which requires less to zero maintenance.

The plates inside it are also known for having a nice physical and chemical design. These plates even underwent a special form of treatment when they were manufactured, boosting their strength and reliability. The electrolyte and plates within the battery are also packed tightly in a tank, which also features a hard seal.

The fact that the tank has a hard seal is also the reason behind the spill-proof nature of this battery. In between the plates of the battery is the AGM (absorbed glass mat), which works well in boosting its performance as it makes it immune to vibrations and shocks. It is also designed in such a way that deep discharges and quick charging are tolerable.

However, some downsides are also noticeable in this battery – one of which is its slightly higher price. Charging it properly might also require you to buy another special charger.


Things We Liked

  • Tin and alloy lead grid structure, which is helpful in boosting the battery’s performance and lifespan
  • Made to be tough and heavy-duty
  • Strong and reliable plates inside the battery 
  • Hard seal used for the tank that tightly packs the electrolyte and plates, promoting its spill-proof nature 
  • Immune to shocks and vibrations – thanks to the AGM installed in it 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Expensive 
  • Requires a special charger 

While there are some drawbacks to this deep cycle battery, I can still say that its heavy-duty nature and reliable performance make it a great investment.

2. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Deep Cycle and Starting Battery – Best of the Best

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Deep Cycle and Starting Battery

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One of the most impressive qualities of the 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Battery from Optima Batteries is that it can work both as a deep cycle and a starting battery. I noticed that it can perform really well with the aid of its 120-min. reserve capacity, high vibration resistance, and 750 cold cranking amp.


The 750 cold cranking amp rating provided by this battery makes it possible for it to provide more than enough power that you can use to start recreational vehicles and even boats. I think that it’s also effective in delivering optimal power when used in extremely cold environments. With that, I can say that it’s a really reliable battery.

I like the fact that this battery is designed to be compact and lightweight, too. With that, anyone can mount it easily in an RV or boat regardless of one’s preferred position. It has a strong vibration-resistant feature, which makes it effective in tolerating shocks and vibrations without causing damage to the battery.

In fact, it has an exterior casing known for being up to fifteen times more resistant to shocks and vibrations when compared to other similar models. Furthermore, the battery is capable of taking as much current as possible without the risk of overheating if you decide to give it a quick charge.

The fact that this is a D34M battery also makes it effective in supplying power to a large vehicle containing plenty of onboard accessories without the risk of cell damage.

One problem with this battery, though, is that it is prone to overcharging because of the tight tolerance of its cells.


Things We Liked

  • Serves two functions – as a deep cycle and a starting battery
  • High 750 cold cranking amp rating, allowing it to provide enough power for starting RVs
  • Compact and lightweight design 
  • Boasts ​​​​of a strong vibration-resistant feature 
  • Low risk of cell damage even if used to power a large vehicle, which has a lot of onboard accessories 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Prone to overcharging 

The fact that it performs two functions into one makes this product from Optima Batteries worthwhile to check out even with its minor flaw.

3. Odyssey PC680 Battery – Editor’s Choice

Odyssey PC680 Battery

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I can say that the Odyssey PC680 battery also has a good spot in the RV deep cycle battery industry because it can perform its intended function efficiently. What I instantly noticed in this battery is that it has a rugged and strong construction, making it really effective in tolerating a strong pounding regardless of the environment it is in.


With that, I know that this tough battery works well for rough environments, like rough terrains on land, the sea, or snow. It features tightly-packed pure lead plates composed of an inner build designed to give users with a non-spill design. With that, expect this battery to prevent spills while also enhancing its ability to resist vibrations.

One more benefit of this battery is that it boasts of twice the power and thrice the lifespan of the average AGM batteries currently sold in the market. It is due to its ability to handle up to 400 cycles at 80% discharge depth. It has a vibration resistance feature designed to protect the battery from high-frequency vibration and extreme shock.

It is also made in a way that it can survive hard and harsh temperatures. With this, I can say that it has the ability to last for as long as possible. The fact that it is available at a reasonable price also makes it worthwhile to check out.

One problem with Odyssey PC680 Battery, though, is that it is quite slim, so you might need to use other materials to ensure that it fits tightly and perfectly in its intended space.

Things We Liked

  • Rugged and strong construction
  • Ideal for use in rough and tough environments
  • Boasts of a non-spill design 
  • Provides more power and higher lifespan than other AGM batteries 
  • Offers protection from high-frequency vibration and extreme shock 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit too slim, causing some issues when fitting it into its space 

Despite that, it is undeniable that this battery from Odyssey is a great deep cycle battery to invest in because of its tough and strong nature.

4. Universal UB121000-45978 12-volt 100AH Deep Cycle Battery

Universal UB121000-45978 12-volt 100AH Deep Cycle Battery

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I also suggest checking out the Universal UB121000-45978 12-volt 100AH Battery if you want to get a hold of the best RV deep cycle battery on the market today. This 12 volt deep cycle RV battery can handle deep cycling specifically.

While it is perfect to use if you have a trolling motor, it also works well for general use, such as when you plan to supply power to 12-volt consumer electronics as well as onboard 12-volt systems. I specifically like the sealed design of this battery. In addition, it makes use of the popular AGM technology used in batteries today.


