The Best Jumper Cables to Keep in Your RV Emergency Kit

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When your RV won't start and you need a jump, why rely on anything less than the best jumper cables to get you back on the road? We've all been there. You're all packed up and ready to hit the road. Then, all of a sudden, you twist the key and nothing happens.

We all try the engine at least five or six times before admitting defeat. Maybe we hope our RV's just playing a practical joke on us.Of course, that's never the case.

Fortunately, keeping some of the best jumper cables in your emergency RV kit can have you back on the road in no time.

How Are the Best Jumper Cables for RVs Different from Other Cables?

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One key difference between the best jumper cables for your RV and your run-of-the-mill automobile is the thickness of the wires.

Most jumper cables advertise their wire gauge, as well as the total amperage load and metallic composition. The lower the gauge, such as a 0 gauge or 2 gauge, the thicker and more heavy-duty the inner wires of your jumper cables.

For example: Cables with a 0 or 2 gauge rating are capable of safely jumpstarting your RV, but they can also handle commercial trucks and SUVs.

Many of the best jumper cables for routine car emergencies utilize 4 or 6 gauge wires. These cables are safe to use on standard passenger cars and economy vehicles. However, anything smaller than 6 gauge could melt or short out when used on a car battery.



Tangle resistance



Metal composition and gauge


Things You Need to Know About Your RV Battery

As you may know or may not know, your RV's battery doesn't actually make power. Instead, your RV battery is an electrical storage device that holds passive energy in the form of chemicals.

Complicated, yes. But also incredibly useful.

Unfortunately, most people pay little attention to their RV battery. That is until it fails. Then, they shake their head, blame the manufacturer, and buy a new battery until the same thing happens again.

In fact, countless RV owners buy a brand new battery every spring. Not only is this expensive, but it's also an unnecessary waste!

Here are a few tips to prolong the life of your RV battery and save tons of cash along the way:

Tip #1

Never let your batteries drain below a 50 percent charge. If your battery drops below this number, recharge it immediately. If you allow your RV battery to go any lower than 20 percent, it could withstand damage and never operate at 100 percent capacity again.

But if you follow this basic rule, a gel or absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery will last up to seven years.

Tip #2

MICTUNING LED Digital Double Voltmeter, Round Panel Voltage Monitor...
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When fully charged, 12-volt RV batteries give off slightly more voltage than when only partially charged. You can easily monitor your battery's charge by keeping an eye on the amount of voltage it gives off.

If your RV has an inverter or solar panel, you can use a battery monitor that displays the charge state.

A digital voltmeter is also a great tool to keep in your RV kit. If you don't already have one of these devices, you can find one online or at your local hardware store.

Tip #3

When buying a new battery, make sure you pay close attention to the battery's application. Each battery type serves a specific application, such as deep cycle, marine, and automotive. Always make sure you purchase a battery that's compatible with your RV.


For example: Starting batteries are used to start your RV's engine. Deep cycle batteries are designed to give a steady amount of power over an extended period. Marine batteries, though, are a hybrid of starting and deep cycle batteries.

If you're unsure about what type of battery you need, don't hesitate to contact your RV's manufacturer or ask the staff at your local automotive store.

How We Selected the Best RV Jumper Cables

Uncovering the best jumper cables required hours of research. We examined numerous RV internet forums, videos, articles, and blogs for recommendations.

We then narrowed our candidates by selecting only the top-rated jumper cables that rate 0 to 2-gauge. Finally, we chose the best jumper cables based on total amperage, construction, user ratings, and warranty.

The Best RV Jumper Cables on the Market Today

To help you find the best jumper cables for your RV, we've created a list of the 10 best jumper cables currently available on the market.

Insulation is the material between you and the wire. This insulation protects you from the active electricity while also preventing damage to the cable.

The best jumper cables feature a thick layer of insulation that remains flexible in all weather conditions. When shopping for a new pair of jumper cables, we suggest investing in a pair that can withstand temperatures below freezing.

Glo Pro 25-Foot 2 Gauge Green Jumper Cables

25-Foot 2 Gauge Green Tangle Free Rubber Battery Booster Jumper Cables
  • Tangle free, twin line construction
  • Heavy duty jacket stays flexible to -30°F
  • Fits all top and side post batteries

These Glo Pro 25-Foot 2 Gauge Green Jumper Cables feature a tangle-free, twin line construction and heavy-duty green jacket. This protective covering is easy to see (even at night) and stays flexible in temperatures down to 30 degrees below zero.

The 400 Amp direct-contact jaws fit all top- and side-mounted battery posts and the 25-foot cable length gives you plenty of room to get the best jumpstart.

If you're looking for cables built with safety and ease-of-use in mind, these might be the best jumper cables for your RV needs.

NoOne Heavy Duty 25Ft 1000Amp 0 Gauge Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables, Heavy Duty Booster Cables 0 Gauge 25Feet (0AWG x 25Ft)...
  • 🔥[HEAVY DUTY FAST CONNECTION] The 0GA 25FT Battery jumper cables has 0.58 inch diameter feature high-quality,...
  • 🔥[STRONG FULL COPPER CLAMPS] The NoOne booster cable has four giant alligator clamps with strong jagged teeth and...
  • 🔥[FLEXIBLE AND S6 PROTECTOR ] Extra long 25 Feet booster jumper cables allows you to access from various locations...