With the many impressive and sturdy features of this deep cycle battery, I can say that it requires the least amount of maintenance over its entire lifespan. One advantage of this deep cycle battery is that it boasts of a 100-ampere-hour rating, which ensures that it has an impressive storage capacity as well as a highly functional lifespan.

The AGM technology that it uses also promotes better performance, longer usage period, and quicker recharging. You can use it not only for trolling motors but also for home solar panels, boat, RV, or other equipment requiring deep cycle batteries.

Furthermore, it can only discharge less than 3% of the storage capacity it holds every month if left unused. Such makes it an energy-efficient battery. 

One major problem with this deep cycle battery, though, is caused by its weight. It weighs around 64 lbs., making it a really heavy battery, which might also cause challenges in mounting and storing it.

Things We Liked

  • Can handle deep cycling really well
  • Versatile – You can use it with a trolling motor, for general use, RVs, motorhomes, solar panels, boats, and a lot more.
  • Energy-efficient – thanks to its less than 3% discharge per month if unused 
  • Guaranteed to have an excellent performance, long usage period, and quick recharging – thanks to the use of AGM technology 
  • Does not require a lot of maintenance 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Heavy, which might cause problems in mounting and storing it 

Despite being a heavy battery, it is still a great product to buy as it is a heavy-duty deep cycle battery, which boats of its excellent performance and long lifespan.

5. WindyNation 12 Volt Deep Cycle RV Batteries

WindyNation 12 Volt Deep Cycle RV Batteries

One thing I noticed right away about the WindyNation 12-volt 100 Amp-Hour AGM SLA Deep Cycle VRLA Battery is that it has a unique and attractive exterior design, which is one of the reasons why it is appealing to some buyers. It is also designed in such a way that it works perfectly for off-grid power, like recreational vehicles.


It has a 240-minute reserve capacity while also being fully sealed. One more impressive feature of this deep cycle battery is its 99% pure lead content, which is known for yielding a low discharge rate. It makes the lead float inside while also powering up your battery for up to ten to twelve years.

The versatility of this battery is also one of its strongest points in my opinion. I noticed that it is versatile that it does not only supply power to RVs, but also for boats, portable tools, telecommunications, offshore marine power, and solar panels. It also boasts its non-spillable and sealed design.

With such design, it is possible for you to use the battery in various applications. The good thing about this battery is that it is also specifically designed for impressive deep-cycle performance, especially in terms of applications that require the discharge and recharge of the battery for numerous times.

It also boasts of a high reserve capacity efficiency with its ability to retain a useful voltage for a maximum of 240 minutes under a discharge of 25 amps.

One common complaint in this deep cycle battery, though, is that it has a high risk of breaking fast due to the brass material used in the threads and core.


Things We Liked

  • Lightweight unit, making it easy to use
  • Highly versatile – You will have a battery that is useful in a number of applications not just for your recreational vehicle.
  • Boasts of a large reserve capacity 
  • Ideal for use even if exposed to bad weather 
  • Impressive deep-cycle performance even in applications that require plenty of discharging and recharging 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Threads in the battery are prone to breakage due to the brass coating 

The fact that this deep cycle battery holds most of the traits and characteristics of a real deep-cycle AGM battery makes it really a nice addition to your recreational vehicle.

Deep Cycle Battery Defined

best RV deep cycle batteries

A deep cycle battery is one with thicker plates while also being capable of surviving numerous discharge cycles. It is a good choice, especially if what you are searching for is a type of battery designed for renewable and solar energy or one, which perfectly suits camping.


It is mainly because of its ability to use less instant energy while still delivering great energy for the long term. One advantage of deep cycle battery is that it is highly efficient as far as working as an energy storage unit is concerned. It works whenever there is a chemical reaction, which produces a voltage resulting in electricity.

Also, take note that a deep cycle battery is designed in such a way that it cycles (discharges and recharges) several times. With that said, it can provide a steady rate of power for a prolonged period, which makes it different from standard car batteries that only aim to provide a burst of energy within just a short time.

One of the most common types of deep cycle battery is the AGM (short for absorbent glass mat). It is actually a form of lead-acid deep cycle battery, which comes with a fiberglass mat designed to absorb electrolyte. It has flat plates and comes with a lower internal resistance when compared to traditional cells.

AGM deep cycle batteries are also capable of handling high temperatures while also doing the self-discharge process at a slower rate than other kinds. Overall, many choose AGM because of its many benefits, including the ease and safety involved when transporting it and the fact that it is completely sealed.

It is also a popular type of deep cycle battery as you can safely mount it not only in your RV but also in a caravan, car, boat, or motorhome. You can also go for the deep-cycle flooded battery you plan to install it in an easy-to-access site.


Regardless of the type of RV deep cycle battery you choose, take note that the best one works well for you, especially if what you are looking for is a battery for cyclic applications. Some examples of these are running lights, high-performance car stereos, radios, fish finders, and accessories.

The fact that it has thicker-sized lead plates than other batteries makes it possible to provide current for a long period of time. To give you an idea about the best products for deep cycle batteries today, here are five of those that are suitable for recreational vehicles.

RV Deep Cycle Battery Buyer’s Guide


Selecting the best RV deep cycle battery out of the many products in the market today should not be that hard. Just make sure that you look for one, which makes use of a technology, which is suitable for the application and purpose you intend it to perform.

As mentioned a while ago, the flooded deep cycle battery is ideal if it’s for an easy-to-access site. It is because this type has a widespread availability while also being available at a low price. However, if you plan to install it in a remote location, then go for gel or AGM batteries even if they cost a bit higher.


It is because being in such a remote location can’t give you a guarantee that there will be regular maintenance for it. Since the gel-type or the AGM deep cycle batteries are maintenance-free, they perfectly suit that situation. Choosing the best deep cycle battery reviews for your recreational vehicle should also be done while considering these factors:

Cranking Ampere

As it refers to the power supplied by the deep cycle battery when it operates at locations and environments with around 35-degree F temperatures, the cranking ampere is an extremely important factor to consider in your buying decision.

It gives you an idea about its possible performance when used in temperatures that are over the water’s freezing point. If you go for a battery with a high cranking ampere rating, then you are also assured of its impressive starting performance.

Cold Cranking Ampere

This factor specifically refers to the power supplied by a battery in case its starting motor derives power from it in locations with less than 0-degree F. It is an essential factor to consider, especially if you plan to use your vehicle during the winter season.

Remember that the performance of your battery might get degraded if you use it at a low temperature. With that in mind, you really need a high cold cranking ampere rating to give you an assurance that it will work efficiently in supplying enough power for the starting of your engine even if it is exposed to cold temperatures.


Weight and Size

The weight and size of the battery also contribute a lot to its overall performance. You can’t expect the battery to give you satisfaction no matter how cheap or high-quality it is if it is too heavy and bulky that you already have a difficult time moving it conveniently.

You can find brands that offer heavy-duty batteries. While they are great options, make sure that you spend time assessing how heavy they are. Note that there are heavy-duty types that weigh up to 2,000 pounds while being in a 12-volt pack. That’s a lot of weight to handle.

However, you should also avoid ending up with having to buy around 50-60 small batteries as such might cause problems in wiring them up and maintaining them. What you have to do then is to remember the basic rule of maintaining the total number of batteries to use at around 8-12 only.

In the event that you think a higher capacity is required, then consider investing in batteries with bigger sizes but not the very small ones. Make sure that they are not too bulky and heavy, though. The goal is finding the right balance between weight and size.

Technology Used

Choosing the best deep cycle battery for RV is also possible by spending time assessing the technology used in each one. Basically, all batteries designed for recreational vehicles make use of lead-acid technology although each one comes in various packages.

One of the most basic packages is the flooded cell wherein the battery is packed in an acid solution or liquid water. You can also go for the latest models designed with a maintenance-free technology. Such models attempt to minimize the risk of losing electrolytes through the process of sealing the cells.


The problem with this latest model is that it is not that effective when used on frequent and heavy charging. You may also opt for the gel type, which utilizes a thick paste electrolyte while having a full seal. Find out what specific technology is used in a particular battery to ensure that you are getting the right one.

Cycle Life

The cycle life of a battery can actually be measured based on the number of charge or discharge cycles it can provide based on a given percentage of its rated capacity. Various manufacturers may create their deep cycle batteries with a similar capacity rating.

The problem is that they differ in design, process and materials used, quality control, and experience – all of which can have a heavy influence on the performance of their cycle life. That said, this factor really plays a vital role in your decision.


Spend time reviewing the battery’s capacity so you will know whether it receives a proper rating based on its intended application. Note that this factor is important as a battery with inadequate capacity has the tendency of over-discharging regularly, resulting in a shorter life.

Also, take note that you should avoid getting an oversized battery. It is mainly because of its high price tag, which might not correspond with its actual value. What you have to look for is to identify the purpose or application you wish the battery to perform and figure out the ideal capacity for it.


Research about the most reputable brands of deep cycle batteries today. Make sure that you really figure out which among these brands can give you the highest level of satisfaction.


You can do that by spending time researching the history of the brand, especially in manufacturing and engineering high-quality deep cycle batteries specifically designed for renewable energy and recreational vehicle applications.


Compare the prices and the features of different batteries, too. While it is tempting to buy one because of its low price, you have to make sure that it is not offered at such a low price because of its subpar quality and low cycle life performance.

Note that while you can save if you go for the cheapest battery available in the market, you will be spending more in the long run because of the need to replace it too frequently. That said, figure out which battery is offered at the most reasonable price while also giving you real value for the amount you spend.

Shock and Vibration Resistance

Look for a deep cycle battery, which is really effective in resisting shocks and vibrations. It should be able to withstand such issues without any drop or failure in performance even if you use your vehicle for off-roading.



By considering all the factors mentioned in the short buying guide, you can figure out which among the best RV deep cycle batteries introduced to you is best for your purpose. Do not forget to consider the reserve capacity and ampere-hour rating of the battery, too, as both have a huge impact on its overall performance.

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