The NoOne Heavy Duty 25Ft 1000Amp 0 Gauge Jumper Cables feature heavy-duty connections with OGA 0.58-inch 0 gauge cables.

In simpler terms, these jumper cables are beasts.

These jumper cables have a dense inner core that you can always count on when you need it most. The four giant clamps feature jagged teeth and springs for incredible force and grip.

You can use these cables in temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero. Plus, they feature rubber-coated insulation and measure 25 feet long.

Without a doubt, these are some of the best jumper cables to invest in if you're looking for something reliable and zero-fuss.

These cables feature a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

AUTOGEN 1 Gauge x 25Ft. 900A Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

AUTOGEN 1 Gauge 25 Feet 900A Heavy Duty Jumper Cables Booster Battery...
  • ✅ LONGER AND POWERFUL - 1 Gauge 25 Feet 900A LONGEST and MOST POWERFUL jumper cables designed for heavy duty vehicles
  • ✅ STRONG JAW - JAW designed with an extra thick PVC Cover providing exclusive drop resistance and insulated protection
  • ✅ CONDUCTIVITY - Highly conductive Copper Coated Aluminum (CCA) conductor wires with a twice grip design

The AUTOGEN 1 Gauge x 25Ft. 900A Heavy Duty Jumper Cables feature 100 percent copper jaws. Combined with the extra-thick PVC covering, these cables offer great drop resistance and insulated protection.

These cables also feature highly conductive Copper-Coated Aluminum (CCA) wires. If you're looking for a set of cables that will work in any situation, these are some of the best jumper cables for added peace-of-mind.

But these cables aren't just useful in emergencies. With a tangle-free design and clamps that work great with side- and top-mounted posts, these are an excellent pair of cables for your day-to-day kit.

CARTMAN Heavy Duty 2 AWG (2Gauge x 20Feet) Jump Cables

CARTMAN Heavy Duty Booster Cables Jump Cable with Carry Bag, 2 AWG...
  • 5 Year Warranty!
  • Sufficient CCA (Copper coated Aluminium). For 600Amp use. Over 50% greater conductor than of a 4 Gauge.
  • Ideal for use with full size pickup trucks, large recreational vehicles and freight hauling vehicles.

The CARTMAN Heavy Duty 2 AWG (2Gauge x 20Feet) Jump Cables feature heavy-duty 2 gauge copper-coated aluminum wires. While many people think the best jumper cables only feature 100 percent copper wires, these are a great option for the average RV owner.

The durable copper jaws easily grip most top- and side-mounted posts. Unlike most of the other cables on our list, the TPR coating on these cables is only flexible in temperatures as low as 13 degrees below zero. If you live in a colder climate, these definitely aren't the best jumper cables for emergency use.

These cables have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers. However, there is at least one report of the cables not working at all.

These jumper cables include a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

Energizer 1-Gauge 800A 25 Ft Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables

Energizer Jumper Cables for Car Battery, Heavy Duty Automotive Booster...
  • ENERGIZER 25 FEET JUMPER CABLES - 1 Gauge, 25 FT booster battery jumper cables for jump starting a dead or weak battery....
  • THICK VINYL COATING - Includes a strong spring and a comfortable handle for secure placement and easy positioning....
  • CARRYING CASE INCLUDED - Our Energizer jumper cables come with a high-grade travel bag for easy transport and compact...

These Energizer 1-Gauge 800A 25 Ft Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables feature strong clamp springs and a comfortable handle for secure positioning and placement.

The all-copper grips fit securely on both top- and side-mounted posts. Plus, their thick, vinyl coating protects against rust and corrosion.

These tangle-free, industrial-grade, 1 gauge cables extend up to 25 feet and can handle up to 800 amps. Not to mention, the copper-clad aluminum cables remain flexible in conditions as low as 40 degrees below zero.

These jumper cables include a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

Voilamart 1 Gauge 1200AMP 20Ft Auto

Jumper Cables

Voilamart Auto Jumper Cables 1 Gauge 1200AMP 20Ft w/Carry Bag,...
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE - Heavy duty 1 Gauge 1200amp with 12mm Thicker. (The lower the gauge the thicker the wire and the more...
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - PVC insulation jump leads with resistance to heat, oil and acid. All-insulated handles over the...
  • EASY TO REACH - Tangle-free 20 Feet long ensures to jump the battery of any other car with ease, no matter parked at the...

The Voilamart 1 Gauge 1200AMP 20Ft Auto Jumper Cables feature quality construction. The PVC-insulated jump leads resist heat, acid, and oil, making them some of the best jumper cables for in your garage or on the road.

These cables feature a super thick wire, allowing them to carry up to 1,200 amps of power. Most RV owners won't need anywhere near this much power. But for those who do, these are the best jumper cables for the job!

These tangle-free cables feature temperature-resistance for use in extreme winter conditions. If you're looking for a little extra length, though, these cables only measure 20 feet long.

The Best of the Best Jumper Cables for RVs

After careful consideration, our choice for the best jumper cables on the market is the Energizer 1-Gauge 800A 25 Ft Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables.

These cables offer some of the highest amperages while providing a functional design. For jumper cables that meet halfway between power and ease-of-use, these are a great investment.

Plus, these cables also include a branded storage case and a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

No matter which pair of jumper cables you choose for your RV emergency kit, be sure to take extra care when handling a live battery of any kind. Safety first, then you can sit back and enjoy your trip!

What other items are in your RV emergency repair and maintenance kit? Let us know your must-haves in the comments below!

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